Sea Change

Does a change of scenery stoke the fire of motivation for you?

On a recent girls trip to Bondi Beach, I was the most dedicated, not to mention enthusiastic, I have been about daily exercise in a long time. Discovering the amazing Bondi-Bronte seaside track was the starting point of my week long (okay maybe one day off) fitness routine.

The beauty of the clifftop track that dipped down and up as it followed the curves of the water was so inspiring, I genuinely looked forward to running it every morning. The gorgeous weather helped too, I’m sure. And also maybe a whole new workout outfit by Lorna Jane! My attitude to exercise followed on to eating and I was all about my daily Bircher museli and fruit salad for breakfast. Come night, some chocolate may have snuck in, but it’s all about balance right?

Now, in Cronulla, I am feeling the same way. The sunshine and a new area/beach to explore made me want to lace up my runners and go. So boyfriend and I went, picking up some delicious fruit salad and berry yoghurt at the end to eat in the park. Yum!

The funny thing is, it’s not like I live in inner surburbia – I am minutes away from lovely beaches on the Mornington Peninsula; visitors say it would be an amazing place to live, and it is. Maybe it’s a case of being desensitised to your usual surroundings, loosing appreciation for the beauty in your own town?

Do the people of Bondi/Cronulla feel the same? Or is it always just as amazing?

Hrmm, maybe it’s the palm trees. Don’t have those down the Peninsula!


1 Response to “Sea Change”

  1. 1 eleanorcecilia September 8, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I live in Cronulla! 🙂 I feel the same.. I think cause it’s home and I’m always there I do tend to walk blindly through not picking up on certain beauties, but every now and then when I stop and look around I realise how beautiful it really is.

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