Where ideas grow.

When do you do your best creative thinking?
Do you know your optimum time for writing?

While I’m not yet sure of my peak time for pumping out prime prose, (it’s usually under self-inflicted deadline pressure) I do know that I have my best ideas, imagine colourful scenes and create the best phrases during the phase when I am just drifting in and out of sleep.

I’m a person with a mind that is constantly buzzing and whirring with a hundred different thoughts at once, and unfortunately, sleep time isn’t really an exception.

New ideas and lead sentences? Great! Sign me up for some of that sleep stuff, every night! I know, but the drawback is that these thoughts are whizzing around while my body is shutting off. As in – doesn’t want to leap out of bed and grab a pen to jot that beauty down. In order to stay safely ensconed in cosy blankets, my brain assures me that of course it will remember what it’s thinking about, and that by just repeating it a few times, it’s a sure deal to be banged out on the keyboard the next day.

Can you guess? I forget. Damn. Sometimes I remember to leave paper and pen by the side table, but even then I’m lucky to: a) remember I put it there while half asleep, and b) be able to decipher my scrawl come the morning.

Writers and bloggers, how do you grab hold of that idea or inspiration when it hits?


2 Responses to “Where ideas grow.”

  1. 1 maxine March 23, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    When I travel by train, or when I’m outside alone numerous story worthy ideas pop up. I never write them down though, usually because I’m too preoccupied staring out the window, or something equally as interesting as that…
    And now, I’m being pushed towards a deadline. The panic is creeping in!

    I think it would kinda fun to see what you wrote down while half asleep – apparently just before slumber hits and fully wears off, it’s the bodily equivalent of being drunk!

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