Aveda Hair Treatment @ Shizu

Coupons and free offers in magazines usually take this journey in my brain; recognition, excitement, planning, and finally, forgetting.

Organising my magazine rack, this month’s Cosmopolitan caught my eye. Said eye specifically landed on on the ‘Free Aveda Treatment’ badge on the front cover, and my mind went back to the ‘planning stage’. Oh yeah, that’s right, I meant to organise where I could get this treatment! Funnily enough, walking past local salon (Shizu Wellness Spa & Hair Salon) that day I saw they had the coupon from Cosmo posted on the window. Perfect! I went in, and booked straight away, lucky that I had just made it before the offer was expiring.

On the day of my appointment, I was greeted by the lovely Corinne, who would be taking care of me. Led to my seat, my jacket was hung up and I was offered a hot or cold drink. My hair’s condition was assessed it was decided that I would be getting the protein treatment to prevent breakage, as my hair is coloured. Corinne told me to close my eyes, and offered two aromatic oils for me to smell and decide which one would be used on my scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Heavenly heady scent number two please!

After my massage, which seemed to go on forever (always a good sign!) I was taken to the basin to have my hair washed in preparation for the treatment. The usually uncomfortable basin chair looked especially inviting, with a large purple cushion used to fill the space between lower back and chair. Once the vibrating massage function was turned on, it was confirmed – fantastic basin chair!

My hair was double shampooed and then the treatment was applied, followed by yet another massage. I was totally happy to close my eyes and drift off, barely registering when a hot towel was placed over my hair and forehead to help the treatment work deeper into the hair. (Tip: You can recreate this technique at home to make your home haircare work harder)

After my hair was rinsed clean of the treatment, I was back in the chair to have a leave-in conditioner sprayed into my hair and then blow-dried. Was it over? I never wanted to leave this place!

I couldn’t stop swishing my hair around the place and the smell of Aveda aromatherapy oils lasted all night, taking me back to those amazing massages. (I love how that word is a plural!)

The result? My highlighted hair, which has the tendency to become dull, was super glossy, and the hair shafts felt full, thick and strong.

This was an amazing experience that I certainly recommend, and I will definitely consider Shizu Wellness Spa and Hair Salon in the future; their services are extensive, the Shizu girls oh-so-friendly and the other ladies in the salon definitely looked pampered and relaxed. There should be a few more days left on the offer, so run out and grab April Cosmo to get your little taste of heaven!

I experienced the ‘Facial for your hair’ on their menu, which is listed at $60.

Shizu Wellness Spa & Hair Salon
45-47 Main Street
Mornington Victoria 3931
(03) 5976 3833


1 Response to “Aveda Hair Treatment @ Shizu”

  1. 1 misscoca April 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Wow that’s a really good freebie from a magazine! I haven’t bought Cosmo in years but that would def be enough to get another purchase out of me!

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