VS Sassoon Goddess Ionic Conditioning Steam Straightener

Like many girls out there, I’ve always been a ghd aficionado. Poor VS Sassoon Goddess Ionic Conditioning Steam Straightner! She must feel like the little sister of the straightener family, always being compared to the ‘popular, smart and pretty but ALSO sporty’ ghd big sis. But hey, she started it. I quote their ad: ‘75% more effective straightening than ghd’.

To be honest, not sure if I agree with that. It did straighten my hair, but I think a lot more effort goes into it than when using a ghd:
Sort out your heat setting, (although that is a handy function if you only have super thin and don’t need all 230 degrees to burn the shiz out of your hair) fill up the little water reservoir, turn steam function on – and THEN get started. For the time poor, this may not be the best option. I also found the VS Goddess a little clunky and large for my liking, and of course it isn’t going to double up as a curler.

I didn’t feel like it ‘conditioned’ my hair either, so was fairly indifferent to the claims of shine and condition from the steam. I lent it to a brunette, curly haired friend who, while she didn’t use the steam, found it to be an effective straightener on her hair, with long lasting results.

While this isn’t the holy grail of straighteners, it will do the job, and for $100 dollars less than a ghd, will suit those who straighten their hair regularly.

I received this straightener as part of the PRIMPED VIP Club – read other members reviews here.


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