Lessons in Liquid Liner, Part 1

If there is one beauty technique/skill I have purposely and successfully avoided learning/wearing, it is liquid eyeliner. A few quick strokes of a pencil and a heavily utilised smudger is the height of my eyeliner abilities. Shameful I know.

Since the liquid eyeliner incident of ’99 – one 10 year old girl, one stinging eyeball, one spilled bottle of eyeliner and one very unhappy mother – I have only once attempted the winged liner look, and what a disaster that was. Uneven and wonky lines that looked like two centipedes had taken rest on my eyelids. Hot.

So having steadfastly and happily refused to entertain any idea of repeating a moment like that, I found my heart quickening when I received an invite to a party. The theme? ‘Vintage Hollywood Glamour.’ Immediately my mind went to gorgeous finger waves, glamourous brushed out curls, red lipstick – and winged liner. Uh. Oh. My dreams of channeling Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Betty Draper were fading.

With one week to go, I must learn. I’ve read all the usual tips – set your elbow down on the bench and turn your head to get a straight line, draw dots and then connect – so it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of Googling and practicing.

Some icons to draw inspiration from:

Grace Kelly

Dita Von Teese - Arguably the best wearer of the 'Old Glamour' style (Topnews)

Audrey Hepburn (c/o Retna)

I just love the ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ look. Adore it. Hopefully with a few goes, I can pass off an acceptable winged liquid liner.

Is anyone else, like me, hopeless?
Does anyone have any tips for the perfect line?
Any suggestions for a ‘beginners’ liner?


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