PRIMPED A/W ’10 Look Book Event

PRIMPED Look Book  -noun
1. A gorgeously designed and conveniently handbag sized bi-annually published mini-magazine showcasing all things beauty; seasonal trends, new ‘prodz’, tips and tricks. Chock-a-block with and information, pretty pictures and the perfect amount of fun. Wheee!
2. What, you need another definition? Go pick one up from David Jones and find out for yourself!

A/W '10 Look Book

I attended the first ever Look Book event held last year, which was fantastic, so with a taste of what to expect, I was more than excited for the Autumn/Winter ’10 offering.

The ever-effervescent Zoe Foster, Editor-in-Chief of PRIMPED, was our hostess for the event, guiding us through the David Jones beauty floor (like the pied piper of beauty!) and the newest beauty trends for the season.

Zoe explaining the benefits of Ultraceuticals Retinol range.

Once we were seated again, it was Q&A time – a chance to pick the brain of one of the best beauty editors out there, not an everyday occurrence, and a few girls (including myself – red based vs orange based red lipsticks, and tips for the perfect liquid liner) raised their hands.

Our session over, a friend and I took the chance to thank Zoe for the event and get a picture. Major groupiez? Us?

Beth, Zoe and I.

Oh, and see that huge white bag cutting into my arm almost to the point of amputation? Yeah, that’s the INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE goodie bag we got. More than ‘goodie’ bag – freakin’ awesome bag! This picture may help illustrate just how insanely amazing said freakin’ awesome bag is:

If this was an audio file it might sound something like this: "EeeeeeeeeeeEeEEeEeEEE omgzzz wooooooooooooooo"

A huge thanks to PRIMPED, Zoe, and David Jones’ George (for photo-taking and organising goodie bag) for a wonderfully fun and informative night, I look forward to the ones to come (and the goodie bag…)


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