Lessons In Liquid Liner, Part 2

So, the party has come and gone, (as has the Sunday morning headache) and I am ready to judge my efforts in recreating the Vintage Hollywood Glamour look.

‘What’s the big deal?’ you may be asking. You’re right, it’s not really, but here is some background reading for you (Part 1) to get you up to speed on my liquid eyeliner aversion.

After the PRIMPED Look Book Event at David Jones, I visited the Revlon counter to ask about what they had to offer in the liquid liner category. I was shown the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner ($24.95), which the make up artist explained was easy to apply due to the stiff, tapered (yet still flexible enough to bend with the contour of your eye) applicator. Muchos better for a beginner. Yes please!

And here is the result:

**Please, please excuse my horrendo eyebrows…I apologise to your eyeballs, this will be remedied very soon.

And a close up:

As you can see, next time (maybe when I have more than 10 mins to complete the technique!) I’ll need to work on creating a line that’s more fluid; less jolt-y and blunt at the tip.

I am actually thinking that my eye shape doesn’t suit liquid liner… This is something that L’Oreal Paris Head Makeup Artist Rae Morris said at the LMFF beauty event that she hosted. Apparently, if your eyes turn down a little bit, they won’t work with liquid eyeliner as the liner needs to follow your top lid and then flick out. I could understand what she meant as I was applying it – hang on, how am I meant to now flick up once I’m all the way down here!

I chose to go for a thicker, filled in triangle technique, as the single flick wasn’t as effective as I hoped. Plus, it was a dress up party, which requires extra drama of course! Apart from making it up as I went, during the week I had found this tutorial, which gave a clear and easy to understand demonstration on how to master the look. I possibly should have given it a few more reads…

Some things I learned (aka do the opposite of what I did):

-Thinking you’ll just wing it (ha!) on the night and attempt it until it looks alright is not practice.

-Caffeine of any form should not be consumed in the hours preceding the application.

-Ideally, one should have a time-frame that allows for calm, slow and leisurely application. For example, not half an hour for hair and makeup. This results in hyperventilation and a lot of swearing.

So, how do you think I went? I’m definitely not as scared of liquid eyeliner anymore, and hope to become much better at it!

Unrelated awesomeness: How totally bangin’ are these stockings?!

Childhood dream of wearing seamed stockings: tick!


3 Responses to “Lessons In Liquid Liner, Part 2”

  1. 1 misscoca April 14, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Love the red lippy on you! I look like a clown whenever I do it 😉
    Glad you got the hang of the liquid liner, you totally pulled of the brief!

  2. 2 mujj April 14, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    you are really something babycakes!!!!! you do make me laugh – lovin this…… AND YOU! xx

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