A Cocktail With A Side Of Sircuit

As some of you may recall, I have blogged about my skin troubles before. To recap; crystal clear skin as a teen, hormonal hell as I passed 20. While there has been some improvement, I’m always looking to try new treatments from different skincare brands. Ah, the elusive magical fix…

A skincare range that I had been keen to try was Sircuit Cosmeceuticals.

My local beauty therapist (All You) were offering a skincare consultation and peel deal from a visiting Sircuit representative, the lovely Rebecca. Hopefully better for me than Mc Donald’s new family meal deal.

We chatted about my concerns (breakouts, congestion) and spoke about my skincare routine.

Rebecca then led me to a UV light box to further assess my skin. It had a mirror so that I could see my own face and understand what Rebecca was talking about when referring to the orange, purple and white spots on my face.

Yep, colours. It was like some kind of nightclub rave in that box. A nightclub with only UV light, so that my eyes were glowing white, and the box was filled with a bluey/purple light. The colour came from the ravers breaking open their glowsticks and chucking the liquid around. Obviously. Cos that’s what goes on at raves…maybe?

Actually, the colours, and their meanings, were as follows; dark purple patches around my eyes meant dehydration (I had skipped my eye cream the last few nights) and the tiny fluoro orange dots signified oil flow. These showed up in the middle of my face; down the nose and on the chin – combination skin! The white? Residue from the lip gloss I had applied earlier in the day.

Rebecca prescribed a Cocktail peel  for my face, followed by a Lemon-Aid mask.

Cocktails? With yummy fruit flavours, mini-umbrellas and near-always pleasing alcohol side effects? Yes please!

But this was unlike any cocktail I’d had before. This was an ouchy cocktail. A few minutes after the peel was applied, things started to heat up, literally. The tingling turned to a kind of burning sensation, which was unpleasant but tolerable. About five minutes later, relief was found in the cool towel that wiped the treatment off.

The soothing Lemon-Aid mask (mm, they all sound so delish!) was applied and left to calm the redness, and all traces of unpleasantness were swept away with a pleasantly tangy lemon scent.

I’ll be sure to let you know if I see any visible changes for the better (or worse) in my skin. Fingers crossed and here’s hoping, because I’m getting mighty over it. It’s an expensive gig!

RESULTS: While there hasn’t been any mega-radical changes to my skin in the past two days,(eg. all-of-sudden-clear)  I can still see some differences. The little bumps underneath the surface of my skin around my chin area are less raised, and they seem to have dried up a little. The rest of my (clear) skin looks great, with a visible difference in the size of my pores – (smaller, yeah!) and an extremely even and smooth texture. If the Sicuit Cocktail peel was undertaken in a series of treatments, I think an improvement in skin condition would be seen.


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