Revlon® ColorBurst™Lipstick

As part of my role as a PRIMPED VIP member I have to use, test and review products sent to me – such a tough gig!

And I must say, I was super stoked to receive Revlon® ColorBurst™Lipstick in shade #025 Carnation. I had always wanted to try a bright lip (which you can read about here) so having this pretty-as-punch lipstick delivered right to my door was perfect.

The formula is creamy yet light and with almond oil listed as one of the moisturisers, it’s definitely kind to your lips. I wouldn’t count on it being touchable and creamy all day though, I found I did have to reapply every hour or so to sustain the finish and moisture that I wanted. (That may have just been a reflection of the condition of my lips at the time though.)

I loved the colour, Carnation, which was a super pretty pinky-red with just the right amount of pop. I would definitely recommend this colour to anyone (like me) who loves the bright lip look but doesn’t want to dive straight into the deep end with some radical in yo’ face pigment. I found that it was easy to build and blend until you found the perfect intensity, and also faded evenly. It also looked great after just one swipe with a thin layer of gloss over the top. Multitask-er!

For only $23.95, it’s definitely an option for entry into the lipstick league. The packaging and look of the lipstick had a vibe of luxe, and the black quilted case and Revlon stamp on the stick itself channeled Chanel in my mind.

ColourBurst™ has definitely got my vote, as an affordable lipstick that delivers everything you need, including a pretty pout.

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Image from Primped.


1 Response to “Revlon® ColorBurst™Lipstick”

  1. 1 misscoca April 30, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    I have to admit I am a little afraid of lipstick. I haven’t toyed with it since my teenage years and I looked more clown than supermodel with my attempts. But you’ve convinced me to give it a go and this colour sounds like a good one for a novice!

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