Don’t Claim It If You Won’t Follow Through.

I had a hairdresser’s appointment on Friday. They are lovely things aren’t they? A few hours of magazine-reading chill out time, where you leave not only with your regrowth covered up, but an extra bounce in your step, and hopefully hair!

So it really is quite annoying when the little things don’t go right. And I’m not talking about hair disasters – ooh no, they can go in a whole other book – but just the little things salons claim to do, their point of difference – that they then don’t follow through on.

My salon, for example, offers a complimentary hot drink (tea, coffee etc) and the option to purchase a glass of bubbles or a soft drink. Lovely.

They also claim (in their seasonal magazine and in posters at each chair) that you will receive a neck and shoulder massage before your stylist begins. Beautiful.

They also claim that if your stylist doesn’t show you how to replicate your look at home, then your service is free. Yes, free.

(Side note: I am confused by this – does it mean if she doesn’t actually step-by-step say “Now blow dry it like this with product A, followed by a curler with product B” If so, refund me thousands as this has never happened. I’m definitely asking for an explanation next time.)

When I arrived at my appointment on Friday, I didn’t receive said neck & shoulder massage. And it’s not the first time. They hand those babies out sporadically, so much so that I don’t know whether to expect one or not. But as I sat there waiting (very gratefully) for my cappuccino, I glanced around and saw an older lady receiving what looked to be a very relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Hmph. None for me. Should I have piped up and asked kindly whether I would be receiving one? Yes, probably, but my tongue seems to turn into glue at times like this and a fear of appearing impolite takes over.

It’s a very stressful battle in my head, one that goes a little something like this:

Saaaay something, you fool! They can’t just go around wildly making claims, getting your hopes up and then not delivering! You’re paying a premium here!

Ooo oh no, my neck isn’t really that sore, and it only goes for a minute so there’s no point really. Just shoosh, bossy brain.’

Et cetera, et cetera.

While I may sound a little petulant and spoiled, it really annoys me when salons make such claims and then don’t deliver them to customers.

Do they think that as a regular customer I no longer need the fancy frills and extras? In my opinion, as a long term customer, I should get just as much or more attention than a new one as a reward for repeat business. With all the choices and special offers available these days, consumer loyalty is a fading thing – reward us!

Is it that being a younger customer, they think I am less discerning of the standard of services out there? I’m not sure, but I hope not, as it’s definitely not the case.

I may be overreacting, and I’m sure some would say it’s a product of my own doing, by not saying anything. But should I have to? That’s the question I’m asking. Basically – don’t claim these things if you won’t consistently follow through.


5 Responses to “Don’t Claim It If You Won’t Follow Through.”

  1. 1 lifeinapinkfibro May 11, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Given your stress levels over this, you definitely need a neck/shoulder massage now! I agree with you. Don’t make the claim if you won’t play the game. And I would have done exactly what you did – said nothing and then blogged about it. Name and shame them. You’ll get a response then and a full body massage next time you pop in.

  2. 2 Kimberley May 11, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    I definitely agree hun! This happens to me fairly often and it bothers me too. I had to ask for the massage chair to be turned on once and felt really nervous about doing so. We shouldn’t have to ask, it should be how they treat every customer old or new.

  3. 3 mujj May 12, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    YEP!!!! definitely name and shame them HJ!!! they need to know!!! I can not have my daughter stressed anymore. Give it to them….

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