Review: Ellipse Skin Science Face and Neck Moisturiser

Source: Primped

When I received this as part of the PRIMPED VIP package my curiosity kicked in. I’d never heard of Ellipse as a skin care brand but boy were they making some promises!

They include: “This face and neck moisturiser aims to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase collagen, exfoliate, moisturise and protect.”

Now I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles as of yet, (I’m still struggling to kick teenage-ville to the curb – oh, about three years overdue?!) so I didn’t notice any obvious differences in my skin, but it did feel plumper as a result of applying. I tried it on my boyfriend who has fine lines around the eyes, and they did seem to fill out and were definitely less noticable. However my Mum, who does have some wrinkles normal for her age, found that the cream didn’t make any obvious or dramatic differences to the appearance of her lines. Her verdict: a nice regular cream that went on beautifully and helped smoothed my foundation out, but nothing special in the realm of wrinkles.

It was non-greasy for a relatively thick cream, and didn’t cause any increased shine throughout the day, points!

I found it to be a fantastic base for my makeup, however as it doesn’t contain any sunscreen I had to apply my regular SPF 30+ moisturiser before hand, or just use the Ellipse as a night cream. The lack of SPF does go down as a slight negative in my book, but I suppose if you want a multi-tasking day/night cream … no-can-do-SPF.

The smell and packaging were also nothing too impressive. My first thought on the scent was ‘moisturiser’ – and I’ve tried, but can’t really expand on that. Just a standard, pleasant moisturiser smell. The packaging is simple, and I usually enjoy tubes but found after time the seal wasn’t as tight and it started to leak out, so that when I opened the cap it was already full of cream. Kinda like what happened here.

For $40, it isn’t too overpriced for the job it does, but I would suggest it would suit those with normal skin experiencing the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles, not somebody that already has deeply set wrinkles.


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