Review: Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash

I do apologise if you are one of the (fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how annoying you find my rantings) people that I have spoken to about rosehip oil lately. I just lurve the stuff. But let’s not get into the glowing appraisals of the super potent little bottle of the oil itself. No.

I’m here to write/preach about my current love of Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash. If you think of rosehip oil itself as a little seed, or a tree, the branches are products that are based around the goodness of the oil. And this is the good type of oil people, no need to be alarmed by that word. It won’t make you skin oily/oilier. Collective sigh of relief – heard and noted. In fact it may help that problem by giving your skin the moisture it was lacking, hence the reason it was producing extra oil!

This cleanser is a cream (albeit one that isn’t too thick, I would say more of a cream-gel hybrid), which I normally avoid using as I have combination/pimple-prone skin in my T-zone, and the basic rules of cleanser-to-skin-type states dry skins suit creamier cleansers for their hydrating properties.

Well this cleanser is breaking all those rules, being the far-out little rebel that it is. I still get the squeaky clean just-washed feel, only without the squeak. (The ‘squeak’ being the tight, over-stripped feeling your skin can get when you use a cleanser that is too harsh and stripping for your skin.) Instead, my skin feels plump, super smooth, fresh and most importantly – clean. My skin also sports that tell-tale rosehip oil glow, and I haven’t even moisturised yet!

The non-stripping quality may be attributed to the sodium lauryl sulphate-free (the ingredient that causes cleanser formula’s to foam) formula. The cream still slightly foams, helping to cleanse, but doesn’t use this sometimes critiqued ingredient.

The boyfriend’s crows feet were once again hauled in to be the benchmark for a product’s effect on fine lines and post-cleanse of Kosmea, his fine lines were more filled out and plumper – another rosehip win.

While the packaging says suits all skin types, I wouldn’t recommend if you have hard-to-budge acne, as the active ingredients to fight it just aren’t there. But I can attest that this cleanser has not worsened my skin, or stimulated oil flow. Everyone else, normal, combination – go for it!

I’m loving my so-soft, glowing, hydrated and clean skin that adds a booster to my nightly rosehip oil routine.


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