Shine Be Gone

I received a comment a little while ago from Coco, who wrote: ‘Can you give me some advice to get rid of the shiny look? Coco x’

Cute name, Coco. Apparently my parents were considering Coco, which in my mind is significantly more fabulous than Holly.

But the real issue here is shine, or rather too much shine I’m guessing? A little luminosity here and a radiant glow there is the aim, but when your skin is as reflective as the mirror you’re using to check out said shine, that’s a problem. As a sometimes sufferer, I know how annoying it is to see your once-perfect makeup now in a shiny mess.

I would go about it by treating it from the start. No point using the wrong products and then complaining that your skin is shiny post-makeup application. Your skincare and make up products should target the problem or oil and shine.

Skin care:

In your cleanser, look out for ‘oily/combintion skin’ labels. Moisturisers – ‘mattifying’ will become your new best friend. Not knowing your age, I can’t suggest exact products, but look out for those key words. A lot of the ranges aimed at younger age groups target the issue as shine well as it’s normally the youngin’s battling the oil, but the shine does not discriminate, and plenty of mature aged ladies can find themselves right back at square one. A dilemma with this is that most mature skin care ranges offer rich, thick creams to combat aging, but this won’t fix the shine, and may make it worse.
A super-handy quick fix every girl should have in her handbag? Paper oil blotters! Genius little things. Picture this – you’ve ducked into the bathroom during dinner and your forehead looks like a sign on Broadway. Oh no. But you can’t wipe off your makeup! What do to? Whip out one of these little paper squares and blot the areas that are looking too shiny. All fixed, and your makeup still intact! Such a convenient, inexpensive option.

Make up:

Are you already on board the primer train? No? Well jump on girlfriend, because oil controlling primer may save you a lot of grief. With all the normal benefits of a make up primer, plus oil control, your ‘face’ should stay put all day. The next step would be to choose a foundation with once again, oil control. Foundation is super high-tech these days, and there is a formula for almost every skin type/concern. Many people suggest using a powder over the top of your foundation to ‘set’ it and stop shine from seeping through. True, this can work, but should be used sparingly on your oily areas, generally the T-zone. Make sure your powder is the same shade as your skin tone/foundation or a touch darker, as a too-light powder can look disastrous. Also, if you have fine lines, go easy on these areas, as powder can actually accentuate them. Not ideal!

But what’s all this matte, matte, matte you ask? Well, depending on the severity of your shine, you can pick and chose which weapons to use in your fight – you may not need all. And if you’re still after a little luminosity, (which I hope you are, as it’s a gorgeous winner) you can add either a powder or liquid illuminator to highlight cheekbones.


I wish you all the best with your battle against the shine Coco.


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