Real Body Love.

Erin and I found a Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale three days ago, and while we wanted to be one of the girls with the bulging mound of designer clothes weighing more than their own bodies, we restrained ourselves, and the plastic stayed firmly within our wallets.

Today we were back in the hope that some of our finds would be reduced on the last day. We were right, except there was about 1/4 of the original stock left – to be expected. The majority of the remaining stock was US size 6 and above – obviously the supermodel-esque girls we had seen on the first day had cleared out the smaller sizes. I grabbed a few of the items I had seen on the first day and while not in the exact size I was after, I thought I would try them on to check.

We all know a good designer warehouse sale can bring out the animal in even the most ladylike of women, but what I wasn’t expecting was the openness in the communal change room. The nature of the sale lent to the makeshift change rooms, basically a square area with a curtain around it. Packed with women. Women in varying states of undress, some naked except for a few bits of string.

It’s funny how a designer sale can remove inhibitions and make us forget about our body insecurities, even if just for a few minutes. A quick glance around the room revealed beautiful women of all shapes from size 8 to 16; flat bums, bootylicious bums, huge boobs, long boobs, stomachs that had once housed babies and everything in between. Cellulite was out and proud, and nobody attempted to hide their wobbly bits as they raced against the 5-minute changing room time limit.

It was as I looked around, appreciating the varying forms of the female body that I thought; this is where the real body love is. Not in the pages of carefully done ‘real women’ magazine shoots, complete with the most flattering of outfits and lighting, but here in this shabby communal change room, where topless women offered to help zip up their struggling neighbor.

Diane’s iconic wrap-dress and its many spin-offs sit in thousands of women’s wardrobes – its aim to be universally flattering, skimming over lumps, cinching in waists, creating  and celebrating curves.

“I design for the woman who loves being a woman,” said Diane.
Skinny and bigger girls alike.


1 Response to “Real Body Love.”

  1. 1 mujj June 13, 2010 at 11:51 am

    so glad you have seen “real body love” darling. Thumbs up to the stomachs that have “housed babies” I say. You being one of my gorgeous babies!!!

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