Bond No. 9 New York

Imagine trying to capture the essence of a city in one fragrance. You would think its impossible, right? Especially if that city was New York; contradictory, complex, large, diverse and amazing.

Yet Bond No. 9 New York have taken on the responsibility  to ‘make scents of New York’, right down to the very neighborhood, beach, or even street.

The fragrances are housed in their trademark 5-point star bottles, with the design ranging from simple and classic to a clash of colours and Andy Warhol illustrations.

The scents are named after iconic streets and boroughs such as; Park Avenue, Brooklyn, Hamptons, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, Bryant Park, Central Park, Wall Street, Broadway Nite and so much more! The full listing of all the scents is here.

I was in their Bleecker Street boutique yesterday (I should really try and make it to their flagship, it looks amazing) and it was beautiful, the star-shaped bottles lined each wall floor to ceiling, and the medley of contrasting colours was such a delight to the eye, and the nose! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any inside pictures.

The exterior of the Bleeker St. boutique

The salesgirl who helped us was incredibly knowledgeable; each time we picked up a bottle she rattled off the base notes and key ingredients, which were often extremely interesting and unusual combinations. Fennel, crème brulée, roasted almonds and sandalwood anyone? It’s always so refreshing to deal with staff who know exactly what they are talking about, rather than getting ‘um’s…’.

Each scent I tried was as amazing as the next. The newest release, Andy Warhol Montauk, was a winner with both Erin and myself, and we received an adorable bon-bon wrapped sample. They were all so complex, intense (but not in an overpowering way) and unique to anything I have smelt before. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd wearing one of these, especially in Australia!

My sample cards and bon-bon take home!

I wish I could have come away with one, (or five) but at around $200 US a bottle (for the 100ml) it was out of my budget. You can get them shipped internationally, although you might want to wait until someone you know is going to the US – it’s $150 US…

It’s a definite must see (and smell) for anyone planning a trip to New York. Maybe break open that piggy bank and count your dollar coins so you can take home your favourite New York neighborhood!

Which one will you be?


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  1. 1 Frou Frou June 21, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Hi Holly,
    I use Aspect Jungle Brew in the morning and a mix of Retinol Brulee and Exfol L15 at night. Thanks for visiting!

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