Dermalogica Clean Start Bedtime For Breakouts

Every time I apply this prod to my skin before bed, the gel seems to whisper to me, ‘you apply so lovingly, yet where is my write up in your fancy pants blog? Playing favourites now are we?’

To which I reply, ‘No way man! You are a fave, I just…’

Well here you go, Bedtime for Breakouts (RRP $40/60mL) – your long overdue review. (How can you say I don’t love you when I make up a rhyme like that?)

I love the stuff, I do. The ‘stuff’ being an overnight treatment gel for blemishes. Which is handy because usually in the day your skin is busy not only with your regular skin care routine, but then a whole pile of sunscreens and make up too. While you’re sleeping, your skin gets busy regenerating and the like, and that’s where night time products come in.

I apply the almost lemonade-smelling gel to areas of my face that are prone to breakouts, and the gel dries clear which is a great bonus for me, as there’s none of that white tinge a certain brand I used a few years ago used to leave (on me, and everything else).

I enjoy the fact that I can spread it all over an entire area, say forehead for example, instead of trying to only apply a great dollop of cream to one pimple for fear of burning a hole in the surrounding skin. Bedtime For Breakouts has never caused any dryness or flaking on my clear areas – win!

It’s effective enough to keep blemishes at bay, or reduce current sore lumps – but I wouldn’t rely on this gel alone. Clean Start also offers a more targeted, stronger spot treatment, aptly named Hit The Spot ($40) – another fave. I’m a sloppy applicator and use this on general breakout areas too, but haven’t found it too strong for my non-blemished skin, yet it went to town on my blemishes. Powerful without feeling like I’m sucking the life out of my skin, it’s my current #1 spot treatment and I am (sadly) carrying around the tester sachets that came with my (won from Clean Start’s Facebook page) Bedtime For Breakouts, scraping every last drop out.

Points for Dermalogica for bringing out a little sister range of products aimed at (typically younger) skin-types with breakout issues. They’re fun, fresh (love the colourful yet simple packaging and witty names!) and effective, without costing a fortune. There was definitely a hole in the market for this type of range, and ladies, me thinks they filled it!


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