Review: Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle

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I’m a conditioner junkie. I use far too much of it in the shower to detangle my often unruly locks, slop on hair masks like the tub is never ending, and enjoy a good leave in spray.

When I realised this bottle of Pantene Pro-V was some form of conditioner, I was stoked. Then I read, ‘Night Miracle Creme Serum’. Pfft, said my skeptical side, what a marketing ploy – as if you need a serum especially for night time! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also worried about it leaving my hair lank and greasy. And how do I apply it? Wet or dry hair? Pantene, you left me in the dark with the instructions, bud! Oh, the fear of the unknown!

So I winged it, applying to clean dry hair before bed, and awoke to silky hair sans tangles! Joy! My hair is shoulder-length and quite thick, and as claimed, there was no residue. Not even on my sheets. The liquid-gel formula seems to disappear when you apply it to your strands.

I’m not sure how much active ‘repairing’ this serum gets up to, if it all, (mostly due to the * sign after the word repair – actually meaning “smoothens roughened surface”, but I suppose repair is the same thing…) but for only $9.99, it definitely does make your hair silky smooth and more manageable, and has a firm place on my dresser table, aka top prodz in my lyfe aka TPIML.

I received this product as part of the PRIMEPD VIP club, to read other member’s reviews, click here.


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