A Little Bitta Colour!

It’s fantastic how the small things can really lift your mood when you’re feeling a little off or down… commonly verbalised with super articulate sounds such as ‘meh’ or ‘blah’.

A few days ago this was me, meh-ing and blah-ing all over town. A recent post from Primped’s Zoe Foster spoke of beauty maintenance routines, which left my heart a little heavy. What maintenance routine? Being overseas means mine has basically disappeared. My brows were out of control, nails long and scraggy (I didn’t bring clippers) and then there are areas we just should not even go into.

It may sound a little superficial, but the few weeks of feeling ‘unkept’ had taken its toll on me – and I would only have a fairly basic regular beauty routine. (Can’t imagine the high-mainty girls!) Sure, I was still using my skincare, but I needed a lift – and to get my nails cut!

So I headed out for a mini-tidy up. I say mini as that’s all my rapidly (rapidly, as in one of those out of control trains rapidly hurtling along train tracks to the broken bridge that are always on cartoons) dwindling bank account would allow me.

I got my eyebrows threaded (interesting experience – more to come) and my nails attended to with a $7 manicure.

I took along an Essie polish I had purchased that morning – Carousel Coral (US $8).

I basically skipped out of the nail salon. Having this pretty coral on neatly shaped nails x 10 was a joy to my eyes (and my de-fuzzed brows a joy to others’ eyes!) So glad I’ve got the bottle to re-do this, as I think it will suit the forthcoming California leg of my trip to a tee! It looks fantastic when paired with slightly bronzed skin. Keep it in mind for the Aus summer ladies!

Does a small tidy up help your mood?
Make you feel a little cleaner/neater?
Sure did for me!


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