No Longer An Eyebrow Threading Virgin

As I mentioned in my previous post, things had got a little outta control in the grooming department. Luckily, I had sourced hundreds of salons offering various services – so much so that the number of beauty salon pamphlets in my handbag rivaled the restaurant brochures. And that’s saying something.

While walking the streets of Manhattan, I definitely noticed something – threading. It was everywhere. And cheap. Eyebrows ranged from 5 – 8 US dollars, with lips and other areas of the face the same. Waxing on the other hand – really expensive. Especially if you wanted to go somewhere that looked like you wouldn’t walk out with some new friends (Hey! Meet Rash and Herpes.) I was shocked at some of the prices. Bikini line wasn’t too bad but to go a little further? Out of control! It got up to $80 US dollars (inc. tax & tip) for a brazilian! What are they spreading down there? Liquid gold?!

But I digress. The abundance of salons offering threading, coupled with the low price and my natural curiosity at never having gone under the twine made it a sure choice.

I chose to get my brows done at Jeniette Day Spa on 13th Street, in between University and Broadway. They were the cheapest I had seen ($5) and also claimed to be one of the original threading salons in New York.


So, curious as to how this threading thing goes? I was too. I was seated on a chair, given a pillow for behind my neck and told to scoot down so my head was resting on the top of the chair (it was comfier than it sounds, although a recliner would have been much easier!) My beautician wound up the white cotton, pulled some through her mouth and got to work, leaning in close to begin work on my unruly eyebrows. I couldn’t help but think that you would want to keep your breath pretty minty fresh all day long…

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show the threading technique in great detail (I did a video for 2 seconds before I was told off. I would put it up but… it’s for 2 seconds and features great views of my nasal passages…) so have a search on there if you are curious. Basically, the cotton is twisted and pulled so that lines of hairs or even individual hairs can be removed with great precision.

Pain? It’s no rainbow, but there was hardly any. It’s certainly a different sensation to anything I had felt before. I would describe it as someone pulling their nail across your skin… or, someone rapidly twisting cotton across your skin. Whichever you can relate to more!

The result? A great shape! It was so precise that my beautician removed a line of hair from the top of my brow (I never allow people to wax the top of my brow) that gave a fantastic subtle angle. I would have prefered to have the end of my brow hairs trimmed as mine tend to ‘bubble up’ if left too long but that’s just me being picky – it’s an easy DIY job.

Threading would be fantastic for any of you who have sensitive skin, find waxing too painful or can’t wax due to medication ie. acne medication.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s going to be a bit more than five dollars in Australia, but I will certainly be looking to get my brows threaded again in Melbourne.

Have you ever had your brows threaded?
Any salons you would like to suggest?
Come on… don’t keep it a secret!

UPDATE: I found this handy blog- that is acting as a forum/pin board to find threaders in your area. Can be a little confusing to follow but great for those who have no idea where to start looking!


4 Responses to “No Longer An Eyebrow Threading Virgin”

  1. 1 haylzquinn July 3, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    So glad you tried it!!
    I don’t think I’ll ever wax my eyebrows again….it’s such a nice finish and mine lastest longer than waxing did! I pay $20 for it in Queensland so Melbourne is probably similar.

  2. 2 July 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Hmmm, interesting. I’ve always wondered about it. Might just have to give it a whirl!

  3. 3 Dee September 9, 2010 at 2:48 pm

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  4. 4 rim August 10, 2011 at 3:52 pm

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