Oh The Romance…

Picture: mX/AP

I am totally and utterly head over heels for this picture, in the same way I imagine Stephanie Steward is for her Petty Officer First Class Joseph Ryder.

Sigh. Stick ‘Petty Officer First Class’ in front of any guy’s name and I’m sure you’d fall for them just that little bit more.

When I saw this picture in Thursday’s Melbourne mX (the train newspaper) I teared up. Sad and pathetic, or a testament to my love of romance and 50’s-style fashion and beauty?

I just can’t stop staring at it. It’s perfect. The ship in the background. Everyone else going about their way, oblivious to the joy these two are sharing.The way her legs are raised at equal levels (makes me wonder if she’s practiced!)

The black bow heels! That hat! The dress! The petticoat! The one perfect brunette curl escaping from underneath his arm…

If only there was an after shot, so I could marvel at what I could only imagine would be a perfectly made up face to accompany such a stunning outfit and unforgettable occasion. I’m thinking classic winged liner and red lipstick, no?

Such a perfectly styled and joyous reunion makes me want to replicate the moment with my own reunion. I’m picking up the boyfriend from Melbourne Airport on Tuesday night after nearly 9 weeks apart (save for one day in LA). Sure, he’s not a Navy Officer returning from 7 months stuck on a ship fighting the war in Afghanistan … but it will be a happy occasion nonetheless.

Sporting an identical get up may cause some stares my way (the weird kind) at 11pm at night in the Arrivals lounge, but by taking elements of this fantastic style, say, some vintage curls and red lippy, teamed with heels, a cream coat, and chocolate leather gloves, I’m sure I’ll be able to evoke some of my own old-world romance and glamour.

Do you love this picture too?
How would you interpret this look for your own romantic reunion?


4 Responses to “Oh The Romance…”

  1. 1 sarahayoub July 30, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    OH I LOVE THAT PICTURE! I am eternally greatful to Mad Men & Marc Jacobs for bringing the lady look back. it’s really the most flattering and the most feminine. And I dont know anyone who dresses like that anymore, least of all when they are going to pick up their loved one. This looks like it’s straight out of the late 1940’s, post-war. Maybe I will re-enact it with one of my own frocks. Although my Constable of the NSW Police will probably not be as into it as I am.

  2. 3 Lauren July 30, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Agreed, this is a gorgeous photo and the style is amazing!

  3. 4 JRock81 July 30, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Thank you for bringing attention to this photo! Otherwise i would’ve missed it being in Sydney and all. It’s certainly a picture that paints a thousand words. Being a lover of photography of human relationships, i can only dream to ever capture a moment like the one depicted.

    As for the look of the female lead, one doesn’t even need to see her face to see her beauty. Just look at the way she has pulled off her dress. Amazing picture!

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