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First Thoughts: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

This was one of the products that was on my ‘while-in-the-US’ shopping list that I somehow ran out of time to get! Luckily, my boyfriend was still on his man-trip so was of course readily available to pop into Sephora for the left-behind goodies. Of course! The whole point of going on a guy trip is to buy your girlfriend cheap cosmetics from beauty mega-mart Sephora, right? He loved it!

I’m lucky there were very minimal complaints from his end (actually hardly any), because I don’t think my post-holiday budget would have allowed for it  – but in the US it’s basically half price across the whole board of Clinique products – woo hoo!

Whatever dollar you’re living on, from first impressions I think it’s worth it! I’ve been loving Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector serum since I started using it about 3-4 weeks ago, interchanging it with my other serum-of-the-moment, GloTherapeutics Renew Serum (part of my anti-breakout artillery). I’ve been wanting to get the benefits of both, so I know not to expect the results from Even Better as soon as promised. To be honest I didn’t notice any difference in pigmentation for the first two weeks. Both serums exfoliate the skin as part of their job, so it’s quite a complimentary duo.

My only concerns with pigmentation are from past pimple scarring (yes, I’m a picker, I know it’s naughty, I can’t help it!) and the one big red mark that’s been my benchmark to gauge effectiveness is now starting to get smaller, hopefully a trend that feels like continuing!

After applying one pump of the white serum (either day and night or just day), my skin is velvet-soft and stays that way all day. My velvet bed, I mean skin, becomes the perfect base for makeup, my foundation sliding on effortlessly. If I’ve had the serum on all night, my skin upon waking is fantastic – super smooth, even toned and pores minimised. If only it would stay like that all day!

Hopefully as the weeks go on I will continue to see some fabbo results, I do have some pretty dark scarring patches so Even Better definitely has its work cut out for it!

And how’s this! That sweetheart boyfriend of mine declined to be paid back when he got home, “No, it’s a pressie, sugarplum-pumpki-pie!”

As if! There’s no way in hell I’d allow a guy to call me that.


Lilac Lovin’ With American Apparel

As if I needed any more reason to drop dollaz in American Apparel while I was in the US.

Even though I couldn’t really, as it was still pretty exxy for a girl on a budget who values good pizza over saving for a t-shirt. Come on, I’m talking NEW YORK pizza here people!

But when I saw American Apparel’s range of nail polish again once on the WESSIDE aka California for those who don’t speak Gangsterese, especially their collection of summer-y pastels, I was convinced. And only $6! Bargain!

I was particularly taken by the pastel lilac shade, L’Esprit and walked out of the Huntington Beach store excited to wear it when Melbourne’s summer FINALLY arrives. I’ve now realised I’m going to be waiting for a very long time so screw it, I’m pastelling up now!

ooo yeah!excuse my snapped off pinky nail!

Me likey:

– Very thick and creamy formula provides opaque coverage after just one coat
– Cheap! If you’re in America..
– I like the bottle! It’s rectangle, it’s different, and the label is very AA-cool.

Me not-so-likey:
– The thick formula means it takes a little bit long to dry.
– First time I wore it, it chipped easily. This time, I’ve top coated differently with Orly’s Won’t Chip, so I’ll see how that goes.
– The thick formula means it is a little hard to get precision around the cuticles.

What do you think?
Great shade hey!

SNF: Rock Chick

SNF? Saturday Night Files! Things such as hair/makeup techniques, things I do or get done before an event of some sort on the weekend. Yay!

On Saturday night, I had a “rock stars & groupies” themed 21st, which is all fun and fine and dandy except that personally, I am about as rock chick as a watermelon is dry. Give me a Betty Draper party any day!

I know the whole point is to dress up and step out of your comfort zone, but having run out of time to create a Kiss-esque killer costume, I figured I’d work the modern-day rock chick look; dark smokey eyes and voluminous bedhead hair – hopefully more Erin Wasson than Ke$ha.

Another set-back in my grand plan to look all grungy yet alluringly attractive is that … yes, confession time … I’m really pretty average at doing a smokey eye. And by pretty average I mean quite bad, no many how many articles I read or tutorials I watch. I know the principals and the how-to’s and when I do them on other people, they’re above average and they look fantastic yet on myself, it’s all wrong. (I like to blame my eye shape!)  This all spirals in to one big (proper, no just a bit of smudged eyeliner) smokey eye aversion – my belief that it looks bad leads to a lack of practice which follows on to my dislike of it on myself when someone actually does it correctly because I’m not used to my eyes so dark. And it must stop! Man smoke up woman! Bad beauty blogger!

And, if I do say so myself, I think Saturday night’s attempt turned out great for my Level 1 standards! (Yes it’s quite tame in terms of rock and roll but baby steps people, baby steps.)

A special thanks goes to out to Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Eyeshadow in ‘Silver Lining’, you had an integral role in my success, with your shimmery trio of charcoal, silver and browny-purple to perfectly compliment my brown peepers! The mineral powder made blending easy-peasy and mistakes, of which there were a few, were easily disguised. I’ll definitely be bringing out this one next time I’m looking to do a proper smokey eye again, which will be soon – practice makes perfect!

Jane Iredale PurePressed in Silver Lining - winner!

Does anyone else have the same problem as me?
Do you blame your eye shape too? Ha! My poor eyes, taking the rap.
Anyone have some fail-proof tips?

What was your first perfume?

You know, real big-girl perfume. Not just your collection of like, every Impulse body spray there was, including the special editions like the Spice Girls can (which smelt awesome by the way) and sometimes even double of your faves – mine was Incense I think.

My first real grown up, brand-name perfume was Anna Sui Dreams, which I begged everyone who would listen to buy me for my 14th birthday. My Uncle, reigning eBay King, had it shipped from somewhere and my birthday wishes came true. Now, 7 years on, I still have it for hoarding sentimental reasons – albeit a tiny blue drop in what was once an ocean of sweet smelling Dreams.

My one little drop of Anna Sui Dreams...

Yes, I still sniff it.

It brings back such a flood of memories from my teenage years – I made that bottle stretch for a good few years! I still love it, not only for the memories but also the scent, but I don’t know if I would buy it again.

So, I’d love to know –  what was your first perfume?
Are you still in love with it as you were back then?
Seriously regretting the way you smelt for a year or two?
Have you tried Anna Sui Dreams? Yummo!

UPDATED: Jane Iredale & InStyle Magazine Makeup Event

UPDATE: Put down your blush brush and step away from the mirror – I have some bad news. I heard news yesterday evening that unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled! Tears I know! But not to worry, Jane Iredale will be rescheduling the event sometime in the future, and when that happens – you’ll know. I’ll be shouting from the (blog’s) rooftop with joy. Until then, cry into your pillow. Silk of course, you don’t want to mess up the fab straightening you did last night!

Gather ’round and listen up gal pals, I have my seashell conch at the ready!

Do you like makeup? Especially makeup of the mineral variety? Enjoy a great girly night out, filled with canapes and champas, beauty and makeup tips and trends from not only one but two experts in the industry? Do you live in Melbourne? Do you like gift bags containing over $100 dollars worth of awesome prods? Would you really like to me to stop with the annoying redundant questions and just get to the freakin’ details already?! Yep, me too.

Jane Iredale, arguably the leading brand in mineral makeup (touted as the “skincare makeup”) is holding an exciting makeup event, hosted by JI’s New York mega-makeup artist Kevin Mendelson, and InStyle’s Beauty Editor Alexis Elia. Both beauty stars will be talking you through the latest trends for upcoming seasons, makeup techniques and styles.

You in? I am!

Here’s the fine print:

Where? The Como – Garganey Suite. 630 Chapel St, South Yarra. (Sorry non-Melbournites)

When? 5.30pm – 7pm, Tuesday 31st August.

Dollaz? $65 – but remember that goody bag and champas!

How long to mull over? Not sure why you’d want to, but make up your mind by the 26th August – sooner even, tickets might go!

Okay I’m in! Now what? Email or call 1300 993 788

Hopefully see you there!

Review: Dermalogica Clean Start Brighten Up SPF15

With my post-teenage breakout prone skin, I do get worried that even though I am fastidious with my cleansers and serums and all manner of potions, I am ruining all my hard work by clogging up my skin again with the wrong moisturiser – especially if I want one that has more on its plate than to just moisturise.

Our multitasking ways have spread to our creams, and why not? Isn’t it better to use one product that can do four things rather than load up layer after layer? But it does worry me that all that tinting and sun-protecting and anti-aging is counterproductive to my number one goal – eradicating these hormone humps.

Therefore it pleased me greatly when I realised that the breakout fighting Clean Start range from Dermalogica – of which I use the Bedtime For Breakouts and also at times the facial cleanser – had their own multitasking genius. Please welcome Brighten Up SPF 15 to the club!


So, it has its main function of moisturising down pat, in a rapidly absorbing and almost instantly non-greasy kinda way – the best way. It has a natural, light-coverage tint to help blend and even out skin tone, including any red marks from pesky pimples. It contains an SPF of 15, perfect for out and about sun protection, but if you’re planning to spend the day in the sun, you will need to step up the SPF factor. It creates a gorgeous, luminous yet not at all glittery glow, something I am definitely all about. And last but not least, I am comforted in that fact that Brighten Up, being from an anti-breakout range, won’t clog my pores and contribute to my skin woes.

Let me just count those winning traits for you – four. It’s a magical four-in-one prod.

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss c/o Marie Claire

Faced with another one hour train ride, complete with delays, rude overbearing youth (don’t I sound like a nanna!) and music being played out of mobile phone speakers, I decided to stop and grab a magazine to escape into.

For those without a calender, it’s September, and in Mag Land, capital city Gloss Town, that means the biggest month of the year. (You may know of a little movie called The September Issue?) Biggest LITERALLY. I was struggling to run for my train with the bulging Marie Claire under my arm. Toned biceps and a good read!

I have to admit that a deciding factor in my magazine purchase was the shiny looking incentive attached to the top. A pretty pink lip gloss? In super-luxe packaging? Estée Lauder?! New release?! I’M SOLD! That and I had already bought Madison, and I like a mag full o’ features.

Pure Colour Lip Gloss by Tom Pecheux (famous makeup artist) in shade #11 Passion Fruit and I are only new friends (with benefits), but we’re moving fast. He’s already moved in. To the back pocket of my handbag –  a most coveted and exclusive spot reserved for only the best on-the-go makeup prods!

It lasted at least an hour and a half, until I decided to inhale the gourmet and nutritionally perfect meal that is Mi Goreng noodles. Non-sticky? Tick. Glossy without looking tacky? You know it. Perfect shade of strawberry pink/red with minute gold flecks? Yep.

Well worth the cover price of $9.20, and I can’t wait to devour the many pages of this special 15th Anniversary edition of Marie Claire.

With a perfect pout of course.

ooo. shiny. new.

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