SNF: Rock Chick

SNF? Saturday Night Files! Things such as hair/makeup techniques, things I do or get done before an event of some sort on the weekend. Yay!

On Saturday night, I had a “rock stars & groupies” themed 21st, which is all fun and fine and dandy except that personally, I am about as rock chick as a watermelon is dry. Give me a Betty Draper party any day!

I know the whole point is to dress up and step out of your comfort zone, but having run out of time to create a Kiss-esque killer costume, I figured I’d work the modern-day rock chick look; dark smokey eyes and voluminous bedhead hair – hopefully more Erin Wasson than Ke$ha.

Another set-back in my grand plan to look all grungy yet alluringly attractive is that … yes, confession time … I’m really pretty average at doing a smokey eye. And by pretty average I mean quite bad, no many how many articles I read or tutorials I watch. I know the principals and the how-to’s and when I do them on other people, they’re above average and they look fantastic yet on myself, it’s all wrong. (I like to blame my eye shape!)  This all spirals in to one big (proper, no just a bit of smudged eyeliner) smokey eye aversion – my belief that it looks bad leads to a lack of practice which follows on to my dislike of it on myself when someone actually does it correctly because I’m not used to my eyes so dark. And it must stop! Man smoke up woman! Bad beauty blogger!

And, if I do say so myself, I think Saturday night’s attempt turned out great for my Level 1 standards! (Yes it’s quite tame in terms of rock and roll but baby steps people, baby steps.)

A special thanks goes to out to Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Eyeshadow in ‘Silver Lining’, you had an integral role in my success, with your shimmery trio of charcoal, silver and browny-purple to perfectly compliment my brown peepers! The mineral powder made blending easy-peasy and mistakes, of which there were a few, were easily disguised. I’ll definitely be bringing out this one next time I’m looking to do a proper smokey eye again, which will be soon – practice makes perfect!

Jane Iredale PurePressed in Silver Lining - winner!

Does anyone else have the same problem as me?
Do you blame your eye shape too? Ha! My poor eyes, taking the rap.
Anyone have some fail-proof tips?


5 Responses to “SNF: Rock Chick”

  1. 1 Eleanor August 24, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Slightly off topic, but my goodness your lashes are loooong! I also am fairly shit at a smokey eye, unless it’s a bronze eye which can be a bit messy and it doesn’t matter.
    You’ve done well!

  2. 2 Jade August 24, 2010 at 7:50 am

    Looking good!!! Practice does make perfect, for me a simple smokey eye can just be about using one colour and blending it up, and along the lower lash line. Gorgeous lashes!!! Are the falsies?!

  3. 4 MsCritique August 26, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Ohhhh, it looks great. I’m not so great with a smokey eye. I just look like I’ve been punched. You, however look fab! mcx

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