PRIMPED S/S ’10/’11 Look Book Event

Ahh yes, it was that time of the year that rivals Chrissie or New Years in a beauty girl’s eyes, except this comes twice a year – the PRIMPED Look Book Event at David Jones! (Wanna read about the last one?)

After weeks of anticipation, sneak peeks of the cover and an agonising week-long wait for confirmed attendance to the event, Saturday was here. I attended as Valerie of Ponikuta‘s plus one, as I missed out on the guest selection, which is now random selection instead of first come first served.

That wasn’t the only change to the Look Book event – the new Editor of PRIMPED, Yaz Turker, replaced now Ed-at-LARGE (not literally, Zoe’s gorgeously petite!) Zoe Foster as host of the much coveted event. Yaz is just as gorgeous as Zoe (but we all knew that!), and did an awesome job at talking us through the new season trends, with the help of other industry experts from Priori, OPI, Rimmel, Hissyfit and Jo Malone.

Instead of a walking tour around the store, we guests stayed seated (which suited me and my muffin munching) while the experts and Yaz explained everything you need to know about beauty trends from head to toe – brights and nudes are in for your toe nails by the way. A model was used to demonstrate the makeup trends by Rimmel, which I learned has fab products for even fab-er prices. An eyeshadow quad for less than $15 dollars?! Someone read my mind!

A quick list of the things we learned from the Beauty Expertz & Look Book:

– Polished is in – hair, makeup, nails should all be looking ‘done’, not like those grotty London models we were all dying to look like before. No way. Get a hairbrush.
– Luminous, bright skin is not only awe-inspiring, but gives the appearance of younger skin, even if you have lines.
– ‘Squoval’ is the perfect shape for nails – squared with rounded edges.
– Thanks to Mad Men, ladylike glamour is back with a vengeance. Get ready for winged liner and beehives!
– If you’re doing your eyes, make sure to go on your bottom lash-line with some of the eyeshadow to balance it out.
– Dark red, merlot lips are a strong trend, but must be done to justice with perfectly even lined lips.
– Liner tip: start from the centre of the cupid’s bow, and again from the centre of bottom lip and work out.
– Lipstick will last longer if you roughly fill in with liner, then powder over, then apply lippy, then marvel at your lips that last for hours!
– Don’t forget your brows! Important! Get them shaped to your face, and maintain the strong look with powder.

The adorable Yaz and I. Check out that skin, amazing!

Keep your eyes out for the tip, trend and fun packed Look Book, found at David Jones counters, featuring the amazing Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) on the cover. Man, she’s daymn fiiiiiine and I wouldn’t mind swapping places with her for a day, just to be all minx-y, voluptuous and well-mam-endowed.


5 Responses to “PRIMPED S/S ’10/’11 Look Book Event”

  1. 1 Roxy September 6, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks for the write up Holly. Reading it was almost as good as been there in the flesh (minus the amazing goodie bag). I am, by the way, dying to know the contents of said goodie bag – although, I’m worried finding out may send me spiralling into a severe case of beauty envy depression. x

  2. 3 Jessica September 6, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    You both look gorgeous, and I am SO happy that ladylike glamour is coming back on trend. About bloody time I say!

  3. 4 Cecylia September 8, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Who are these pretty girls? =P

  1. 1 PRIMPED Look Book Wrap Up | PRIMPED Trackback on December 2, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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