It’s Begun – Detox

Detox is quite a loaded little word these days isn’t it!

First thoughts head to crazy lemon water diets where you munch on a pepper corn before passing out, before feeling FABULOUS at the end of seven days. Um, no thanks.

I’m not all about starving yourself for the sake of weight loss or detoxing, it just doesn’t work like that.

This was why my interest was piqued when I saw Emma from Urban Remedy post a simple, easy and most importantly, nutritious, eating guide (read it here) that will also help to give your system a break and hopefully eliminate some toxins. It’s not about deprivation (well, apart from chocolate) and is quite flexible to your needs, because as well all know, life doesn’t always run to your planned meals of the day!

I’ve never done any kind of detox before, and this plan seems like the most sensible and balanced. White sugars and flours, chocolate, fried treats and alcohol are gone, but apart from that, wheat and dairy should only be reduced, not completely wiped out. It’s all about increasing your protein from other sources such as legumes and tofu, increasing your fish intake and of course your fruit and veg. Yum!

I’m a generally pretty healthy person but to say I adore my sweet treats and carbs would be a huge understatement! My willpower is shocking and ‘just one little bite’ turns into the whole pack (with a side of regret!) With this plan, the total wipeout of said sugary treats will be me better knowing that I’ll be breaking the deal, rather than trying to will myself to stop after a sensible amount.

I’m most interested to see if there will be a difference in my digestion (sometimes I get a sore tummy but can’t put my finger on what from) and also my skin. Having congested and breakout prone areas at this age means I’m always on the look out for something/anything to fix it and internally seems the best way. Fingers crossed!

So, what do you think about detoxes? Come on, let me know. Total crock? Or a good kick start to a healthier lifestyle? Are you on this Fab-u-Cleanse program, starting today? Let me know!


1 Response to “It’s Begun – Detox”

  1. 1 Jessica September 11, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    I am heading over to check it out now – good luck!

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