Share The Happy

Now, that’s an intriguing headline for Hump Day morning. If you’re struggling to get your engines going to climb that hump, Clarins (that brilliant French skincare company) may have just the right ingredients to make you smile.

It’s one of the great things about life. Smiling, and more importantly making others smile. It’s refreshing when these two goals are recognised by a global company, especially one with the stature of Clarins.

Now, let’s get to making you smile: is an interactive website with the goal to make you smile. It’s a simple concept really; share a compliment with the world, and a random person somewhere will receive it. You can log on to the site, read others’ compliments, and then send them on to friends and lovers, or just absorb them yourself. Cute hey?

Not only are the smiles for free, but so are the samples of the new Clarins range, Daily Energizer. The tab ‘Compliment Yourself’ brings up the options for receiving your sample of the new products, aimed at young women aged 16 – 25.

When I talk about Clarins to my friends, (you may have read about my love of a certain Clarins legend,) a common remark is that they think Clarins products are for older women. While they do have great anti-aging products, it’s not just for the more mature skinned among us – and the proof is in the Daily Energizer pudding.

Now the youngin’s can experience the luxury that is a heavy, frosted glass jar of Clarins joy.

I have been using the Daily Energizer Cream-Gel with such enthusiasm I look forward to washing my face so I can apply. The texture is amazing, and as the name suggests, is a thick gel that absorbs rapidly into the skin, creating a glow and radiance without a hint of shimmer, yet has a matte finish. How do they do it?!

The lotion drys quickly, and acts as the perfect base for makeup. I’ve been using a primer with SPF included as well, as the Daily Energizer cream-gel does not have SPF protection.

This post could not be complete without a mention of the heavenly scent that accompanies the application of the cream-gel. While not a pro in any way when it comes to scents, I’ve definitely put my finger on it being Frangipani with a hint of citrus – divine. When summer finally arrives it will be the perfect daily moisturiser, light, non-comedogenic and the gel texture will feel sublime, especially when popped in the fridge for hotter days.

The power ingredients of vitamin C, turmeric and Ginkgo biloba help to cover minor imperfections and increase skin radiance by increasing micro-circulation. I wouldn’t say the cream tingles on application, but I can definitely feel something happening. I even went out without a wash of bronzer on the other day, a big deal for a Lover of Bronze.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel

While I was happy to wait until I was a mature lady (living in my Parisian apartment and retiring to my chateau on weekends, of course) to enjoy my many Clarins potions, I am so happy to say that those of us with younger skin can make the most of it – glowing and radiant.

Over and out, I’m off to Share The Happy.


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