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And the Clinique mascara winner is…

Congratulations Miss Chew!

Woo hoo! Congrats! Lady Luck is your BFF! Pretty peepers shall be yours in no time!

Please send me an email with your name and address to: so I can send your prize ASAP Monday morning.

I have really loved the thoughtful and genuine answers this competition has created. Some were funny, adorable and touching and I’m so thankful you shared your memories with me, and everyone reading.

Can’t wait for my next competition!


Hair Crush.

Oh, Olivia Palermo. While you may be known for your snitchy-bitchiness and constant name dropping to buffer your seemingly poor efforts in your amazing job, I love you for your style. I couldn’t give a rats if you hate WhitWhit and lunch with Marc Jacobs like, totally daily.

What I do care about is this amazing show of hair WIN. I love it, like most of the stuff she wears, styles, or does with her hair.

It we weren’t just about to head into what I hope is a scorching summer, I’d be racing off to the hairdresser faster than you (or Olivia) can say “I’m besties with Zac Posen.” Lucky for Liv, a freezing NY Winter is rapidly approaching so this darker shade suits the occassion wonderfully. She’s gone shorter, and exchanged her usually blonder locks for a glossy chesnut brunette with what appears to be lighter flicks of balayge at her perfectly curled ends. Sigh. Adore.

Please give me your hair. And glowing skin. And wardrobe. Ta.

I found this picture (and others if you’d like to see the rest of her super cute outfit and pink heels!) on a fashion blog called The Vogue Diaries, so there’s my picture source.

If I’m still keen for a short look come next Winter, I’m definitely trying this out. While I’m normally scared a dark brown will wash me out (it has done in the past), Liv has re-inspired me.

Now just to fly to New York and find her colourist…











Manicure Mayhem

Last Thursday, I had a rather important interview. The kind of important interview where nothing but perfect presentation will do. Importance on the professionalism, not the funky.

Luckily, I relate more to a polished Hepburn than a rocked-out Wasson, so classic makeup and a super sleek, voluminous top knot was the go.

One area that unfortunately got the last minute treatment were my nails. Having removed the scraggy chipped polish and roughly trimmed and shaped the night before, I was left with one hour to go and not a glossed digit in sight. My goal was ultra chic manicured neutral, as we all know a lady with her nails under control most certainly runs her life in the same way, right? No! But shhh!

I arrived at Chadstone shopping centre a with game plan and made a bee line – quite literally, with all the diversions and the loops, only without the bum wiggle – for the nearest cheap and cheerful nail salon. Only I didn’t know where one was. Yes, I’m a regular Chaddy gal, but I tend to stick to the glossy outer, aka the loop of luxe, rather than delving into the deep belly. Would I ever come out?!

Yeah. I did. With nothing to show for it except an increasingly irate blister on the ball of my foot, and a faster pulse due to my power walking in high heels (no doubt the blisters enemy) and the minutes that were rapidly ticking past. I found the information desk, who directed me back down and around the corner to a manicurist who wanted to charge $22 for a PAINT! Come. on. Are you serious?

Up again, and to the friendly Proactiv lady who suggested another nail bar, which I promptly stopped off to find, only to stop half way and turn around, with a disgruntled “Eff it! I’ll buy my own polish and do it myself!” Ahh, how your mind does silly things when you’re frantic! I basically ran into Sportsgirl, picked the ‘Nude’ shade of their Nail It range, $7.50, (and a pair of slip ons that were on sale -oops!) and ran back out to find the nearest public toilets, because that’s how classy chicks like me roll.

Time was definitely ticking by this point and I’m sure my stressed hand didn’t help but the Sportsgirl was certainly not cooperating. It was runny, slid down my nail and onto my hand, and didn’t evenly apply to the nail bed. After three nails, I gave up, and tried to wash the nail polish off under the water. Oh. What a bloody stupid idea, Curtis. It had now half dissolved onto my hands and left sticky patches all over my nails. Shit.

Swearing at the bottle of Nail It, I ran back out, ignoring the pulsating mountain on the bottom of my foot, to try and find the nearest chemist. ‘Nail polish wipes have been invented right?’ was my mantra as I almost bowled over a lady in the doorway of MyChemist. I breathlessly requested said nail polish wipes, only to be told they didn’t have any. Luckily, another lady butted in and corrected her that they did. She pointed at the Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover Wipes (5 sachets) and I could have kissed her, even though they were almost $7 – I totally wouldn’t have cared if they were $20 (lie). Handbag staple from here on in!

Friend..and foe.

While the smell of acetone nearly knocked me out, (the Nail It has a uber strong cheap polish smell too, btw) they worked a treat and successfully removed the polish off my fingernails and hands. Oh and that splash on my arm. Pity they couldn’t hold back the strands of hair that had escaped from what I thought was the Alcatraz of top-knots.

I just made it to my interview, with the real neutral of nail polish – nada. Which shows I’m just that in control of my life I didn’t have time to schedule in a paint, right?! No! But shh!

Oh, and I think I totally killed the interview. Fingers crossed!

An Ode To Procrastination.

No lady! Don't encourage me!

My name is Holly, and oh, how I love to waste time,

Daydreaming of NYC, new ways to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Cravings for macarons, thanks to the witty Ms. Critique,

Have you checked out her blog? It’s incredibly chic!

University; unfortunately viewed as a means to an end,

Essays and exams, you are not my friend.

Impatient at the very least, distracted at the worst,

I begrudgingly accept that one needs an education first!

Calm down and be patient they say, your goals will be met,

But it’s all one can do but sigh and ask, Am I There Yet?!


I need to stick this above my desk... Source:




Endota Nail Paint

I’ve started to believe that Melbourne has bipolar. Friday it was almost 30 degrees, and as such I whipped out my denim shorts from the disgrace I call a wardrobe, looked at my hands and decided they needed a dose of summer too. What delivered? Endota’s Nail Paint in ‘Mornington’.  Saturday was 15, with wind and rain, but at least I had my glossy nails to remind me of better times, only 24 hours ago.

Firstly – I love that it’s called Mornington – have to rep the home area, right?! For those of you who haven’t yet ventured down to the Mornington Peninsula, do it! You’ll love it, or I’ll buy you an ice cream for your troubles.

I love the formula, it’s thick and easy to spread onto the nail bed, as well as being super glossy. I almost didn’t put on a top coat as it was shiny enough! Not to mention that only one coat completely did the job, props for the high pigment Endota!

The picture didn’t pick up the colour exactly (it’s always so hard to have nail polish show up as true to life!) but it’s a fantastic pink coral – frivolous but still grown up.


Review: Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15

Oh, how I love a wonder-prod! An ‘overachiever’, keen to do it all for less. Stand up and take a bow, Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF 15 – what a mouthful!

This is a product sure to cause some excitement. Containing the famed and ultra popular (60,000 units sold a DAY) Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle formula to work on your skin during the day, as well as SPF 15+ UVA/UVB protection to stave off new wrinkles from sun damage – this is not your average tinted moisturiser.

RRP $18.89

The colour is perfect, providing light coverage that helps even out any discolorations or uneven patches. I think it’s a great ‘everyone’ shade, as I’ve passed it around to various friends and family with different skin tones and it’s looked fantastic on each of them. Of course, if you have the type of background that is very light or very dark, then this might not work as well.

The forumula is super hydrating and blends into the skin well, and also mixes with other products (eg illuminator) without a problem. It does take a bit longer to dry than you may be used to, so I tend to get started on my hair before going back for a swipe of bronzer – otherwise you end up with the dreaded patch of bronzer where it has stuck to the damp cream! The illumination it provides was well above what I expected, so most days I wear this product alone and revel in my dewy glow.

Don’t believe me? Well, I was just creepin’ the NIVEA website and saw that they’re offering a free sample! Free! Quick, click here.

Have you tried this?
Don’t you love a 189 in 1 product?!

What was your first beauty memory?

I’m not talking about the first time you saw a lipstick. I mean the first time you remember actively participating in some kind of beauty act. I’ve thought and thought and I think I can pinpoint mine…

Remember the movie Batman Forever? You know, the dashing Val Kilmer as broody Batman, recently joined by the young, carefree Chris O’Donnell as Robin? Classic movie. Great times. And how cool was the Butler, Alfred Pennyworth?!

Anyways, I loved this movie. Adored it – even in the scary bits. I loved all the characters, even the lunatic Joker (major props to Jimmy C on that character), but none more so than Dr. Chase Meridian aka Nicole Kidman. I highly doubt it had to do with the quality of her character but rather the womanly beauty of her, and the way Batman had a thing for her – incognito or not. Plus, her name was Chase, super cool, right?

Which brings me to my first beauty memory. I’m about 6 I would say… standing on a stool in the bathroom, wearing one of mum’s black singlet tops which lucky for me, is the perfect spaghetti strap replica of Chase’s slinky LBD. I’ve found a red lippy from somewhere, which is funny as I never remember my mum wearing any, and carefully applied. My long blonde hair is wavy from being tied up or from air drying, and I’m swishing it around like that minxy Chase does while sitting with the bedsheets. Or if she didn’t – I sure am now.

Swish swish, pout and pose.

Oh hi Chase, you are a vixen!

How embarrassing! Oh, thank god there was no secret video camera in there a la Big Brother. And to think – this was before Britney and the reVAMPed Miley! Good gracious, imagine if I was a child of today – Foxtel and MTV free for all. I would have been bumping and grinding up there on that basin humming Ke$ha.

So, there you have it. My first beauty memory. I sure sound like a self-obsessed sexualised six year old don’t I! Well, I turned out okay, promise. Ten years later might have been a different story…

In the spirit of caring and sharing – what’s yours? Come on, tell me your story and I promise I’m not secretly hoping it’s just as embarrassing as mine to make myself feel better!

No? Too shy? What if there was a brand new Clinique High Impact Mascara in it for your trouble? Yes, you guessed right! My first competition! I know that in the scheme of beauty comps, this is a rather tiny prize but I’m starting small. If this all goes to plan, I have a few more up my sleeve!


All you have to do is:

– Comment this post to spill the deets on your first beauty memory. (Remember to fill in the email address section so I can contact your lucky self)

– Use Twitter or Facebook to write: “I am entering @hollyjcurtis ‘My First Beauty Memory’ comp to win Clinique mascara”

You have to complete BOTH requirements for a valid entry.
The winner will be selected randomly on the 29th October – a week from today.

So, get commenting! I can’t wait to read what your first beauty memory was!

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