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I’ve been on the search for a way to manage all of the lovely blogs out there that I read, and have recently stumbled across Bloglovin‘. I’ve been told to try Google Reader, but I found that a bit plain and not as simple as I would like, or maybe it was just my 2 second attention span kicking in, and I didn’t give it a good enough try.

Anyways, bloglovin’ is pretty – if I can be superficial like that – and so far so simple – I like!

But, for me to be able to ‘claim’ my own blog, the clever folks at bloglovin’ (nicely) DEMAND me to post on my blog the code that has created my heading, which is a link to the site to follow my blog. There’s a novel idea for a security check!

Sorry for the semi-spammy blog post, but sigh, it had to be done so I could organise myself! Plus, I thought you might also be in the same possie of needing a great blog management tool! Are you? Or have you already got one set up and you’re all savvy and smug watching me be about 13 years behind? Go on then, do tell – what do you use?



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