Mecca Maxima: Beauty Maximised

As you may have heard, Mecca Maxima opened last week in Melbourne Central – to the squeals of joy of many a beauty enthusiast. Touted as Australia’s answer to the beauty super store Sephora, for the sake of a bit of investigative journalism (who am I kidding I couldn’t get myself there faster!) I went to check it out last Thursday.

Ohhh boy. Ohhh my. It’s glorious. It’s everything I love about the beauty section of department stores, (except the entire store is the beauty department!) – shiny white surfaces you can almost see your reflection in, makeup and skincare prods as far as the eye can see, smiling assistants who don’t overcrowd you and bright splashes of colour with funky posters to keep it all interesting. I’m in LOVE.

One half of the glorious Mecca Maxima

I especially love the little baskets for your goodies that have a sign attached. One side says ‘HELP!’ if you’re clueless about your cleansers, while the other says ‘Busy Browsing’ if you know your blush, sorry, stuff  – isn’t that neat?! Another amazing part of the Mecca Maxima is experience is the in-store Events they have scheduled. What a way to get everyone together for some free and fun pampering? What a way to show girls who may be a little ‘hrm me don’t know ’bout this beauty biz!’ that it’s just all about a bitta fun and don’t be shy there Susie come get yo’ nails done! If you’re in Melbourne today, Wednesday or Friday head down to Mecca Maxima for their ‘Paint & Polish Pronto!’ event for a free polish. I’m definitely going to be heading up on the 29th of October for their Big Beauty Carnival, what a day!

While I didn’t pick anything up on the day (had it been pay day…) I certainly did leave with the current brochure, which is enough to satisfy your beauty lust by just looking at the thing…for a few minutes anyway. Products I didn’t even know existed jumped off the page and shouted how much I needed them. Yes, need. All in good time my pretties… and I may have been stroking the page as these thoughts ran through my head.

Yep, it’s beauty MAXimsed!


2 Responses to “Mecca Maxima: Beauty Maximised”

  1. 1 Hannah October 18, 2010 at 10:18 am

    I can’t wait to check this out! Such a bonus to have so many brands in one place, and sales assistants who aren’t just plugging the one line that they work for. Extra points for those awesome signs on the baskets – so simple, yet so clever!

  2. 2 Melbournite October 19, 2010 at 7:46 am

    Great post – thanks for reminding me to check the store out pronto! In fact – think I’ll pop over there in my lunch break today for a bit of a browse. Melbourne is so lucky to have a store like this launch here (finally!).

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