Review: Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask

I think face masks are underrated. There, I said it.

A lot of people I talk to think that they’re too hard, too fussy, too messy, too time-sucking. No! That’s just Negative Nancy talking! Just like how you would apply a concentrated serum targeted at your needs, think of a mask as an added boost to work towards your skincare goals. There are masks for all conditions; dryness, oiliness, congestion, sensitive skin, dullness and uneven skin tone.

Sure, you have to wash your face again, but personally I find the whole process quite relaxing, especially if you combine with other DIY treatments. At home salon anyone?

In the weeks since Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event, I have been using Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask with the aim of clearing up, or at least preventing future, congestion and to also give an all-over exfoliation and deep cleanse to brighten up my skin.


Ah, tick and tick. After each use my skin is bright, super soft and firm and there hasn’t been any extra breakouts. And take a look at that pretty packaging! I don’t need to go into my weakness for it again do I?

The actual mask itself is quite unlike any I have used before – it’s actually pink, thanks to the pink clay (Duh, you say) and once dried, takes on a more red-brown colour. Small white particles of Bamboo wood powder sit amongst the clay and help to exfoliate further once you take the mask off. And it comes off so easily, therefore gaining massive points in my book. There’s nothing worse than a mask that takes forever to come off and you scrub your skin raw in the process.

See that eyebrow lift?! This isn't a hard as rock freeze-face mask - good one!

Yipee! Happy masking!



1 Response to “Review: Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask”

  1. 1 Jade October 20, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Hehehe cute mask face XD I do like you use a mask every now and then to treat myself 🙂

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