Hair Crush.

Oh, Olivia Palermo. While you may be known for your snitchy-bitchiness and constant name dropping to buffer your seemingly poor efforts in your amazing job, I love you for your style. I couldn’t give a rats if you hate WhitWhit and lunch with Marc Jacobs like, totally daily.

What I do care about is this amazing show of hair WIN. I love it, like most of the stuff she wears, styles, or does with her hair.

It we weren’t just about to head into what I hope is a scorching summer, I’d be racing off to the hairdresser faster than you (or Olivia) can say “I’m besties with Zac Posen.” Lucky for Liv, a freezing NY Winter is rapidly approaching so this darker shade suits the occassion wonderfully. She’s gone shorter, and exchanged her usually blonder locks for a glossy chesnut brunette with what appears to be lighter flicks of balayge at her perfectly curled ends. Sigh. Adore.

Please give me your hair. And glowing skin. And wardrobe. Ta.

I found this picture (and others if you’d like to see the rest of her super cute outfit and pink heels!) on a fashion blog called The Vogue Diaries, so there’s my picture source.

If I’m still keen for a short look come next Winter, I’m definitely trying this out. While I’m normally scared a dark brown will wash me out (it has done in the past), Liv has re-inspired me.

Now just to fly to New York and find her colourist…












3 Responses to “Hair Crush.”

  1. 1 Mrs Woog October 28, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    AHHH I Love this! PS Finally added you to my blogroll so I can read regularly. Such a tardy bitch am I xo

  2. 3 Jade November 1, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Makes me want to run off and do a dye job right now!!! 😀

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