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Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 3

What on earth am I going on about you ask? The Urban Remedy juice cleanse of course! Catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 of my three day cleanse if you need.

5.30am: Wake up early to get ready for boot camp. I was a bit hungry when I went to bed last night but no signs of hunger this morning. Hands check over face and stomach like yesterday, and still no breakouts. Phew. I do not need any more bouts of breakouts! Stomach is flat. Super flat, like back in year 9 when I was on the Athletics team. Added bonus!

5.45am: Drink the last half of last night’s #6 on the way to bootcamp. Feeling nervous about how I’ll go, as I decided not to exercise yesterday so I don’t know what to expect.

6.00am: It’s time. We start out with a jog to warm up and I feel okay.

6.15am: Have been told we are heading over to “the hill”. Oh shit, I know what that means. I struggle even after a proper meal the night before, let alone juices for two days… Nervous.

6.30am: Feeling fine, except I notice I don’t have as much power in my legs. I’m not passing out or dying or anything, I just don’t have as much strength or explosive power in my legs. Definitely can handle this, it’s just not ideal for training I suppose, as if I could work harder, I would probably burn more. Maybe I’m also scared of pushing it harder than I feel I can in case I get dizzy? That would be embarrassing!

7.00am: Not my best session, but I’ve still worked pretty hard on all muscle groups with a good 20-30 mins of hill running. Feel very proud.

8.30am: Ah! It’s my last day, and while I’m feeling good, there’s no denying I’m pretty excited to eat again! Sorry juices, you’ve been grand but you can’t be the real stuff. Drink #1 and pretend I hate raisin toast with butter…

10.30am: Start sipping juice #2. After a little post-bootcamp nap (quite normal) I am feeling better and juice #2 has certainly picked up my energy levels. Feeling great! I’m whizzing through some posts and feeling quite alert, nothing like last night. Eek, hope the bosses didn’t notice!

TIP: Pack a toothbrush in your handbag, your teeth get FURRY!

12.30pm: Ahh Mr. Beetroot #3, we meet again. Try to think of reasons why beetroot was included, come up with none apart from ‘it must be good for me’. Don’t finish the last quarter, bit over this one.

1.00pm: Need to sip more water. Feeling good.

2.15: #4, you’re not doing it for me so much this afternoon! The last two days I didn’t love you, yet you weren’t too much of a bother. I think I’m just getting over the idea of juice. Plus, I just made a series of cooking gaffes with my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. That, coupled with the fact that I can’t actually eat what I’m cooking for 24 hours have dampened my previously chirpy spirits. Look around and blame the first thing I see – juice.

3.00: So glad nannying has been cancelled, I just need to focus on these last few hours! I think I’ll organise a walk with a friend, get out and get movin’.

3.30pm: HOLY SHIT. My dimpled mounds aka bum cellulite is SO much better. I thought I noticed it on Day 2 but wasn’t sure if I was seeing things, and didn’t want to jinx it. But nope. This is real. I run and check in three different mirrors, and all signs point to YES. Majorly reduced cellulite!!! I would say about 70-80% better? Text friend and ask her if she has noticed the same, she replies yes, same results for her. Wooo hooooo.

4.00pm: Pull down jeans and show another friend my new smooth derriere and thighs. She is amazed and wants juice immediately. I can’t stop staring. In other un-cheeky news, I have a miso broth soup as I’m sick of both water and juice. It is on the approved ‘cheat’ foods list…

4.30pm: Feeling good, but a little grumpy as I pull out #5. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I just want food! Lucky #5 is fairly easy to drink.

7.30pm: Can’t even look at juice #6, and consider my cleanse basically completed….so I have some raw salmon sushi and sesame spinach. Technically naughty I know, but I was super proud to have done three days, considering how much of a huge appetite I normally have.

7.45pm: It’s official. FOOD IS WONDERFUL.

8.00pm: Feeling great!




Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 2

Hopefully you’ve read all about Day 1 and are well and truly up to speed with the juicy details!

7.45am: Wake up, and hands go straight to stomach and face. Fingers scan forehead and chin… any breakouts in protest? None! Smile. Also, I’m not hungry. Wait five minutes to be sure and again, not hungry!

8.30am: First Juice (same ones as yesterday) and it’s one of my favourites. I’m also sipping on Lipton’s Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry tea, which is also great once cooled when I get sick of plain water. Add some ice and it’s almost a cocktail… almost. Feeling much less fluid-y than yesterday. I think as it was my first day and I was taking in much more liquid than usual, I felt a little puffy. Maybe the sauna has helped me!

11am: Third juice. Feeling peppy and fine, barely hungry after juice #1. But I just went down the street.. oo bad idea. Walked past the bakery and saw fresh pies come out of the oven. Ouccchhh. Imagine myself rolling around in dough for the next five minutes.

12am: Energy burst, woo hoo! Loving life.

12.30am: Out and about doing errands and I didn’t bring my juice… Hrmm things are going to get delayed here! Walk past the foodcourt of a shopping centre. Ohhhh I want sushi and sandwhices and possibly a donut. No, I talk myself out of the donut but way keen for some soosh. Consider buying a Boost juice to top myself up, but want to do it right.

1.30am: Still no juice… but – I have my  30 min massage at Endota. Ohh how divine. I sink into the waiting room couches and try to unwind. Not really hungry but I sip on the green tea supplied and try again to begin to unwind. Slightly harder than I thought but then again, everything’s being analysed in you, diary!

2.15: My massage was amazing, especially as my back was a little sorer than usual. I also asked for my head to be included in the treatment, which was fantastic. Wish I’d upgraded my voucher to a one hour! The room was sensationally appointed and just the right amount of dimmed lighting thanks to a few tea light candles scattered about. Ahh good choice HC, Endota was just what I needed! Walk out feeling light and calm.

2.30pm: Remember that Saturday night is Thankgiving dinner and nearly yelp with excitement. Remind myself to be sensible and stick to one serve of everything, unlike last year’s five. Yes, five – true story.

3pm: Ahh, way past juice time but I’m home and it’s on to #3, the beetrooty one! It goes down a little easier than yesterday but I don’t finish the last few cm’s. As I’m getting ready for work at T&Co, I’m drinking much faster than usual, as well as some water so I feel a little bloated. I’m chirpy and  ready early and decide to sip #4 in the car on the way to work.

4pm: Sipping juice #4 on the way to work, enjoying it.

4.10pm: Ah! What’d I say yesterday about being more than 20m’s away from a bathroom at all times!! This is going to be a longgg ride.

5pm: Arrive at work, pop juice #5 and #6 into the fridge, wonder how I’m going to drink them both during my shift, I don’t think I get a break tonight.

7.30pm: Start to feel it, I need a juice or water or something… Too busy for me to duck out the back and skip over to the energy dense #6 juice.

7.45pm: Is it hot in here or just me? No, it’s usually pretty warm, especially with our suit jackets. Never feel dizzy but defnitely start to feel woozy in the head. Memory is suffering a little too. It seems a lot harder to smile, talk, smile some more and open clasps than usual. I was fine at work the other day.. then again, nannying is a lot less strenuous than here, with all the walking and bending down and up and down again and the constant smiling and engagement with customers. Plus, I’m two juices behind.

8.15pm: Break away from the crowd and run out the back to skull some of #6. Co-worker asks what I’m drinking and I quickly explain the Urban Remedy program and the cleanse process. She’s really interested and writes down the website. Come on #6, get in mah belly.

9.30pm: Finish work and whip out both my left over juices, sip both on the way home. I’m a bit nervous for boot camp tomorrow, Friday is usually our most strenuous day… Decide to save half of #6 for when I wake up tomorrow.

10.30pm: Exhausted. Open the bedroom door to see lovely boyfriend has organised a second massage of the day for me, complete with tea light candles on the bedside table. Aww. Thanks, I suppose my back is just as sore again, so I’ll accept the massage, but nothing else. No. I’m serious. Na-thing. Nope, don’t even ask.

11pm: Go to sleep dreaming of roast turkey.





Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 1

Dear diary,

I must, I must, I must increase my bust. Oops, wrong diary.

This diary is to chronicle my Urban Remedy Cleanse, a six-juice-a-day detox program that is the brainchild of Emma (yoga teacher, nutrition and lifestyle coach) and Taryn (a nutritionist and personal trainer).

Now, the word detox can be quite a controversial one. Just mention it and someone nearby is sure to either shout, “What a load of” or “Tell me more!” The basic principle behind a detox is to give the body a period of time to cleanse toxins from the system. A common complaint by non-fans of detoxes is “why should you have to reduce/cut out diary, wheat etc for a certain amount of time, milk isn’t a toxin! The body cleanses toxins naturally”. This may be true, but it is my understanding that by filling your body with nutritional juices that are easy to digest, the energy that your body would spend digesting and breaking down heavy or not-so-healthy food can be redirected to the natural detoxifying process, therefore easing the process and speeding it up. Well, that’s my two cents. Here’s Urban Detox’s reasons why you should cleanse.  I don’t agree with starvation or any ‘lemon detox’ water diets, so the fact that Urban Remedy is designed by nutritionists, is sensible and flexible really appealed to me.

There are options of 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses, with an option of Levels 1 – 3. I just completed my first day of a three day, level two cleanse.

7am: Just got home from boot camp (or as I like to call it, ‘group exercise’ – there’s no military style shouting involved) and already thinking about what Ill have for breakfast. Oh… Juice. Excited but nervous…. I need to wait a bit longer to drink my first so that I don’t finish the schedule too early. Nothing worse than going to bed hungry! Packed my little cooler-bag that Urban Remedy supplied. They even give you a little Urban Remedy branded freeze pouch! How perfect for the beach, I can just see a few lemon Ruskis, um, I mean wheatgrass shots sitting in there…

Hi ho, it's off to work we go!

8.30am: First juice down. Spinach, banana, cos lettuce, lime, apple and spirulina. It’s thick and green, but tastes like banana. Yum, this is going to be easy! I’m full! Ahh I’m a habitual sipper, so I left the juice and went about my day, coming back to take sips and ‘chew’ to spread it out over the recommended hour.

Sweaty from booty camp, yum yum!

10:45am: Gulping down the water and green tea, and surprisingly not that hungry. That first juice was filling. No headache to speak of yet, but then again, I don’t think I’m that addicted to coffee.  It’s not an everyday requirement, and I’ll have two a day max. Sugar, on the other hand, is my kinda thang. There is a slight ‘fuzziness’ if I stop and think about it, but nothing debilitating. I barely noticed it, after noticing it of course. Pull out juice #2 (apple, spinach, pear, mint). Hrmm, I’m not that keen on mint…. Unless it’s prefaced by ‘pepper’ and covered in chocolate. I focused on the pear aspect, and found it fairly enjoyable. Still not hungry.

1.15pm: Get out juice #3 (beetroot, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger). Ew, beetroot. I don’t like it at the best of times so drinking it for my lunch isn’t ideal, but it’s not as bad as I thought. Lucky for me, I like ginger in juices (feels like it will do good!) but I can imagine not everyone would be a fan. Still chugging back the water.

1.18pm: Note to self – never be more than 20 metres away from a toilet. Constantly busting.

4pm: Juice #4 (apple, lemon, cos lettuce, celery, silverbeet, parsley, cucumber) and for the first time today, I’m hungry. I mean before, sure, I wasn’t full. I was thinking about food, which I think makes you think you’re hungrier than you are. But come on, diary, you know I can scoff the good (and bad) stuff down like no other. People are impressed by my eating capabilities and it’s something I’m proud of, like a party trick. So this is a big deal for me…whimper. I’m tired, but what’s new at this time. Okay, stroppy minute over and I’m sipping on water. All is fine.

6pm: A zesty pick me up comes with juice #5 (lemon, water, agave nectar, cayenne pepper) which is a godsend, I was feeling pretty hungry. (Although keep in mind that constantly thinking about food is totally normal for me!) All hunger is gone and I have a pep in my step as I leave work and drive to the gym.

7.15pm: Arrive at the gym to meet up with friend who is also on the Level 2 cleanse with me. She’s a bit grumpy and not impressed with the ‘bits’ in some of the juices. As in, not completely thin liquid. I like the bits, something to ‘chew’ on! Walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes as we chat, then head to the sauna to sweat it out – something that Urban Remedy recommended we do during the cleanse. 15 minutes later, we’re soaking with sweat and feeling good. My skin looks fantastic too!

8pm: Bring out my ‘dinner juice’ #6 (coconut milk, raw cashews, cinnamon, vanilla bean, water, agave nectar) – smells delicious! Definitely the thickest, most filling juice of the day. Urban Remedy tweeted to me earlier in the day (they keep in contact with you while you cleanse, so great to have that support!) to say that because I worked out in the morning, I could take sips of #6 throughout the day as it contains the highest level of good fats and proteins to keep you going. This one would be good to have at breakky too if you’re used to eating very large meals then, or to sip throughout the day. Food, or juice, for thought.

9.30pm: Feeling fine, great, dandy. Sure, I could eat, and the family’s dinner was mighty hard to look at but I’m not dying or anything! Not even really hungry. Very interested to see what I feel like in the morning!

9.45pm: I’m sipping around the house with a burst of energy, yipee!



Review: Sodashi Revitalising Yellow Clay Mask

My introduction and consequent adoration of Australian made and owned Sodashi has already been documented, so we don’t need to go over how wonderfully packaged they are in their sexy luxe violet-black glass, how their all-natural formulas are effective and nourishing, and how we can be proud of the 100% Aussie brand being stocked and used in some of the most exclusive day spas and hotels in the world. Oh wait, I just did.

I won the Revitalising Yellow Clay Mask months ago off Twitter (love a random Twitter win!) and have been using ever since. While most masks that I use are aimed at drying out breakouts and controlling shine and sebum production due to my combination skin type, I like to think of the Yellow Clay Mask as a nourishing, hydrating, calming mask.

You can barely tell you have it on as after five or so minutes it has largely disappeared and sunk in… which is of no concern when using a good quality, all-natural product like Sodashi. There’s no dry, tight, ‘frozen’ face that can accompany the aforementioned type of mask either. Me likey!

After I wash it off with ease, (hate a ‘stuck on’ mask!) my skin is glowy, plump and super soft. There’s no exfoliating beads or granules – this mask really is for replenishing and soothing your skin, something I think that I don’t do enough with all my exfoliations and salicylic and glycolics etc!

Another stellar prod, Sodashi! I’m putting away the pennies to experience one of their apparently but boy do I believe it amazing facials.

Are you the new Beauty Intern for Onya Magazine?

As I announced in my last post, I have been promoted from Beauty Intern to Beauty Editor at Onya Magazine. The previous and fabulous BE, Gaynor Alder has moved across to jet-set around Australia in style for the position of Travel Editor and I will be replacing her.

So, if you do the math that leaves a big gaping hole in the Beauty Department. Myself and Beauty Writer Beth Keamy are on the hunt for an amazing new intern to fill my shoes. Louboutins, mind you. Ha! I wish.

In a nutshell, we will require someone to:

– Be extremely organised and efficient.

– Have a passion for beauty products (which shouldn’t be too difficult…) especially those that are 100% Aussie owned and made, as that is what we will be working with.

– Liaise with PR and beauty brands on behalf of the team.

– Be well presented, with excellent written and spoken communication skills.

– Be a team player, Onya is one big happy family.

– Computer skills a definite plus.

– Creative. We need to keep these ideas coming!

– Be able to contribute articles to Onya Magazine. Wonderful for your portfolio!

To read the job description in full –  MELBOURNE BEAUTY INTERN JOB DESCRIPTION.

To apply: please email with your resume, and a few recent samples of your best writing.

Applications close on: Monday 6th December (2 weeks from today) and successful applicants will be interviewed at my discretion.

A notch on the belt, beauty style.

Somehow I think my job may entail a bit more than just doing this... Source:

Well, if this isn’t a peg on the  Am I There Yet? ladder, I’m not sure what is!

As some of you may have seen on Twitter last week, I have just been appointed the role of Beauty Editor at Onya Magazine, where I was previously interning. Yipee! Dreams do come true. Yep, bold was definitely required.

One of the first posts that I wrote when I started this blog back in March was entitled, How do you know when you’re ‘there’?. I thought it would help explain the reason behind the name of my blog, and why it wasn’t something like LiPsTiCkLuVah4EvA69 (plus, it was already taken).

So I am more than thrilled to add this recent promotion to my “How do you know when you’re ‘there’?” list, which as I said in the post, is still a fluid and evolving goal. Satisfaction always is, right?

I’m really proud to be working with Onya Magazine, an online and soon to be bi-annual print magazine that focuses on all the best that Australia has to offer. I love being able to give 100% Australian made and owned brands a little bit of the limelight, as they can often be looked over for the international conglomerates. But seriously, give them a try, there’s some impressive stuff out there!

Of course I’ll still be organising my time to post regularly on Am I There Yet? but do pop over to Onya for a squiz every now and again.

I’ll also be advertising for an intern soon… so if that’s something you might be interested in start to get your application prepared!

New job musings…

So, I got the job!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m still at uni, and work as a nanny, as well as occasionally helping with kid’s fashion PR & sales. Having never worked in shop-front retail before, I’m diving into the deep end of luxury retail with one of my favourite jewelers – the famous Tiffany & Co. If that blue box and glossy snow white ribbon doesn’t make your heart flutter…it’s just so darn pretty!

I start TODAY, which has made me realise a few things.

-I shall have to check my nails daily for chips (who wants someone with scraggy nails handling their exxy goods?!), and bright summer corals saved for days off.

-Speaking of nails, I’ll have to stock up on a few nude, baby pink shades. Suggestions?

-Beach hair (read: salt-ridden, unwashed for days on end and knotted) won’t be as prevalent this summer. Unless I can find a way to seriously disguise it… No. I can’t.

-I’ll have to have a bevvy of quick and easy ‘fake polish’ up-dos up my sleeve…

-Nights may be spent practicing my bow tying… No one deserves a less than perfect Tiffany bow!

-Spare tights will have to be stored in the glove box and in handbag, because knowing me my ‘hose will snag on silk!

-Is it alright to rotate the same outfit all week? (I do it in real life if I’m lazy and I am seeing different people…. shh, who doesn’t?)

-Is it okay to have already mind-spent half my projected earnings based on website browsing alone? (Um, no.)

-Long wear makeup will take on a whole new meaning when the 12 hour pre-Xmas shopping shifts roll around.

Ah! I’m just SO excited. Wish me luck 🙂

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