Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 2

Hopefully you’ve read all about Day 1 and are well and truly up to speed with the juicy details!

7.45am: Wake up, and hands go straight to stomach and face. Fingers scan forehead and chin… any breakouts in protest? None! Smile. Also, I’m not hungry. Wait five minutes to be sure and again, not hungry!

8.30am: First Juice (same ones as yesterday) and it’s one of my favourites. I’m also sipping on Lipton’s Cranberry, Raspberry and Strawberry tea, which is also great once cooled when I get sick of plain water. Add some ice and it’s almost a cocktail… almost. Feeling much less fluid-y than yesterday. I think as it was my first day and I was taking in much more liquid than usual, I felt a little puffy. Maybe the sauna has helped me!

11am: Third juice. Feeling peppy and fine, barely hungry after juice #1. But I just went down the street.. oo bad idea. Walked past the bakery and saw fresh pies come out of the oven. Ouccchhh. Imagine myself rolling around in dough for the next five minutes.

12am: Energy burst, woo hoo! Loving life.

12.30am: Out and about doing errands and I didn’t bring my juice… Hrmm things are going to get delayed here! Walk past the foodcourt of a shopping centre. Ohhhh I want sushi and sandwhices and possibly a donut. No, I talk myself out of the donut but way keen for some soosh. Consider buying a Boost juice to top myself up, but want to do it right.

1.30am: Still no juice… but – I have my  30 min massage at Endota. Ohh how divine. I sink into the waiting room couches and try to unwind. Not really hungry but I sip on the green tea supplied and try again to begin to unwind. Slightly harder than I thought but then again, everything’s being analysed in you, diary!

2.15: My massage was amazing, especially as my back was a little sorer than usual. I also asked for my head to be included in the treatment, which was fantastic. Wish I’d upgraded my voucher to a one hour! The room was sensationally appointed and just the right amount of dimmed lighting thanks to a few tea light candles scattered about. Ahh good choice HC, Endota was just what I needed! Walk out feeling light and calm.

2.30pm: Remember that Saturday night is Thankgiving dinner and nearly yelp with excitement. Remind myself to be sensible and stick to one serve of everything, unlike last year’s five. Yes, five – true story.

3pm: Ahh, way past juice time but I’m home and it’s on to #3, the beetrooty one! It goes down a little easier than yesterday but I don’t finish the last few cm’s. As I’m getting ready for work at T&Co, I’m drinking much faster than usual, as well as some water so I feel a little bloated. I’m chirpy and  ready early and decide to sip #4 in the car on the way to work.

4pm: Sipping juice #4 on the way to work, enjoying it.

4.10pm: Ah! What’d I say yesterday about being more than 20m’s away from a bathroom at all times!! This is going to be a longgg ride.

5pm: Arrive at work, pop juice #5 and #6 into the fridge, wonder how I’m going to drink them both during my shift, I don’t think I get a break tonight.

7.30pm: Start to feel it, I need a juice or water or something… Too busy for me to duck out the back and skip over to the energy dense #6 juice.

7.45pm: Is it hot in here or just me? No, it’s usually pretty warm, especially with our suit jackets. Never feel dizzy but defnitely start to feel woozy in the head. Memory is suffering a little too. It seems a lot harder to smile, talk, smile some more and open clasps than usual. I was fine at work the other day.. then again, nannying is a lot less strenuous than here, with all the walking and bending down and up and down again and the constant smiling and engagement with customers. Plus, I’m two juices behind.

8.15pm: Break away from the crowd and run out the back to skull some of #6. Co-worker asks what I’m drinking and I quickly explain the Urban Remedy program and the cleanse process. She’s really interested and writes down the website. Come on #6, get in mah belly.

9.30pm: Finish work and whip out both my left over juices, sip both on the way home. I’m a bit nervous for boot camp tomorrow, Friday is usually our most strenuous day… Decide to save half of #6 for when I wake up tomorrow.

10.30pm: Exhausted. Open the bedroom door to see lovely boyfriend has organised a second massage of the day for me, complete with tea light candles on the bedside table. Aww. Thanks, I suppose my back is just as sore again, so I’ll accept the massage, but nothing else. No. I’m serious. Na-thing. Nope, don’t even ask.

11pm: Go to sleep dreaming of roast turkey.






9 Responses to “Urban Remedy Detox Diary: Day 2”

  1. 1 Jade November 26, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Hehehe funny to read all this, I have those massage but nothing else days too 😛

  2. 2 NatalieBrooke November 26, 2010 at 11:44 am

    Your writing style is adorable! haha, love your blog! Good luck with the detoxing! how many days is it? Also, I don’t know how you can stand being massaged? I’m so ticklish, am I missing out on something? lol.
    (Have a Happy Thanksgiving – lucky you!)


  3. 4 Annette @ Wellness WA November 27, 2010 at 11:48 am

    My gosh I wish we had an Endota over here in WA!

    Loving reading about your juice cleanse Hol (although jealous)

  4. 6 Frou Frou November 27, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Love your little diary! Very interested to hear how the cleanse finishes up as I have never done a liquid fast before. Good luck!

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