Review: Wondercap

If there’s something I like doing more than face masks, it’s definitely hair masks. I’m always after super smooth, just-gotta-touch-it hair. There’s nothing better.

So naturally my ears (and frizzy fly-aways!) pricked up when I received an email about a wonder accessory; the Wondercap. Am I interested to try? Heck yes!

The Wondercap is a gel-filled shower cap with a thick elastic band at the bottom to make sure it holds tight. After zapping it in the microwave for a few minutes, I popped it over my washed, shower-capped and mask-applied hair for 10 minutes…and more. Included in the WonderCap pack is their hair moisture mask Guardian Angel (and the plastic shower cap). It’s great for a basic hair mask but I love the results of the Wondercap even more when used with my favourite masks. That’s the beauty of Wondercap; depending on your hair needs at the time, you can switch masks, yet get more out of them by teaming with the Wondercap’s intensive and insulating heat, which helps the mask ingredients penetrate further into the hair shaft.  It’s like a much better, longer lasting version of the hot towel on your head at the hairdresser’s basin.

The warm and gooey feeling is so relaxing, it’s the perfect time to slap on a face mask too, lie down and enjoy. I was really surprised by how long the WonderCap holds its heat, so you have a lot of relaxing time, maybe grab a mag or a book too!

I caved in to Dad's repeated and chuckling requests for a photo.

For $39.95 - you could be this lady. BYO bubble bath...

The result? Extra silky hair! Can’t wait to keep trying this out with all my different hair masks!


1 Response to “Review: Wondercap”

  1. 1 Hannah December 9, 2010 at 9:29 am

    This will be filed in the ‘why hasn’t this been thought of earlier?’ category. Great idea! And if you think it’s relaxing now, imagine it in winter – bliss 🙂

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