Beauty News: MOR to donate 25% of online sales to QLD Flood Appeal

The QLD and northern NSW floods have taken lives and livestock, devastated entire towns and caused billions of dollars worth of material damage, and an unquantifiable amount of emotional damage. As you could imagine, the people and businesses of QLD/NSW need all the help that they can get.

I am so thrilled that Australian brands, such as the amazingly beautiful and effective beauty brand MOR, are doing their bit and donating profits to the Flood Appeal. I’m happy to share these details from MOR with you:

MOR will be donating 25% off all E-Boutique sales to The QLD Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, for sales from 12 January 2011 until 13 February 2011.

What a perfect way to purchase something that gives more than the material joy gained by the receiver. That’s shopping with a conscious!

Many other Australian brands are participating in similar offers. To view the deals from popular Australian fashion retailers such as Witchery, Mimco and Cue, pop over to Nikki from Styling You who has kindly listed them all for our knowledge. Thanks Nikki!



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  1. 1 MOR to donate 25% of online sales to QLD Flood Appeal | Trackback on January 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm

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