Wella SP Has The Answer To Your Hair’s MCD

MCD? Multiple Condition Disorder! Unlike their bodies who they’re attached to who may suffer from the more commonly known Multiple Personality Disorder, hair strands can have a lot going on. They’re coloured, yet frizzy in areas, limp in others and could definitely do with a dose of shine.

So what does that mean for you, when you’re standing in the supermarket aisles or your hairdresser is standing there asking you what you’re after in your take-home haircare range? Well, for anyone like me who has trouble with decisions, (like that time the perplexing choice between a spinach and ricotta roll or a sausage roll for lunch brought on a panic attack. Yep, embarrassing true story!) it means a whole lot of pondering on what means more to you, smooth strands or high volume?

Thanks to Wella SP’s new take-home products designed to complement their in-salon treatments, MCD may become a thing of the past. How refreshing, a whole new world of flexibility and choice with your haircare regime!

I received three of the new Wella SP products to trial, and I have been super impressed with all of them. My hair has been loving its new routine of Shine Define shampoo ($32) followed by Colour Save conditioner ($32) – (Although I think with the state of my colour there’s no saving it now! Eek I need a hairdresser appointment badly!)

The Wella SP Volumize Mask ($34) definitely took out top honours for its amazing work on my mum’s extra fine and sometimes in need of a big lift hair. I passed the mask over to her, as my bouffant thick locks didn’t need volume as much as hers do! I saw her one morning and was so surprised about her bouncing big locks, and she told me it was the Wella SP mask, and get this – with no blowdrying, just letting it air dry.

Get outta town, Ma! I really did not believe it.

Do you feel the same way as me when standing in the supermarket aisles?

Don’t you just love the idea of a mix and match haircare regime, depending on your needs at the time?

Isn’t that story about the sausage roll ridiculous?! I know!


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