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Review: Dermalogica PreCleanse

I’ve spoken before (read it here) of double-cleansing with an oil-based cleanser, and I’m back again with another winner of a product, Dermalogica PreCleanse. Not just winning Charlie Sheen style, but an actual winner, one of its awards being the prestigious Prix de Marie Claire Award for Best Splurge Skin Care Product. Take that, Charlie.

RRP $65.50

Daily application of sunscreen (you know you should..), primers, coupled with modern long-lasting makeup techonolgy means that your regular cleanse-and-go routine may not actually be cleaning your skin at all, rather just removing some make up. Your blackheads love it, and then invite more friends to the Pore Party. Using an oil-based pre cleanser, like Dermalogica PreCleanse, can help to initially cleanse your makeup and skin oils away, leaving your prescribed cleanser to get to the business of cleansing your skin, not just the stuff sitting on top of it.

Formulated with a bevvy of wonder-ingredients (safflower oil, kukui nut oil, rice bran oil and vitamin E)  PreCleanse is an olive and apricot kernel based oil cleanser that is applied to dry skin to begin the cleansing process. Warm water is then added, which creates a light, milky emulsion. Simply wash off, and already your face is lookin’ good! I have been using PreCleanse daily, needing to use only the smallest amount, and I find it a fantastic way to begin the makeup removal process before cleansing (my current cleanser is Kosmea Clarifying Cleanser), which I do in the shower. I find that some make up removers leave an oily residue on my skin, and to be honest, I don’t often have the time to use cotton buds (a whole bins worth!) and remover lotion, then have a shower and wash my face.

Simple, fast and effective, I am definitely on board the double cleansing train with PreCleanse!

What do you think of double cleansing?
Anyone else a fan, and find their skin feels cleaner?


New: Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon

I want this perfume before I have even smelt it. I’ve carved out a position for it in my already overcrowded ‘perfume corner’ of my dresser, and told the oldies to be nice to the new kid.

As a complete and utter sucker for anything that comes in a nice bottle or box, Nina Ricci’s Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon has me head over heels for both. I’ve got no idea what it smells like, save for the description “raspberry, ginger, Beauty of the Night, tuberose, Centifolia rose with base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.” Yes, it intrigues me immensely, as does wanting to see the bottle in the bright glaring lights of David Jones. Oh, I jest, those lights are hideous.

Launching on May 1st, Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon is the limited edition updated version of the original Ricci Ricci, which was launched in 2009.

Here’s the advertising poster, and here’s exactly where it gets me; minxy girl with perfect eye makeup, the red criss crosses, the stunning bottle and the rooftops of Paris. Seriously, throw the Eiffel Tower and some Parisian streetscape into an ad for Ox Tongue and I’ll be the first in line at the butcher!

And the gorgeous box. Does anyone else keep the box when they buy perfume? Until you realise how ridiculous it is to have several (but pretty!) useless boxes lying around? Confession: I used to display them…

EDP 50ml for $95.00

The bottle; stunning. Escpecially the lid, with its obviously hard but soft looking loops of ribbon. And that red! Gorgeous! I want it in a dress and a lipstick and nail polish all at once!

Did you know that the bottle/box design is inspired by the famous photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe six weeks before her death, The Last Sitting? Shot by Bert Stern for Vogue, it features racy, sensual shots but here I pick a tamer one in case anyone is offended by nipples!


So, are you in love with the imagery and design as much as I am? Here’s hoping it smells just as good as it looks!

Get Germ-Free With Jurlique

Originally published on Onya Magazine.

These frosty days aren’t bluffing; Winter is well and truly on the way. Cue weather-whining from me, and flu-freakout from everyone else.

The last few years have seen a huge spike in the prevalence of antibacterial sanitising hand gels, so much so that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone told me they squirted it on top of their cereal every morning. Yes, being sanitised is most certainly the trend du jour, but admittedly for good reason. I can jest all I like, but you can’t deny that you can almost see the viruses and germs partying like they’re in Ibiza on your morning tram’s poles, and let’s not do too much research into the germs on your keyboard either…really, who has the time or patience to be sick these days?

However, frequent application of traditional sanitisers can dry your hands out – not what you need when the combination of heaters and the crisp cold are already doing their dehydrating. That’s where Jurlique’s new Moisturising Hand Sanitiser blows the competition out of the petri dish. Their native Australian Bush Mint (grown on the Jurlique farm in South Australia) is famous for its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria 30 seconds after application. And to keep your mits soft underneath your mittens? Safflower seed oil is delivered to the skin in oleosome technology to keep your hands soft and conditioned.

Keep the pump-top 175ml bottle ($19) at your desk (perfect for before and after lunch, or after being on the phone) and pop the 50ml ($10) flip top into your purse for on-the-go cleanliness.

You’ll be Jur-licking your hands they’ll be that clean!

Aveda’s Walk For Water

Originally published at Onya Magazine:

Tracey Spicer and Sarah Wilson

Sunday the 17th of April saw Aveda Water Warriors around the country take part in a series of 6km walks to raise awareness and funds for water-challenged communities around the globe, as part of Aveda’s Earth Month.

Aveda’s Earth Month, held annually every April for the past 12 years, has managed to raise a whopping US$18 million for organisations that directly affect environmental change, and US$12 million for water-related causes in the past four years. Not bad for a company who also manages to find the time to create luxurious, effective environmentally friendly hair and body care products.

Melbourne’s Aveda Walk For Water saw a turn out of approximately 100 people walk the 6 kilometre round trip from Catani Gardens to Port Melbourne, with Sydney trekking the beautiful coastal track of Bondi to Bronte. Well-known personalities who participated included Tracy Spicer, Sarah Wilson, Sami Lukas and Kyly Boulder.

Why 6 kilometres? It seems unfathomable to a developed nation like our own, but 6 kilometres is the average distance women in developing nations travel daily to access clean water. This Earth Month alone, Aveda aims to raise US$4 million globally to protect and raise awareness for clean water. “It’s a basic human right that nearly 900 million people are left fighting for daily,” said Aveda.

While the fight for equality in water access remains high on Aveda’s priority list, 2011 saw their fundraising efforts zero in on Australia’s own water supply and ecological issues; a result of the devastating floods and Cyclone Yasi. Donations from the Walk For Water events will be distributed locally through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, along with the already pledged $50,000 donation from Aveda at the time of the crisis. Add $1,150 from Walk for Water contributions and you’ve got a hefty some that will no doubt make a much needed positive impact on people’s lives.

Media personality, blogger and Sunday Life columnist Sarah Wilson is supportive of the re-direction of funds for 2011. “It’s fantastic that the fundraising will assist the QLD Premier’s Flood Appeal, because there is a sensitivity to the fact that we are facing serious ecological problems due to the floods, and now Australians are needing help to get clean water.”

“There is also a real need to clean up the ecosystems and waterways after the devastation of the floods. Earth Month, as a whole, is geared to people in third world countries who don’t have fresh water, but this year it seemed very appropriate to have the funds directed at Queensland’s water issues. Another benefit is people get more engaged when things are local,” said Sarah.

So, how can you get engaged with the cause if you weren’t able to make it to a Walk For Water event? “In Aveda stores during the month of April, go in store and donate in there. There are also products like the Light The Way candle, where 100% of the proceeds go to Earth Month. They make a great gift for somebody,” said Sarah.

The limited edition Light The Way candle, which retails for $24.95, is available during the whole month of April, with all proceeds donated to Water Aid. Not only will the lavender essentials oils relieve stress, but you can relax in the knowledge that your actions have contributed to helping water become an essential resource that everybody has access to.

If you’ve never experienced the ‘experience’ that is an Aveda store or its products, Sarah can point you in the right direction. “Shampure essential oil smells amazing, I have loved it for years. I wear it as an oil on the inside of my wrists, it’s a very grounding oil with lots of grounding spices. A lot of my curly-haired friends use their Be Curly range, it’s incredible at taming curls.”

Onya Magazine applauds Aveda and their Water Warriors for its amazing fundraising and conservation efforts, here and abroad. Hopefully in the future there will not be the need for events like this. As fun as they are, water access for all would be a far better event to celebrate.

Rid Your Booby-Wrinks

As a lifetime, paying and front-seat-sitting member of the Tiny Tittie Committee, chest wrinkles have not been a huge concern as of yet during my seven years of breast ownership. However, as a dedicated side sleeper, I do find that I’ve acquired two big lines down the sides of my chest. So, what’s a gal to do?

Skinvigor8, are the Australian distributors of the most novel way to cease the crease in-between your bosum boulders (oh, we’re going to have some fun with this one!) with their Decollette Pads, a reusable medical grade silcone pad that adheres to the skin between your mams, and comes up around the top of them. Designed to be sticky enough to wear while asleep, the pads aim to stop the skin from creasing, which over time and with skin aging, forms lines. Tip: make sure that your skin is clean and free from any creams or oils, which will affect the adhesive on the pad.

The pad, when worn in its proper position, didn’t reach my side-sleeping wrinkles (of course, because that’s not its aim, just stop sleeping on your side!) so I would love to see a similar design in smaller ovals, so you could place them where you like.

As I said, I don’t have any chest wrinkles as of yet, so the results may not have been has obvious as with some ladies who try the pad, however in the morning when I removed the pad my skin was super soft. With regular use, I think the Decollette pads are a fantastic preventative tool.

I think it might be too late for this lady though…

Ciccone – Just Another Lippy In Your Bag?

This post was written by the gorgeous and irrefutably talented Katie Found, who just so happens to be my Beauty Writer at Onya Magazine (where this first appeared), and also my room mate. We were both looking for a place, got along soaringly and neither fancied a cardboard box, so here we are – a lovely apartment in Melbourne and far too many beauty products! PS. Can definitely vouch for Ciccone lippies, I adore their glitzy tubes, and Oceanus, being a perfect peach-pink, is not often off my lips!

Whoever posited the above question is either deluded, male…or just giving a bit of lip! If I were to rank the ridiculousness of this question, it would sit neatly between ‘Chanel No. 5: Just Another Scent to Offset Your Sweat?’ and ‘Hermes Scarf: Just Another Square of Material to Warm Your Neck?’. You get my point!

The Onya Beauty Department is a happy little family, so it puts a smile on our lips to hear about other happy little families, such as the Ciccone’s. Helen and Frank gave life to Ciccone Cosmeticsin 2001. Ten years on, their bright-lipped baby is quickly growing into a boisterous, force-to-be-reckoned-with teen. CC is certainly holding its own in the battle with the lipstick heavyweights – watch out Chanel Rouge Coco, Ciccone is coming! Ciccone lippies come in a range of unmissable and oh-so kissable colours. This lippy-obsessed gal is pouticularly taken by Hera, and no, not just because she was the Goddess of women…although that does sound like quite the fabulous role.

Combine hot pink, diamante-laden packaging, Greek Mythological figures, and some naturally beautifying ingredients such as jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, and you’ve got Ciccone Cosmetic’s pout-inducing line of lippies. Used by makeup artists, paraded by celebrities, and adored by all worldwide, it is no wonder why CC is taking the (beauty) world by storm. And, if its staying power in the global makeup market is as strong as its staying power on the lip, then this liptastic range is here for good. Xx Kiss Me Katie Words: Katie Found

New: OLAY Men Solutions

Skin care solutions for men; skincare wizard OLAY has them, but unfortunately they are still stumped on how to get them to pick up their wet gym clothes from last week or take out the rubbish. Don’t worry, I’ve sent them an email asking if they can come up with a solution for that next..

As everyone knows, OLAY is generally regarded as the best budget (approx under $50) skin care range for quality and results, but it has always been for us ladies; how exciting that your man can now get in on the good stuff!

Recently launched, the OLAY Men Solutions range features six products to target the three main concerns of male skin; oiliness, roughness and dryness, and even the tightest accountant would approve that nothing is over $20!

I am hoping that this range will also include an SPF product in the future, considering that a lot of men are working outside in the harsh Australian sun. ‘Beater tans, ergh!

Your man will look so good the local homewrecker (come on, every town has one) will be thinking, “Olayyy, ooolay, olaay olay! He’s looking hot hot hot!”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

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