New: OLAY Men Solutions

Skin care solutions for men; skincare wizard OLAY has them, but unfortunately they are still stumped on how to get them to pick up their wet gym clothes from last week or take out the rubbish. Don’t worry, I’ve sent them an email asking if they can come up with a solution for that next..

As everyone knows, OLAY is generally regarded as the best budget (approx under $50) skin care range for quality and results, but it has always been for us ladies; how exciting that your man can now get in on the good stuff!

Recently launched, the OLAY Men Solutions range features six products to target the three main concerns of male skin; oiliness, roughness and dryness, and even the tightest accountant would approve that nothing is over $20!

I am hoping that this range will also include an SPF product in the future, considering that a lot of men are working outside in the harsh Australian sun. ‘Beater tans, ergh!

Your man will look so good the local homewrecker (come on, every town has one) will be thinking, “Olayyy, ooolay, olaay olay! He’s looking hot hot hot!”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!


2 Responses to “New: OLAY Men Solutions”

  1. 1 Lou Rennier C. Bercasio November 24, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Yes! I want that!!!

  2. 2 james January 8, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    bought the oil control wash today. the scent is not too strong and even when im using it does not mke my skin irritated unlike other oil control wash. will see for 1 week if there are more improvements. hopefully this will help my skin condition.

    i want to try the gel moisturizer but im not sure if its effective

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