New: Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon

I want this perfume before I have even smelt it. I’ve carved out a position for it in my already overcrowded ‘perfume corner’ of my dresser, and told the oldies to be nice to the new kid.

As a complete and utter sucker for anything that comes in a nice bottle or box, Nina Ricci’s Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon has me head over heels for both. I’ve got no idea what it smells like, save for the description “raspberry, ginger, Beauty of the Night, tuberose, Centifolia rose with base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.” Yes, it intrigues me immensely, as does wanting to see the bottle in the bright glaring lights of David Jones. Oh, I jest, those lights are hideous.

Launching on May 1st, Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon is the limited edition updated version of the original Ricci Ricci, which was launched in 2009.

Here’s the advertising poster, and here’s exactly where it gets me; minxy girl with perfect eye makeup, the red criss crosses, the stunning bottle and the rooftops of Paris. Seriously, throw the Eiffel Tower and some Parisian streetscape into an ad for Ox Tongue and I’ll be the first in line at the butcher!

And the gorgeous box. Does anyone else keep the box when they buy perfume? Until you realise how ridiculous it is to have several (but pretty!) useless boxes lying around? Confession: I used to display them…

EDP 50ml for $95.00

The bottle; stunning. Escpecially the lid, with its obviously hard but soft looking loops of ribbon. And that red! Gorgeous! I want it in a dress and a lipstick and nail polish all at once!

Did you know that the bottle/box design is inspired by the famous photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe six weeks before her death, The Last Sitting? Shot by Bert Stern for Vogue, it features racy, sensual shots but here I pick a tamer one in case anyone is offended by nipples!


So, are you in love with the imagery and design as much as I am? Here’s hoping it smells just as good as it looks!


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