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Byron Bay: My Picks

Gorgeous Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Some of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed I had a quick three-day jaunt in Byron Bay last week. The reason? To review Rae’s on Watego’s boutique luxury hotel, day spa and the new Rae’s Fish Cafe for Onya Magazine. Hard life I know… Of course, I had to add an extra night beforehand, make the whole trip to the airport a bit more worth it! Wouldn’t you?

It was my Byron Bay debut, and if I may say so myself, I did it in mighty fine style (I’m looking at you, Rae’s…) and lucky RK got to tag along!

I sure like sticky-beaking at what other people got up to on their holidays, if not for the tips on hot spots, then just the pure pleasure of a stickybeak. Come on, why do you think Facebook is so popular? However, if you’re repulsed by one too many poses with colourful looking drinks, then I suggest you click exit now!

STAY: FM on Lawson (or Fridays on The Beach)

Situated on Lawson Road, our first night of accommodation was at FM on Lawson. A new take on the old motel style of accommodation, Lawson’s was renovated, modern and clean, but still held onto the old charms of the traditional motel. A perfect 20 second walk to the beach across a green foreshore complete with a tightrope walker practicing his act that morning, Lawson’s also provides stripey deck chairs for you to relax and soak up the sun. I loved that it all felt so open, as without any front gate or other borders, the front of the motel simply spilled out onto the foreshore. We paid $190 for the night, which I’m sure had something to do with the renovations to the rooms (clean, modern bathroom and lacking any gaudy yellow walls) but it was worth it for the location, rooms and friendly service. A final winning touch? NATIO mini-size prods in the bathroom; love me some Aussie beauty brand support!

Hopefully you can see what I mean about the proximity to the beach with this picture!

EAT: Kinoko Sushi

I’m sure true, die-hard Byron Bay locals and hippies felt their skin crawl as they learned that Witchery, Sportsgirl and for the-love-of-God even SUPRE were opening on the main street. And where do you go to eat after you’ve shopped up a storm like you’ve been at Chadstone? A funky looking sushi train that’s just buzzing with cool of course! Kinoko sushi was packed, but we managed to pull up a seat for a quick and easy snack at the sushi train bar. All the regular favourites were there, but a new delight had me in raptures. Think a mayo and salmon roll, covered in vegetable tempura batter.. and then tempura-ed aka fried into a heavenly delight. The salmon was cooked, the mayo was warm and the outside light and crisp with some vege’s for (slight) nutritional bonus. YUM!

WAX: Paradiso Beauty

A lady’s pre-holiday to-do list includes a few essentials, one of them being a lady-bits tidy, especially if the destination means an appearance in bikinis is more than 60% likely. Being the busy ping-pong ball that I am (unpredictable, bouncing from place to place, at times seemingly an air head) I had run out of time for this top-of the-list essential, and therefore spent (wasted) the first hour or so of my Byron stay trudging from one beauty salon to the next, searching for someone that was a) open, b) available c) reasonably priced and d) looked sanitary. Luckily I found the lovely Simone at Paradiso Beauty who squeezed me in. She was fast, efficient, friendly, relatively pain-free and very well priced. (G-string for $30) Beach disaster (for others more so than myself!) narrowly avoided!

RELAX: Thai Sabai – Thai Massage and Foot Spa

Having walked past Thai Sabai earlier in the day, I decided to make the most of this short trip to get some much needed relaxation. A massage a day keeps the doctor away, as they (should) say. The lovely ladies, and men, at Thai Sabai were oh so accommodating and so friendly I wanted to spend the rest of my afternoon there! Luckily we had just scraped in before closing time, and they were more than happy to take us as walk-ins. (However the next day when I went back – greedy I know – they were booked out for the next few hours so you might want to book just in case.) I had the 30 minute Traditional Thai Massage for $40 (a combination of firm pressure and stretching) while RK chose the 30 minute Thai Deep Pressure ($49); pain is gain for his corkscrew muscles! I was surprised yet delighted when they brought out a warm foot bath complete with tropical flower and washed out feet with a slight massage before we were brought to the bed to change into our Thai fisherman pants and top for the treatment. For those who don’t like the intimate feeling of massage, Thai massage is perfect as you remain fully and conservatively clothed the entire time, while still reaping the benefits.

Quick little foot rub before our treatment!

The setting was gorgeous, with my lovely Thai lady telling me all the fit out was brought over from Thailand for the most authentic experience. I should have asked where she got them – the day beds and materials were beautiful!

Beautiful attention to detail; folded towels with frangipanis!

After my massage which was the best Thai massage I’d had, we came out to find two cups of tea and a dried apricot each waiting for us at the table. Budget prices for day spa service and decor – Thai Sabai has certainly raised my standards on the walk-in massage service!

NIBBLE: St. Elmo’s

After an afternoon spent watching CNN coverage of Barack ‘da man’ Obama giving his post bin Laden raid speech, we got ready and headed out in search of drinks and eats. I’d previously done a Twitter call out for some restaurant suggestions in Byron, and seeings as we only had one night to experience it all, we decided to have a nibble at St. Elmo’s before our main meal. Definitely were the trend-set would spend their evenings, St. Elmo was an uber cool tapas bar and restaurant which had a delicious sounding, decidedly Spanish influenced menu; staying true to the origins of tapas. If you don’t like ham, or jambon, (like me!) there won’t be much on the tapas menu that you’ll like! RK and I chose to share the chickpea, capsicum and chorizo tapas dish which was delish and superbly presented. Oh, and a cocktail:

I've forgotten the name, but it had the word 'dancefloor' in it!

If we were going to have our main there was well, I had my eyes and stomach firmly set on the slow-cooked beef cheek, but alas, we had other places to be. Note to one of the waiters though; lighten up, you were far too gruff and just a little too rude! Take a lesson from the other younger guy, he was lovely!

EAT: The Balcony

Another Twitter suggestion, we ambled on over to The Balcony for our main meal. Upstairs in a historic Byron building, The Balcony had a kind of tropical jungle, Bali-chic influence to it which made it relaxed and intimate. Indeed, the outdoor balcony where we sat did its name proud, although it would be far more gorgeous out over the beach side rather than the street. Nonetheless it was a fun place to eat, with the most monstrous and delicious paella I’ve had!

Paella for two!

Oh, it was an effort, and I think I’ve permanently stretched my stomach beyond repair, but we did it!

And then topped it off with this molten choc pudding of deliciousness….

COFFEE & EAT: Fishheads

After a morning stroll from FM on Lawson’s we stumbled across one of the best located eateries in Byron; Fishheads. In front of the community pool and right on the water, Fishheads has prime position over the water – the perfect holiday breakfast spot. Surprisingly, the prices didn’t reflect the real estate, I had expected much more expensive meals, as amazing location generally equals unwarranted jacking of prices. I was in paradise as the warm sun sunk in (SPF applied prior of course) and I sipped my cappuccino and ate my eggs Benedict – heaven.

Darn iPhone's inability to capture the view just 'cos there's a bit of backlight!

DRINK: Byron Hotel

What else does one do when the sun is out and the clock strikes 12 on holiday? Why, head on over to the Byron Hotel and order a drink of course! I ordered the ‘Byron Breeze’, which was the most delicious cocktail ever, I could have had five! Luckily I stopped at one, there were other things to enjoy!

SHOP: Madame Butterfly Beauty Bar and Temple of Light

Amongst the bounty of great boutiques Byron has to offer, I was particularly taken by Madame Butterfly Beauty Bar and Temple of Light. These gorgeously and unashamedly girly boutiques were owned by the same lady, I was told, and were right up my alley. (RK remarked on entering MB, “Oh, you’re in your element here!”) Madame Butterfly is a beauty boutique absolutely bursting with the best of beauty, every brand you could think of, or maybe never heard of! (I’ve now been introduced to Lollia, and I liked what I saw!) A fantastic balance between Australian and international brands, this intimate, decorative boutique could give Mecca a sure run for its money.

Temple of Light was a fragrance fanatics dream, with floor to ceiling filled with as many candles, fragrance reeds and room sprays as the eye could see. It was fantastic for expanding my knowledge of brands for Onya, as so many were Australian made and owned. Watch this space for word of soy wax melt company, Elume.

STAY: Rae’s on Watego’s

Rae’s is just… I was speechless. Beautiful! Luxury! Amazing! How and where do I sign up for this lifestyle like, now?! I had to keep my cool – this was a work trip after all! Definitely a treat and a highlight stay of my life (and life to come, I’m sure), Rae’s is a boutique place of bliss. With only 7 rooms, (we stayed in the Mirabella Penthouse) it’s intimate enough to feel like you’re the only ones there, and while it is bespoke luxury, the casual Byron feel is not lost. I can’t give too much away, so look out for an upcoming Winter Special and review in Onya Mag!

Outdoor view of Rae's

The entrance in the Mirabella, one of the 7 areas of the room!

The outdoor terrace and day bed - Yep, I'm feeling right at home!

Four poster bed; check. Luxe leather chairs in front of fireplace; check. Open bathroom with sunken spa bath; check.

EAT: Rae’s Fish Cafe

Recently revamped, Rae’s Fish Cafe is fine dining a la Byron; an open terrace overlooking the beach foreshore, the waves crashing the only interruption to your conversation. Oh, the food was divine! Amazing fresh seafood, and one of the best Cosmopolitans I’ve had! Again, you’ll hear more in Onya Magazine but a sneak peak of the food can’t hurt!

Entree; cold seafood platter with zucchini flowers in place of oysters.

Main; hot seafood platter with papaya, chilli and mint salad.

Desert; brownie and lemon tart.

Breakfast in the room; fruit salad, hot bread basket and french toast with marscopone cream

Lunch entree; Yamba prawn salad with avocado.

Lunch main; Lemongrass BBQ'd Morton Bay Bugs... as if I didn't get enough seafood the night before?

So there it is, my Byron Bay work trip holiday. Clearly, writing this post has brought up some traumatic feelings of loss… loss of my dream life I fleetingly had for three days. Ah, suck it up sunshine, back to reality! The current freezing temps in Melbourne haven’t helped, especially as I’m trying to avoid my skinny jeans like the plague after that intense period of delicious gluttony!

So, have you been to Byron Bay?
What tips/hotspots do you recommend?

One more cocktail pose, just for good measure – bonus points for the palm trees!

"This should make the plane trip a bit more bearable..."


Aveda’s Walk For Water

Originally published at Onya Magazine:

Tracey Spicer and Sarah Wilson

Sunday the 17th of April saw Aveda Water Warriors around the country take part in a series of 6km walks to raise awareness and funds for water-challenged communities around the globe, as part of Aveda’s Earth Month.

Aveda’s Earth Month, held annually every April for the past 12 years, has managed to raise a whopping US$18 million for organisations that directly affect environmental change, and US$12 million for water-related causes in the past four years. Not bad for a company who also manages to find the time to create luxurious, effective environmentally friendly hair and body care products.

Melbourne’s Aveda Walk For Water saw a turn out of approximately 100 people walk the 6 kilometre round trip from Catani Gardens to Port Melbourne, with Sydney trekking the beautiful coastal track of Bondi to Bronte. Well-known personalities who participated included Tracy Spicer, Sarah Wilson, Sami Lukas and Kyly Boulder.

Why 6 kilometres? It seems unfathomable to a developed nation like our own, but 6 kilometres is the average distance women in developing nations travel daily to access clean water. This Earth Month alone, Aveda aims to raise US$4 million globally to protect and raise awareness for clean water. “It’s a basic human right that nearly 900 million people are left fighting for daily,” said Aveda.

While the fight for equality in water access remains high on Aveda’s priority list, 2011 saw their fundraising efforts zero in on Australia’s own water supply and ecological issues; a result of the devastating floods and Cyclone Yasi. Donations from the Walk For Water events will be distributed locally through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, along with the already pledged $50,000 donation from Aveda at the time of the crisis. Add $1,150 from Walk for Water contributions and you’ve got a hefty some that will no doubt make a much needed positive impact on people’s lives.

Media personality, blogger and Sunday Life columnist Sarah Wilson is supportive of the re-direction of funds for 2011. “It’s fantastic that the fundraising will assist the QLD Premier’s Flood Appeal, because there is a sensitivity to the fact that we are facing serious ecological problems due to the floods, and now Australians are needing help to get clean water.”

“There is also a real need to clean up the ecosystems and waterways after the devastation of the floods. Earth Month, as a whole, is geared to people in third world countries who don’t have fresh water, but this year it seemed very appropriate to have the funds directed at Queensland’s water issues. Another benefit is people get more engaged when things are local,” said Sarah.

So, how can you get engaged with the cause if you weren’t able to make it to a Walk For Water event? “In Aveda stores during the month of April, go in store and donate in there. There are also products like the Light The Way candle, where 100% of the proceeds go to Earth Month. They make a great gift for somebody,” said Sarah.

The limited edition Light The Way candle, which retails for $24.95, is available during the whole month of April, with all proceeds donated to Water Aid. Not only will the lavender essentials oils relieve stress, but you can relax in the knowledge that your actions have contributed to helping water become an essential resource that everybody has access to.

If you’ve never experienced the ‘experience’ that is an Aveda store or its products, Sarah can point you in the right direction. “Shampure essential oil smells amazing, I have loved it for years. I wear it as an oil on the inside of my wrists, it’s a very grounding oil with lots of grounding spices. A lot of my curly-haired friends use their Be Curly range, it’s incredible at taming curls.”

Onya Magazine applauds Aveda and their Water Warriors for its amazing fundraising and conservation efforts, here and abroad. Hopefully in the future there will not be the need for events like this. As fun as they are, water access for all would be a far better event to celebrate.

My Dad Loves Bon Remede

If this isn’t the best beauty testimonial, I don’t know what is. Forget Justin Bieber talking about his ‘hormones’ in that creepy ad for Proactiv (side note: Justin, please, you are not African-American and therefore your use of ‘dat’ for that sounds ridiculously unwarranted – I don’t care what Usher told you) – this is gold.

A few months ago I posted my review of the fabulous organic skin care range Bon Remede, which you can read here if you missed it. Man this stuff is amazing. Beautiful packaging that you will want to display, and super effective product. Perfection, in anyone’s standards; my Dad’s it seems.

Now, Mr. Curtis considers himself quite the joker. Even if he knows it will get him in trouble and in the stinkiest dog house, he will crack that joke. (Although his penchant for putting dead animals in family members shoes is slightly worrying..) He just can’t help himself. His high pitched uncontrollable giggle let’s everyone know he thinks he is onto a winner, and admittedly, sometimes he is. Like with this email, I was LOL-ing all over the place.

(Back story: Dad has ridiculously dry elbows, so when I found out that this little pot of gold worked like, well, gold I lent it to him. Key word: LENT. So when I wanted it back, he ranted on about how I can barely walk in my room for all the products strewn around, and he was keeping this one. And so for a few months, I would steal it back off him, revel in my soft elbows, and then he would come and search for it, and steal it back. Eventually I just gave up, repressing my sadness about no longer having soft elbows until this email popped up.)

From:     bcurtis@*******
Subject:     Emailing: Lotion testimonial
Date:     1 April 2011 1:44:51 PM

Dear Beauty Editor,

I just want to share with you this fabulous product I have been using.
I’ve never had more youthful hands and graceful elbows.
The only problem now is that I can’t find where to purchase MORE!
Can you help?

Chow Bella!
Kiss kiss…


Yep, this is the picture he took.

The Answer? Well Dad, after your latte and pear danish (oops, ‘meeting’) on Toorak Road, you can pop over to Flowers of Toorak, or maybe the The Graceful Garden in Malvern (see the other stockists here). Or, buy it online here. Too easy!

He is a construction manager, I wonder how this will go printed up on the job site!

Ah, gotta love the Curtis sense of humor… my Uncle is the same.

Interview with GYX Search

‘Oh, so you’re back…’ she says. ‘Only with a bigger head it seems – how crass to have a week off and then open back up with a post about YOU. Ha! Why I never…’

It seems that Am I There Yet? has taken a little too well to scotch (straight up) to cope with my short absence, so let’s just ignore her…

I am indeed posting an interview that GYX Search published on their blog. Yep, an interview with moi! So very exciting I know, mostly that people in the ‘real world’ have actually seen or heard of this little ‘online world’ blog!

So who are GYX Search? Well, you know when you meet that person, male or female, and they tell you about their seemingly awesome lives and their uber cool job? And you stand there nodding and smiling, a mixture of awe and jealousy jostling for top position in your brain? ‘How did they get that job and where do I sign up?!’ you think. Well, are you with GYX Search?

As the name suggests, GYX Search are focused on the younger generations; the ‘tribal talent’ of us youngin’s – with their main categories of career being Fashion & Beauty, PR & Marketing, Retail, Media and Sport & Entertainment. And with their funky office, cute puppy dogs roaming around, and every day ‘Casual Friday’ dress code (how does an entire office manage to be so fashionable?) and a boss that climbs Mt. Everest, I wouldn’t mind working for them myself!

So here it is, their interview with Holly Curtis. Oh hey, that’s me!

PS. Don’t get too excited, that sultry minx at the top isn’t me – scroll down.

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Dear Am I There Yet?

Oh, come on. Don’t act like that. All sarcastically surprised and affronted that I’m “giving you the time of day”. Your words, not mine.

Uncross those arms, turn that toe back inwards 90 degrees and lower that eyebrow – you’re just asking for some forehead lines! You’re right, that’s not funny, you’re sensitive and feeling rejected.

But, it’s not you, it’s me. I need time, just a little break without seeing 47 text messages on my phone. I’ve had to change my ringtone from Wynter Gordon’s Dirty Talk, because even though it reminded me of you, that song has a limited shelf life as it is, without having to hear it 82 times a day when you call. Babe, it’s nothing you did, I know you’ve been nothing but there for me during my time of wondering if I’m well, there yet.

There’s just a lot going on right now… I’m busy with – Woah, calm down – No, I am not seeing some bitty called Onya on the side! Well, I am – but it’s just work, sugar, I promise! I know I’m always emailing her, that’s what I’m saying; stuff needs to get done, and then I can give you 100%. Noth-ing is going on between us. It’s just deadlines and the super exciting new print edition – noo, that wasn’t a dig at you and your unchanging online presence! I love you just the way you are! Don’t you dare smash that peach teapot, put it down.

Alright, it’s clear that you’re angry, I get it, but I need to be selfish right now.

We’ll chat when things calm down, I’m going to go for a walk. And my goodness that teapot better still be intact when I get back.

Holly xx

Rash Decisions End In Tears – Normally.

A fancy night out is always a great excuse to trial new prods, right? Well yes, and no.

Usually, the pre-event rush to get ready raises stress levels and drains blood away from where it’s needed most (the brain, more specifically the “getting ready cortex” nestled somewhere between the somatosensory cortex and the parietal lobe. Just call me a regular doctor.) and rash decisions are made. Decisions like, “Oh, why don’t I just try this new way of curling, that I’ve never done before, that I probably just made up,  maybe with this old can of mousse I’ve never used! No, that’s not rusting at the bottom! It’s just…brown metal!”

Those kind of decisions, coupled with an hour that mysteriously vanished and you have yourself a disaster, or in my case, multiple disasters. Sometimes, I just don’t learn! (On one hand, it’s allowed me to empathise with men and their extremely questionable choices when their blood rushes out of their brain…south, on the other, I usually just wonder where my blood goes and sulk about another silly choice that didn’t live up to the glamzon, Victoria’s Secret hair I envisaged 30 minutes before my taxi arrived. Is it really too much to ask for?)

So, last week, when I was looking at the clock and thought, “Sugar! Fruitcake! Where did that time go? I need to get ready for the Tiffany & Co. Recognition Dinner!” my mind raced to a new beauty product that had just arrived – Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion. Should I risk it? There’d be no time for a shower if all went wrong and I looked like a clag stick rolled in glitter… Oh! And I’ll also need something for my hair… (Cue rustling around my beauty drawers) These sachet samples of Tigi Catwalk Your Highness will do! Perfect! Some volume will do me good, it’s raining. The sensible part of my brain, its blood supplies rapidly draining, was shouting ‘Don’t do it! Do you ever learn?!’ before it too switched off. Oh, the dizzying high of making unsupported bad decisions about your appearence in front of Very Important People (and National Managers.)

Prtty Peaushun's funky packaging...

BUT (yes there’s a but with this event!) – finally, it all worked out, and I have these fantastic beauty products to thank! Prtty Peaushun is amazing; it gives subtle glow and shimmer to your limbs, without making you look like a disco ball, and contains active ingredients to help firm your skin and cover imperfections. LOVE! Probably the most amazing thing about it? It comes off your hands. That doesn’t seem like a huge thing, but to anyone else who has experienced the frustration of putting on a shimmery moisturiser only to find that their palms are now permanently glitter-fied will be just as excited as me. It washes easilly off your hands, yet I didn’t find a speck of it on my dress. Winning! (Couldn’t resist a Sheen-ism.)

I used the Tigi Catwalk Your Highness shampoo, conditioner, then blowdried with the Thickening Gel Cream. After only a few seconds under the heat, I could tell this stuff was working. I got worried I was creating a monster – my already thick hair coupled with this powerful stuff? How ridiculous! But my idea was to pile it up in a bun, blast with the heat, cool and then tousle out – finally, Vicky S hair! Alright, so once again VS status was sadly not achieved, but woah did I have volume. Never before seen volume. Ladies who like their handbags big but their hair bigger, get on this range!

Some evidence of my Woah Nelly volume, which is big for me as I’m not usually a ‘big’ hair kinda girl… Those smudging roots do look dark in these photos, luckily I’m getting my hair done today! Yippee! I had a couple of comments on my lippy from Twitter, in case you too are wondering, it’s this one.

I must not get too smug over this once-off success… one can have big hair, but not a big head – I’m sure next time it’ll be back to the same old circa 2002 cans of mystery…

So, do you make the same rash decisions when primping and priming? I’d love to hear of your disasters! Yep, make me feel better about some of my previous shockers, let’s just say thank goodness for the top knot!

PS. Held at Carousel in Albert Park, the Tiffany & Co. dinner was stunning.











How To: Prepare for a three-day music festival.

Ahh, memories. This was originally posted back in November 2009 on – and was actually my first piece of beauty writing! Can you imagine, never having really written anything like this, and then handing it to the Queen of Beauty Writing herself, Ms. Zoe Foster (sorry, Zo, I don’t know how to make the double dots come up about your ‘o’) – I was shakin’ in my boots, I tell you. Luckily, she is actually one of the nicest people I’ve met in the industry, along with her fellow Primped crew, Yaz and Cherie. I got my piece back looking like a two-year-old had taken an artistic fancy to it with red pen – but she was right; this waffled on too long here, sharpen this up, great work there, join this to there. I count myself lucky that during my few trips to Primped for work experience that I was able to have Zoe look over my work and talk to me about it, all the while passing on some fantastic advice, my favourite being; “You want to write a book? Okay, do it!” in response to the many people who ask her how they could possibly write a book.

Here it is, my very first beauty piece, which I thought fitting to publish considering it’s coming up to my blog’s 1st anniversary!

I’m going to a 3-day music festival which means sun, dust, and no showers! What are the essentials I should be packing?

Ahh, summer festival fun – it can be rocking out to your fave live bands (or at least pretending you know who the band is) or… dreadlocked hair, lobster-esque skin and wandering around clutching your broken sandals to you chest wailing “Where ARE my friends?!”

Either way, relax. We’ve prepared a three-part prep sheet to make sure you roll out of your tent in the morning looking all Kate Moss-y at her festival best.

Part One: The Face:

• Showing your skin some love in the proceeding weeks is going to ensure it’s in top condition to be all glowy and summer goddess-y while you party hard, man. At the least, do an exfoliation-hydrating mask combo the night before you head off.

• Au naturale is the look you’re after here, so leave the heavy duty makeup at home. Stick to a tinted moisturiser, a light dusting of bronzer, and some SPF lip gloss. Try : Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear Anti-ageing facial moisturising sunscreen SPF 30+, $14.95 or Hissyfit Saving Face moisturising tinted sunscreen SPF 30+, $55

• Mascara is probs not the best idea, as mirrors generally aren’t in abundance at these events, and checking up on panda eyes every half hour isn’t what you want to be doing – go have fun, lady! Alternatively, get a lash tint before you go.

• With all that rogue dust flying around, having a pack of makeup removing and cleansing face wipes is an absolute must to clean your face at night. Try: Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes, $7.50

• Throw a rapid pimple clearing gel into your beauty bag, to ward off any gatecrashing spots who think it’s a good idea to pop up and join the party. Try: Garnier Pure Active Anti spot roll on, $12.55

• And lastly, but MOST importantly: SUNSCREEN. It’s summer, and you are in a dirt field without shade! Go for a 2-in-1 sunscreen/tinted moisturiser, and make sure to reapply throughout the day.

Part Two of Festival Beauty: Hair

• Low maintenance is the name of the game, so take advantage of the SS 09/10 trends – think fat, undone-looking plaits, piecey, messy pony tails, topknots, and beachy styled waves.

• For your first day, grab some sea salt spray, layer it on with love, scrunch, make a side part, and enjoy the first day of somewhat styled hair. Try: KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, $36.95

• Then for day two, messily chuck your hair into a big fat plait that hangs to one side, resting over your shoulder.

• Day three, swipe it up into a top knot and throw on a headscarf for some pretty, coloured distraction.

• All the heat, dirt and raving may leave your locks a little lank prematurely, so have a can of dry shampoo on hand to rev them up again. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a sweet smelling winner at only $9.95, and cheaper than that can of pre-mixed vodka you’re going to line up for two hours for.

• The constant exposure to the sun can take its toll on your hair, so protect it with a nourishing UV protectant spray like, Kerastase Paris Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur, $39.50. Or, even better, wear a hat.

Part three of festival beauty: Body

• Start building up a tan the week before with a gradual tanner, (also handy to pop in your bag for top ups as needed) Try: Palmer’s Coca Butter Formula Natural Bronze Firming Butter, $12.95

• Dust, sweat and no showers are part of the festival experience (“How much did I pay for this again?” – Tired and Dirty Girl, day three) so taking along some body wipes will help to make you feel human again, without showering. Try something like Johnson’s Baby Cleansing Wipes, $4.78

• A bottle of hand sanitiser is essential when you look down and wonder why it looks like you have been walking around on your hands all day.

• Just like your face, pile on the broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen to protect your skin, which is going to take a beating from a number of elements – sun, wind and that random guy’s can of VB. Nice. Try: Le Tan SPF 30+ Coconut Handsfree, $11.99

It’s going to be a long, grungy weekend, so get feral (within reason) and go with it.

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