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Rid Your Booby-Wrinks

As a lifetime, paying and front-seat-sitting member of the Tiny Tittie Committee, chest wrinkles have not been a huge concern as of yet during my seven years of breast ownership. However, as a dedicated side sleeper, I do find that I’ve acquired two big lines down the sides of my chest. So, what’s a gal to do?

Skinvigor8, are the Australian distributors of the most novel way to cease the crease in-between your bosum boulders (oh, we’re going to have some fun with this one!) with their Decollette Pads, a reusable medical grade silcone pad that adheres to the skin between your mams, and comes up around the top of them. Designed to be sticky enough to wear while asleep, the pads aim to stop the skin from creasing, which over time and with skin aging, forms lines. Tip: make sure that your skin is clean and free from any creams or oils, which will affect the adhesive on the pad.

The pad, when worn in its proper position, didn’t reach my side-sleeping wrinkles (of course, because that’s not its aim, just stop sleeping on your side!) so I would love to see a similar design in smaller ovals, so you could place them where you like.

As I said, I don’t have any chest wrinkles as of yet, so the results may not have been has obvious as with some ladies who try the pad, however in the morning when I removed the pad my skin was super soft. With regular use, I think the Decollette pads are a fantastic preventative tool.

I think it might be too late for this lady though…


Ciccone – Just Another Lippy In Your Bag?

This post was written by the gorgeous and irrefutably talented Katie Found, who just so happens to be my Beauty Writer at Onya Magazine (where this first appeared), and also my room mate. We were both looking for a place, got along soaringly and neither fancied a cardboard box, so here we are – a lovely apartment in Melbourne and far too many beauty products! PS. Can definitely vouch for Ciccone lippies, I adore their glitzy tubes, and Oceanus, being a perfect peach-pink, is not often off my lips!

Whoever posited the above question is either deluded, male…or just giving a bit of lip! If I were to rank the ridiculousness of this question, it would sit neatly between ‘Chanel No. 5: Just Another Scent to Offset Your Sweat?’ and ‘Hermes Scarf: Just Another Square of Material to Warm Your Neck?’. You get my point!

The Onya Beauty Department is a happy little family, so it puts a smile on our lips to hear about other happy little families, such as the Ciccone’s. Helen and Frank gave life to Ciccone Cosmeticsin 2001. Ten years on, their bright-lipped baby is quickly growing into a boisterous, force-to-be-reckoned-with teen. CC is certainly holding its own in the battle with the lipstick heavyweights – watch out Chanel Rouge Coco, Ciccone is coming! Ciccone lippies come in a range of unmissable and oh-so kissable colours. This lippy-obsessed gal is pouticularly taken by Hera, and no, not just because she was the Goddess of women…although that does sound like quite the fabulous role.

Combine hot pink, diamante-laden packaging, Greek Mythological figures, and some naturally beautifying ingredients such as jojoba oil and evening primrose oil, and you’ve got Ciccone Cosmetic’s pout-inducing line of lippies. Used by makeup artists, paraded by celebrities, and adored by all worldwide, it is no wonder why CC is taking the (beauty) world by storm. And, if its staying power in the global makeup market is as strong as its staying power on the lip, then this liptastic range is here for good. Xx Kiss Me Katie Words: Katie Found

New: OLAY Men Solutions

Skin care solutions for men; skincare wizard OLAY has them, but unfortunately they are still stumped on how to get them to pick up their wet gym clothes from last week or take out the rubbish. Don’t worry, I’ve sent them an email asking if they can come up with a solution for that next..

As everyone knows, OLAY is generally regarded as the best budget (approx under $50) skin care range for quality and results, but it has always been for us ladies; how exciting that your man can now get in on the good stuff!

Recently launched, the OLAY Men Solutions range features six products to target the three main concerns of male skin; oiliness, roughness and dryness, and even the tightest accountant would approve that nothing is over $20!

I am hoping that this range will also include an SPF product in the future, considering that a lot of men are working outside in the harsh Australian sun. ‘Beater tans, ergh!

Your man will look so good the local homewrecker (come on, every town has one) will be thinking, “Olayyy, ooolay, olaay olay! He’s looking hot hot hot!”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Bloom Has THE Perfect Nude.

Originally published at Onya Magazine.

Ladies, ladies, you can stop looking – I’ve found it. No, not your car keys, or your dignity from Two Dollar Tequila Tuesdays, you can keep looking for those.

I’m talking about the nude. The perfect, utterly kissable, enhancing, natural, complimentary nude lipstick. The Urban Myth has officially and completely been debunked; it does exist, and I have been wearing it for days on end with elation.

Well, only up until recently when Bloom Cosmetics launched their Gypsy Glamour Winter 2011 collection. The crystal ball has spoken, and this Autumn, embrace warm, earthy tones to help you reach your sophisticated hippy best. Not a bad way to exit bright and floral Summer and transition into Winter, methinks.

The Gypsy Glamour collection contains a Kohl Eyeliner pot, Cream Bronzing Duo, Bronze Eyeshadow, Nude and Peach Lipstick, Gypsy and Wanderlust Lipgloss, with nothing ringing in at more than $40.

Gypsy Glamour is all about a natural sensuality,” explains Natalie Bloom, founder of Bloom Cosmetics.

“It is about being confident in an effortlessly, individual look.

Have you found your perfect nude?

Review: VS SASSOON Wave Magic

It’s been quite a while since I have been impressed with a styling wand, (albeit without trying them all), so I was pleasantly surprised when the VS Sassoon Wave Magic ($62.95) blew my little cotton socks off.

I had previously tried VS Sassoon’s Curl Magic, without much success to be honest… I got the concept, really I did, and it seemed fab, but the end result didn’t live up to the claims. I didn’t quite get the conical shape either, half my curls were fat, with tiny ringlet-ed ends. I think this wand would suit ladies with finer hair than mine, maybe.

Anyways, I digress; the Wave Magic was fabbo, and I loved the results.

View for yourself here:

Please note: This is without any styling products, not even a spritz of spray! And, it stayed like this, although slightly dropped, for a good three days, still without product. Do these italics tell you I’m impressed?!

Even with my Chewbacca thickness of hair, it didn’t take as long as I expected to do my whole head. What I like about it is that it doesn’t have to be perfect or even, the end result being what I like to call ‘Carefree-Carrie-Curls’; you know, that messy, sexy, imperfect head of mismatched curls that Carrie B like to tousle and shake so often. SO often. Does anyone else want to throw the remote at the TV after watching an episode where she runs her hand through her hair more than Samantha says sex? We get it, you think it’s sexy and alluring, Carrie, but try having to watch it!

The Wave Magic was donated by the lovely Ponikuta to my Beauty Sale (more on that to come) and when it was left over from the first sale (again, I’ll explain more soon!) I promptly bought it for myself to try! Luckily there’s no return policy with this sale, cos’ Imma keeping this one!


Have you used many styling tools from the VS Sassoon range?

Which is your favourite?




My Dad Loves Bon Remede

If this isn’t the best beauty testimonial, I don’t know what is. Forget Justin Bieber talking about his ‘hormones’ in that creepy ad for Proactiv (side note: Justin, please, you are not African-American and therefore your use of ‘dat’ for that sounds ridiculously unwarranted – I don’t care what Usher told you) – this is gold.

A few months ago I posted my review of the fabulous organic skin care range Bon Remede, which you can read here if you missed it. Man this stuff is amazing. Beautiful packaging that you will want to display, and super effective product. Perfection, in anyone’s standards; my Dad’s it seems.

Now, Mr. Curtis considers himself quite the joker. Even if he knows it will get him in trouble and in the stinkiest dog house, he will crack that joke. (Although his penchant for putting dead animals in family members shoes is slightly worrying..) He just can’t help himself. His high pitched uncontrollable giggle let’s everyone know he thinks he is onto a winner, and admittedly, sometimes he is. Like with this email, I was LOL-ing all over the place.

(Back story: Dad has ridiculously dry elbows, so when I found out that this little pot of gold worked like, well, gold I lent it to him. Key word: LENT. So when I wanted it back, he ranted on about how I can barely walk in my room for all the products strewn around, and he was keeping this one. And so for a few months, I would steal it back off him, revel in my soft elbows, and then he would come and search for it, and steal it back. Eventually I just gave up, repressing my sadness about no longer having soft elbows until this email popped up.)

From:     bcurtis@*******
Subject:     Emailing: Lotion testimonial
Date:     1 April 2011 1:44:51 PM

Dear Beauty Editor,

I just want to share with you this fabulous product I have been using.
I’ve never had more youthful hands and graceful elbows.
The only problem now is that I can’t find where to purchase MORE!
Can you help?

Chow Bella!
Kiss kiss…


Yep, this is the picture he took.

The Answer? Well Dad, after your latte and pear danish (oops, ‘meeting’) on Toorak Road, you can pop over to Flowers of Toorak, or maybe the The Graceful Garden in Malvern (see the other stockists here). Or, buy it online here. Too easy!

He is a construction manager, I wonder how this will go printed up on the job site!

Ah, gotta love the Curtis sense of humor… my Uncle is the same.

Interview with GYX Search

‘Oh, so you’re back…’ she says. ‘Only with a bigger head it seems – how crass to have a week off and then open back up with a post about YOU. Ha! Why I never…’

It seems that Am I There Yet? has taken a little too well to scotch (straight up) to cope with my short absence, so let’s just ignore her…

I am indeed posting an interview that GYX Search published on their blog. Yep, an interview with moi! So very exciting I know, mostly that people in the ‘real world’ have actually seen or heard of this little ‘online world’ blog!

So who are GYX Search? Well, you know when you meet that person, male or female, and they tell you about their seemingly awesome lives and their uber cool job? And you stand there nodding and smiling, a mixture of awe and jealousy jostling for top position in your brain? ‘How did they get that job and where do I sign up?!’ you think. Well, are you with GYX Search?

As the name suggests, GYX Search are focused on the younger generations; the ‘tribal talent’ of us youngin’s – with their main categories of career being Fashion & Beauty, PR & Marketing, Retail, Media and Sport & Entertainment. And with their funky office, cute puppy dogs roaming around, and every day ‘Casual Friday’ dress code (how does an entire office manage to be so fashionable?) and a boss that climbs Mt. Everest, I wouldn’t mind working for them myself!

So here it is, their interview with Holly Curtis. Oh hey, that’s me!

PS. Don’t get too excited, that sultry minx at the top isn’t me – scroll down.

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