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Lilac Lovin’ With American Apparel

As if I needed any more reason to drop dollaz in American Apparel while I was in the US.

Even though I couldn’t really, as it was still pretty exxy for a girl on a budget who values good pizza over saving for a t-shirt. Come on, I’m talking NEW YORK pizza here people!

But when I saw American Apparel’s range of nail polish again once on the WESSIDE aka California for those who don’t speak Gangsterese, especially their collection of summer-y pastels, I was convinced. And only $6! Bargain!

I was particularly taken by the pastel lilac shade, L’Esprit and walked out of the Huntington Beach store excited to wear it when Melbourne’s summer FINALLY arrives. I’ve now realised I’m going to be waiting for a very long time so screw it, I’m pastelling up now!

ooo yeah!excuse my snapped off pinky nail!

Me likey:

– Very thick and creamy formula provides opaque coverage after just one coat
– Cheap! If you’re in America..
– I like the bottle! It’s rectangle, it’s different, and the label is very AA-cool.

Me not-so-likey:
– The thick formula means it takes a little bit long to dry.
– First time I wore it, it chipped easily. This time, I’ve top coated differently with Orly’s Won’t Chip, so I’ll see how that goes.
– The thick formula means it is a little hard to get precision around the cuticles.

What do you think?
Great shade hey!


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