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Interview with GYX Search

‘Oh, so you’re back…’ she says. ‘Only with a bigger head it seems – how crass to have a week off and then open back up with a post about YOU. Ha! Why I never…’

It seems that Am I There Yet? has taken a little too well to scotch (straight up) to cope with my short absence, so let’s just ignore her…

I am indeed posting an interview that GYX Search published on their blog. Yep, an interview with moi! So very exciting I know, mostly that people in the ‘real world’ have actually seen or heard of this little ‘online world’ blog!

So who are GYX Search? Well, you know when you meet that person, male or female, and they tell you about their seemingly awesome lives and their uber cool job? And you stand there nodding and smiling, a mixture of awe and jealousy jostling for top position in your brain? ‘How did they get that job and where do I sign up?!’ you think. Well, are you with GYX Search?

As the name suggests, GYX Search are focused on the younger generations; the ‘tribal talent’ of us youngin’s – with their main categories of career being Fashion & Beauty, PR & Marketing, Retail, Media and Sport & Entertainment. And with their funky office, cute puppy dogs roaming around, and every day ‘Casual Friday’ dress code (how does an entire office manage to be so fashionable?) and a boss that climbs Mt. Everest, I wouldn’t mind working for them myself!

So here it is, their interview with Holly Curtis. Oh hey, that’s me!

PS. Don’t get too excited, that sultry minx at the top isn’t me – scroll down.


Follow my blog with bloglovin

I’ve been on the search for a way to manage all of the lovely blogs out there that I read, and have recently stumbled across Bloglovin‘. I’ve been told to try Google Reader, but I found that a bit plain and not as simple as I would like, or maybe it was just my 2 second attention span kicking in, and I didn’t give it a good enough try.

Anyways, bloglovin’ is pretty – if I can be superficial like that – and so far so simple – I like!

But, for me to be able to ‘claim’ my own blog, the clever folks at bloglovin’ (nicely) DEMAND me to post on my blog the code that has created my heading, which is a link to the site to follow my blog. There’s a novel idea for a security check!

Sorry for the semi-spammy blog post, but sigh, it had to be done so I could organise myself! Plus, I thought you might also be in the same possie of needing a great blog management tool! Are you? Or have you already got one set up and you’re all savvy and smug watching me be about 13 years behind? Go on then, do tell – what do you use?


NEW Blog Design!

So new it’s still smarting from the spank it got from its spanking newness. And boy is it pretty! Doncha think?! I do.

HUGE thanks to Ben Colson for creating the design out of my idea and putting up with my finicky indecisiveness … and to the Academy, my family, and God. Oh wait, wrong occasion.

If you’re thinking, ‘Wow, I totes want a blog design as cool as this’ and you think Ben might be your guy, you can contact him at Among his other talentz is photography so you can check that out too!

What do you think?
Like it?
Love it?
Nah? Think your Gran could have done better?

A Visit to Very Miss Coca

Well, isn’t this exciting news!

The ever so lovely Lauren over at Very Miss Coca has started up a monthly segment, ‘Stars of the Blogosphere’, of which I am the first blogger to be featured. Chuffed? Sure am!

Very Miss Coca is a snazzy lookin’ blog with a wide range of articles that focus on social media and marketing, pop culture, films and fashion. Miss Coca presents new technology and social media tools in such a readable, fun and interesting way, even Nanna could get it.

Another unique aspect is the weekly JobOps post, which features all social media/digital marketing jobs available in Melbourne and Sydney, from all the major job seeking sites in two handy little lists! Couldn’t be easier, Miss Coca has done the work for you!

I am thrilled to be Miss Coca’s first ‘Star’ (being interviewed is actually one of the things I meant to put on the ‘How do you know when you’re ‘there’?’ list) and really look forward to reading about the forthcoming month’s Stars.

You can read the full interview here.

A huge thank you to Very Miss Coca!

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