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Review: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Anything that’s packaged in a solid, heavy glass pot with slick trimmings (such as the glossy black lid on the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream), I generally go crazy for, so I was thrilled when the contents of said heavy glass pot pleased me as much as its exterior.

Image: $75

The formula is glossy, thick and creamy, but melts into the skin wonderfully and is absorbed within seconds. There’s no real discernible smell apart from a fresh, comforting ‘cream’ kind of smell, which should please the ladies who are sensitive to strong scents.

I pat this cream on my orbital bones at night, and I have never experienced any puffiness or slight reaction like I have sometimes with other eye creams. (It’s strange, a few nights I’m fine and then, puffy one day!)

I think this cream is a perfect ‘first eye cream’ as the natural oils (such as avocado and jojoba) and other moisturisers will keep the delicate eye area hydrated, therefore staving off the onslaught of inevitable lines! You can move into the ‘harder’ stuff when those lines do start to appear.

I would definitely recommend the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, it’s a winner at its job and looks just as good on your bathroom bench.

This product was received as part of the Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event Gift Bags




Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15

I received this slick rick of a lip prod in my amazing MBBE gift bag and it’s got me even more excited for summer – if that’s even possible!

Why? Because there is nothing more you need in a lip product than what the Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 offers! Nothing!

3 in 1 for $46

While it would be perfectly amazing all year round, I can see this really coming into its own come summer. Firstly, the SPF 15 protection is a highlight – many of us forget that our lips are skin too! Skin that can be burnt and damaged by the sun, just like the rest of our body.

Spending a lot of time outdoors as I do in summer, my lips tend to get dry due to the salt water and sun exposure (I’ll never give up my love of the beach!) Luckily the base function of this product is a treatment, and treat it does! With an impressive list of moisturisers such as cocoa and shea butter, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel and avocado oil my lips are left soft and full. For those concerned with aging lips, Bobbi has you covered with peptides, Vitamin C and Paracress which are included to diminish fine lines and increase collagen production.

It’s an ultra creamy and hydrating formula, without being sticky at all. It also lasts quite a long time for being a hydrating shine product, I find they tend to slip off my lips and transfer onto everything else.

Now the colour, could you get any more summery than ‘Nectarine’?! This is what got me really excited, as well as being my first foray into orange-y toned lip products. It’s my toe in the pool of the orange lip trend, one I hope to fully dive into soon. Bobbi Brown’s Nectarine is definitely a pinky-orange though, quite mild on the orange tone, so don’t be scared off by my talk of orange. If Nectarine isn’t your fruit shade of choice, there are 11 others to choose from. Personally, I want basically all of them. Maybe a hot pink next?

Quite coral isn't it? But then again it looks different in every light, quite cloudy today!

Congrats Bobbi, this is a multi-function prod that’s easy to use and maintain, with sheer, build-able colour that hydrates like nothing else. Love the glossy, black slim packaging by the way. Winner!

Models Prefer… Donuts.

No they don’t silly! They prefer carrots, and great eyeshadow palettes.

I had the day off work on Saturday, so decided on a Priceline-peruse. As you do, it’s clearly one of the top activities you could choose.

And Priceline, never failing to satisfy, offered me an eyeshadow palette that rivaled my current lust-worthy addition to my makeup bag, the Bobbi Brown Day to Night Eye Palette in Warm, ($99, not exactly spare change) which I read about on PRIMPED. It’s limited edition of course, as Bobbi likes to do – the cheeky minx! She’s got creating hype and urgency for an amazing ‘essentials’ prod down to a fine art!

Here she is. Beautiful, right? Image:

So you will understand my glee when I stumbled across this Models Prefer eyeshadow palette in ‘Warm’ for… drumroll please… SIX DOLLARS.

Pick a colour any colour!

Yes, okay, it’s not as luxe looking nor would I imagine as good a quality as Bobbi’s palette, but for a girl on a budget it’s ticking several boxes. And, if my thrifty smugness is allowed a say, the Models Prefer palette contains an extra three colours than the Bobbi Brown. Metallic coppers, deep browns and shimmering creams makes for a perfect palette on the uber cheap.

Thank you Priceline, you caught me just in time. I have the feeling I may have caved to the lure of Bobbi B…

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