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News: Kiehl’s Are Dropping Prices!

Some of you may have already heard this on the speed-of-light grape vine that is the Internet – but it’s worth repeating:

US cult beauty brand Kiehl’s are dropping their prices by up to 50% for the Australian market!

Can I get a woop woop? I’m in love with the whole idea of Kiehl’s (New York since 1851), which was only cemented when I visited their flagship store in NYC last year.(Seriously, check it out, best store!) Apothecary-style, no-fuss packaging and most importantly, effective products that do what they say – what’s not to love?

The news was announced to the Melbourne cohort of beauty bloggers last Thursday night at the newly revamped Bourke St Myer. I absolutely love what Kiehl’s has done with their counter; created an intimate yet quirky ‘shop feel’ (complete with faux brick walls) in the most non-intimate of settings.

So why can they drop prices of over a quarter of their line, including icons such as Creme de Corps? Well, Kiehl’s have always been committed to being a caring, sharing kinda brand, and with their huge global growth (up 50%!) in a period where beauty as a business is generally struggling, they’ve decided to give back to the people that have helped them grow! Aw, bless!

Huge props to Kiehl’s for recognising that us beauty lovers are a savvy bunch – it doesn’t take long to do a quick Google search of overseas prices, and 99.9% of the time, it’s double in Australia. Of course, import costs and taxes do play a part, but when the Aussie dollar is currently kung fu-ing the US’ bum, it only makes sense to purchase online, or load up our international friends like Makeup Mules – therefore lowering sales on Australian soil. So really, it’s a win-win for Keihl’s and Australian lovers of the brand, and more beauty companies should follow suit!

Luckily, I went away with three Kiehl’s products to trial, including the famous Creme de Corps, nourishing Lip Balm #1 in Cranberry and my new love, the Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion (review to come soon!) I’m still lemming after their Ultra Facial Cream (was $105 now $64!) and the Calendula Herbal Extract toner… they’re on the ‘to-buy’ list!

So, what do you think about this price drop?
Smart cookies them Kiehl’s, hey! Do you think more brands should follow suit?
Have you tried Kiehl’s? Been to their amazing NYC store?


Review: Sodashi Enlivening Body Lotion

Source: Sodashi

I had heard so much about the all-natural, 100% chemical free skin care brand Sodashi that I tore the top of the Enlivening Body Lotion packaging (recycled and printed with vegetable dye – impressive) right off. No time to fiddle around with sticky-taped seals when you have one of the most lauded natural skin care brands to apply!

And apply I have! My (body) skin would be classified as normal; not too demanding but still appreciates a little TLC. As the cold sets in, I have needed to step up the TLC a little and the Enlivening Body Lotion has really risen to the task.

24 hours, cold air, two hot showers and a night on an electric blanket and my skin is only just showing signs of mild dryness. That’s a tough test for me, but the Sodashi lotion has passed, with extra props for being all-natural.

While I wouldn’t say the lotion is rapidly absorbed, it does not take long – especially while drifting off in your sensory experience! Immediately after absorption, it is completely non-greasy; a must for those rushed mornings when you need to get dressed now without your clothes sticking.

The scent is uplifting, as you would expect from a product from the ‘Awaken’ range, yet no fragrances are used. Natural oils of lime, lemongrass, ylang ylang, cypress and bergamot are credited for the refreshing effect on the senses, along with added benefits of circulation support, muscle relaxation and relief of anxiety.

I’m a lover of beautiful packaging and Sodashi seriously does it for me. The heavy glass bottle (which looks black yet is violet when held up to the light to protect the natural ingredients from sunlight damage) and minimal writing are understated luxe – I just love it.

I am also totally in love with the fact that Sodashi is an Australian brand, and that they still make their products in Fremantle, WA. No selling out to the big guys – I like!

Sodashi spa treatments are raved about by Beauty Editors all over and are offered in exclusive day spa retreats and hotels – definitely on my ‘must do’ lust list. Researching spas nearby I came across the Japanese Mountain Retreat -wow! One can dream, right?

Have you heard of Sodashi before?
Used anything from their range?
Dying to try a spa treament like myself?

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