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Benefit Boutique Paddington

After my fantastic day at the Maxted Thomas Beauty Blogger Event I didn’t think it could get any better. But I was 100% wrong as I climbed into the bus that was to take myself, Ann-Alyce and some other bloggers down to the Benefit Boutique on Oxford St, Paddington for an experience at their famous Brow Bar.

The boutique was buzzing when we arrived; girls being waxed, tinted and primped everywhere. There is always such a great atmosphere at the Benefit boutiques/beauty bars, with Sunday evening being no exception. ABBA tunes and the Grease soundtrack were pumping as fruit platters, mineral water and my favourite, cupcakes were passed around.

The services on offer were full lash strip application, eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape (wax). I find my eyebrows dark enough so opted instead for a wax and a lash strip application. I’d had my eyebrows done at the Benefit Bar before so knew to expect a great shape. My eyebrows were ‘mapped’ to determine where the best natural arch should be, and also where my eyebrow should end (on the angle from the outer edge of your eye.) They stopped short of the mark but luckily I have some sneaky tricks to lengthen them out. My fave Brows-a-Go-Go, Imma lookin’ at you!

Gettin' shaped.

The waxing process is swift and barely painful, with results I’ve loved 100% of the time. Yes, statistically, that’s a 50% chance of loving it, but try it out and you’ll see!

Or see a close up here, and tell me what you think (Brows have been groomed with Brows-a-Go-Go):

Was hoping for better quality picture, but there's only so many webcam shots you can take of yourself in public before people start staring at you with contempt for you narcissistic ways...

Lashed up and loving the cupcakes. Thanks for a fabulous afternoon Benefit!

Best ending to a great day!

Do YOU love the Benefit Brow Bar?


Brows @ the Benefit Brow Bar

About two months ago, I made the decision to grow out my eyebrows. I admit the first week or two may have just been a lax ‘tude to my brows, but after that, a conscious decision was made to let them go wild – with the intention of a harsh whip back into shape of course.

And it was hard. Oh it was hard. Life doesn’t stop for your brows to grow out; social events were attended and photos of my face taken. I cringed to think people may have thought I actually wanted them in that state! A strong will was needed to resist the temptation to pluck out that one rogue hair curling in the opposite direction to the others, or to trim the hairs once they had started to bubble up. (Weird I know, once my brow hairs get to a certain length, they just get a kink in them – think one half of the Mc Donald’s arch)

Disclaimer: Eyebrow hairs may have been tampered with and picture may not be an accurate representation.

But I persevered and let them get truly rank, with the goal of going to the Benefit Brow Bar and having them attended to. I had read so much, and walked past curiously enough times to pique my interest, that I decided I must try it for myself.

After a few attempts to get them done at the Burke Street Melbourne bar – they were booked out both times, I would suggest calling ahead to see if they are free, yes I know it says ‘drop in service’ but save yourself the frustration – I went to Chadstone Myer’s Benefit bar.

This isn’t the Chadstone store but they all look a lil’ something like this:

Image courtesty of

I was taken to the waxing station where I propped myself up on the seat and explained to the very friendly brow-girl (a qualified beauty therapist – phew) that I was after a defined look that wasn’t too thin (after all, I hadn’t just grown all those hairs to have them totally ripped out again)

Having always been used to lying on the traditional table while having waxing done, it was a strange feeling to be sitting on a stool, trying to keep your head steady as the wax is applied to your brows.

A few strips were ripped off the first, and kudos to the waxer, I barely felt them she was so swift, and I was shown the result for my approval (yes) and then the other brow was completed.

Within 15 minutes my eyebrows had been waxed and then powered in to fill any sparse places. Easy.

I am really happy with the shape my brows were given, they are very close to my natural arch. I think I would like the second half of my eyebrow to be just a leetle bit thicker, so next wax I will request that.

A wax at the Benefit Brow Bar is $25 dollars, or you can request tweeze-only for $35.

It’s definitely an easy option during your lunch break or while shopping, but students or those looking to cut back may find they can get similar results at their beauty therapist for 5 – 10 dollars less. Or 2 – 5 sushi rolls, depending on your filling. Yes, I think in sushi currency.

The result:

New brow shape, with a little help from Benefit’s Brows a-G0-Go brow shaping kit. (My new obsession)

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