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Chanel: Here Comes The Beauty Pack Video

Chanel’s new video, from the creative genius that is their Global Creative Director Peter Phillips, (appointed in 2008) is a stop-motion animation that features items of the new collections in different formations. From a futuristic robot to a spider, and finally to my favourite – a model reminiscent of Coco Chanel herself, with a black blush brush skirt.

To me, the video shows the different interpretations, possibilities and evolution of the creative art that is makeup.

I love this video! Such fantastic visuals with catchy music to boot. Although, reports that the music was the one thing Peter Phillips (who, with a background in graphic design, did the animation for the film) would have wanted different; “If it were up to me it would have been disco,” he confesses.

What do you think? Like?


There ain’t a Summer-hue like Tiffany-blue

One of the most exciting things about my time in the US is that it is SUMMER, and I’m a summer-typa-gal. Major bonus for escaping a large chunk of miserable Winter. Yes I know, it’s so romantic – what with the blankets, open fires and red wine. But who has time to hibernate like that day in, day out? Give me some white wine and prawns on the beach any day!

I digress. This post is focused on the hidden bonus that comes with the Northern-Southern hemisphere season switch – the fact that I realised not only will I be basking (SPF protected!) in sunshine (from underneath a hat!) while away, I will also be able to experience the Spring/Summer ’10 trends in current action people.

Australia, being all the way down the bottom and therefore in the Southern hemisphere, has to wait until our Spring/Summer rolls around before we can fully get in the swing of all things S/S. So technically, us Southies are always a season behind. Boo.

Sure, we can brighten up our traditionally dark winter beauty trends with a splash of traditionally bright S/S colours, but I’m sure most people like to get amongst a berry lip and darker shades of polish for the majority of winter time.

That’s why I’m so excited to be over there and dive straight into the pool of candy brightness! Be gone, winter darks, my toe nails are rocking a shade so bright you’ll need, err, shades. (Gotta get my US lingo going.)

What made me think of such a thing? Well, last night I was thrown a gorgeous little surprise gathering for my birthday, just a little early! And I received a box. No, the box. You know the one. The shade alone may make your heart skip. Mine sure does.

You can never replicate the bow once undone... I think Confucius said that..Yep.

And once the party people had left and I was left alone to admire my beautiful new earrings and sweet as pie little blue box, it hit me. I can have this Tiffany-turquoise-blue on my fingers and toes, thanks to Chanel’s inspiring Summer 2010 Le Pop-Up De Chanel makeup collection! (I realise this is in no way ground breaking news, but just me being excited!) In particular, courtesy of #527 Nouvelle Vague. I want!

Bright! Fun! Summer! Chanel!

Here is a colour swatch I found on A Fashion Tale. Isn’t it just a bottle of divine bubble-gum gelato blue?

I may just have to consider it come duty-free beauty counter time…

But how’s a girl meant to pick between the blue or pink?! Too hard! Let’s not even discuss that pretty pink lipstick…

I’m a ‘Special’ Beauty Product Saver. Are You?

Why is it that we ‘save’ some beauty products for only ‘special’ occasions? You know the ones. The accessories for our daily perfumes; the body washes and moisturisers that compliment and strengthen the scent. There are others; the expensive body oils, limited edition items, gifts that end up as display items rather than used ones.

Maybe it’s just me?

I’ve always done it though, whether keeping the complimenting body washes until there is no perfume left to marry it to, or waiting for an occasion to roll by that is worthy of my set aside ‘special’ products only to find they are so rarely used I forgot to even apply them.

Nearly two years ago I received a beautiful gift from my mother – a Chanel No5 scented body powder and puff, and the No 5 Sensual Body Elixir. How fabulously vintage-boudoir. While these items look beautiful on my dresser table, I can’t help but think they should be used more, rather than left to collect dust.

And so I found my quarter-year beauty resolution. Why shouldn’t I use these beautiful products on a regularly, if not daily, basis? Shouldn’t we all be able to justify each day as ‘special’ enough to pat oneself with a divinely scented No5 powder puff?

My bevvy of 'special' products.

My regular Palmolive shower body wash has been joined by my Marc Jacob’s Lola wash, and on nights out I am layering the scent of my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with the adjoining body wash and moisturiser. I remind myself to make bedtime a little more luxurious with some of the No5 body oil, and I’m finding the delight in using the powder puff after a shower.

Keeping in mind I would never want to become blasé/desensitised about/to such beautiful, and expensive products (maybe that is why they were regarded as so special and to be saved in the first place? Knowing I couldn’t just run out and buy them myself?)  I will aim to not let them go to waste, while still appreciating and respecting the fact that these are not your run-of-the-mill daily beauty items.

Are you a product-saver?
What items do you regulate to special occasions only?

Beauty Traditions

Do you have a beauty tradition? A product that holds such value to you, sentimential or otherwise, that you can’t help but buy it?

I certainly do, and I call it my birthday tradition. Every birthday since I was 16, I have received a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s become my signature scent that people associate with me and I love it.

I think all of Chanel’s fragrances are divine, from the sensual Allure and classic No5 to the fresh Chance, I find Coco Mademoiselle slots perfectly inbetween, flitting between flowery-fresh to deeper sensual notes. Wearable for both day and night, it’s been my staple of my perfume stable (one that takes up a large corner of my dresser.)

Other perfumes I love may come and go, but Coco Mademoiselle holds a special place for me, and I love the tradition of it.

Here’s me with the gorgeous art-deco inspired parfum bottle at my last birthday.


I’d love to hear of your beauty traditions or sentimental products!

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