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New: Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

My love of Clarins (inherited from my Mother’s red bag of Clarins goodies) has been well documented, so when I heard they were releasing their new Extra Firming Body Cream at the start of May, I got excited.


Skin elasticity is one of those body ‘irks’ that can plague women, no matter what their size. Changes in weight, pregnancy, aging and of course your all-important genes can all contribute to skin slackness. Like anything though, the way you take care of it naturally reflects on the end results, so, quiz up your mum on her trouble spots, and get rubbing!

Personally, I find that I am extremely prone to stretch marks and skin slackness around the top of my thighs and bottom, which I can only put down to weight gain and loss, considering I’ve never had a baby and I’m a few months shy of 22. So, with daily application of Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream (it’s actually become the favourite part of my beauty routine at the moment!) I am hoping to not only repair some previous damage but prevent further stretch marks from joining their mates.

The cream is like a firm, spongy mousse, with the most unbelievably divine scent. I’ve also been applying it to my chest in an effort to keep them firm, and all day I have this lovely, floral, signature ‘Clarins’ scent wafting up, it’s beautiful! After application, my skin is firmer, and extremely well hydrated. Stretch marks, while they can never really go away, really do look better with lots of hydration to help sponge up the area, and avoid that ‘line-y’ appearance.

J’taime Clarins, and their new firming body cream… bravo! Now, it’s shower time, and I’m off to go coat myself in the divine texture and scent of it!


Lipstick Love: Clarins Rouge Prodige

A good lipstick is a real thing of luxury, don’t you think? One look at the brand new (launched just this Monday) Clarins Rouge Prodige range tells you you’re going to be spoilt.

From the luxe gold packaging, with the subtle dint on the side which features a ‘C’, to the Clarins branding that runs up the tube to the lipstick, you know that this is going to be something fantastic.

RRP $42

I received two shades for consideration, 121 Red Prodige (the reddest of classic reds) and 118 Clementine (a bright red-coral orange).

Red Prodige and Clementine

The formulas are divine, so creamy and thick without drying my lips out. If I could personify it into bedclothes (strange, I know) it would be the thick, luxurious cashmere dressing gown you’ve always wanted.  The formula contains marine algae extract for nourishment and a bevy of ceramides and waxes to prevent lip dehydration. It’s super long lasting – I think I touched it up once on a 9 hour shift, and that was after eating.

I love the high intensity pigment, one or two swipes is all that’s really needed, and the colour has a fantastic subtle shine without glitter or sparkle, thanks to Clarin’s High Fidelty Pearl which they explain to be “a polymer composed of multifaceted molecules which trap colour pigments”. Alright then, I would have thought it was a happily married sea creature. If I could have my way with everything, I’d have the formula just a touch softer, so that it easily blended right up into the corners of my lips. Minor whinge, though. (Update: After wearing Clementine again today, I’ve changed my mind – I think it’s softer than the red!)

Left: Red Prodige Right: Clementine

Even though it’s only an iPhone photo, you can see what I’m talking about. Strong pigment (this is one heavy handed swipe), subtle shine and the shades are gorgeous.

If you’re a lipstick lover, this is a must-try for your list. Winner!

Save vs Splurge: Under-eye Illuminators

Under-eye dark circles and bags – the bane of many women’s beauty routine. How many products and remedies have you tried, let alone heard about? As a naturally dark-circled girl, I take great excitement in these two products, either of which I use every single day and which most importantly work. I can’t be bothered with thick and heavy concealers, I want to pat something on and go – which is why I love these two so much. Now, the only thing left to do is choose which one is best for you!



Garnier Roll-On Anti-dark Circles Light ($18.95)

  • There’s a lot of product (15mL) for the price – I can’t see this one running out any time soon!
  • While Garnier claim the metal roller ball will cool and de-puff your eyes, I think it’s a bit unrealistic. To effectively cool and de-puff, the roller ball would need to roll over your socket more than once – which would leave a huge and unworkable amount of product on your skin! One roll delivers the right amount of product, so that claim can be debunked.
  • The product effectively covers dark circles with a radiant finish, lightening the under-eye area.
  • It is easily worked into the skin – what you want when working around the delicate eye area.




Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector ($59.00)

  • Love the sleek, luxe gold packaging. This is an item you’ll definitely want to whip out in front of others in the bathroom.
  • Blends easily into the skin, no need for rough rubbing or pulling of the under-eye area.
  • I love the brush tip applicator as it allows for more precise application; I can get it right into the corners of my eyes.
  • The brush tip allows for more versatile use; apply a line down the bridge of your nose for a slimming illusion, or my favourite, trace a line across the top of your lips and lightly blend for Angelina lips in a second!
  • One click delivers enough product, which helps eliminate wastage.
  • Effective coverage of dark circles with fantastic illumination and brightening of the under-eye area.


So, what do you think? Would you dish out a little more cash for some versatility and the luxe golden outer that is Clarins? Or would you rather stick to your budget and go the Garnier? I would love to know!




Share The Happy

Now, that’s an intriguing headline for Hump Day morning. If you’re struggling to get your engines going to climb that hump, Clarins (that brilliant French skincare company) may have just the right ingredients to make you smile.

It’s one of the great things about life. Smiling, and more importantly making others smile. It’s refreshing when these two goals are recognised by a global company, especially one with the stature of Clarins.

Now, let’s get to making you smile: is an interactive website with the goal to make you smile. It’s a simple concept really; share a compliment with the world, and a random person somewhere will receive it. You can log on to the site, read others’ compliments, and then send them on to friends and lovers, or just absorb them yourself. Cute hey?

Not only are the smiles for free, but so are the samples of the new Clarins range, Daily Energizer. The tab ‘Compliment Yourself’ brings up the options for receiving your sample of the new products, aimed at young women aged 16 – 25.

When I talk about Clarins to my friends, (you may have read about my love of a certain Clarins legend,) a common remark is that they think Clarins products are for older women. While they do have great anti-aging products, it’s not just for the more mature skinned among us – and the proof is in the Daily Energizer pudding.

Now the youngin’s can experience the luxury that is a heavy, frosted glass jar of Clarins joy.

I have been using the Daily Energizer Cream-Gel with such enthusiasm I look forward to washing my face so I can apply. The texture is amazing, and as the name suggests, is a thick gel that absorbs rapidly into the skin, creating a glow and radiance without a hint of shimmer, yet has a matte finish. How do they do it?!

The lotion drys quickly, and acts as the perfect base for makeup. I’ve been using a primer with SPF included as well, as the Daily Energizer cream-gel does not have SPF protection.

This post could not be complete without a mention of the heavenly scent that accompanies the application of the cream-gel. While not a pro in any way when it comes to scents, I’ve definitely put my finger on it being Frangipani with a hint of citrus – divine. When summer finally arrives it will be the perfect daily moisturiser, light, non-comedogenic and the gel texture will feel sublime, especially when popped in the fridge for hotter days.

The power ingredients of vitamin C, turmeric and Ginkgo biloba help to cover minor imperfections and increase skin radiance by increasing micro-circulation. I wouldn’t say the cream tingles on application, but I can definitely feel something happening. I even went out without a wash of bronzer on the other day, a big deal for a Lover of Bronze.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel

While I was happy to wait until I was a mature lady (living in my Parisian apartment and retiring to my chateau on weekends, of course) to enjoy my many Clarins potions, I am so happy to say that those of us with younger skin can make the most of it – glowing and radiant.

Over and out, I’m off to Share The Happy.

Me, My Mum & Clarins

How did your mum (or other significant female in your life) contribute, if at all, to your beauty experiences? Did you inherit any favourite tips, routines, brands or products?

Maybe your mum wore little to no makeup, and that’s worn off in your own casual, natural style. Or the scent of a certain body cream will always remind you of your mother’s beauty cabinet.

One thing I certainly inherited beauty-wise from my mum was her love of Clarins – in particular the Eau Dynamisante fragrance and body oils. From a young age, I remember digging through her beauty bag of the moment, always themed with white, red and gold, always scored as part of a Clarin’s gift pack or GWP. When it came time for school camp, I took one of the old Clarins bags as my toiletry bag and woah, didn’t I feel chic.

For me, the Clarins brand evokes a feeling of class, grace and sophistication, and subtle luxury, (must be the French origins) something that even as a young girl I understood the power of. The products smell beautiful (think natural plant extracts and their accompanying scents), the packaging is divine, and the products effective, resulting in a cult following and a hugely successful history.

Of all of the Clarins bounty mum had, the prod I found myself repeatedly sneaking squeezes out of and then eventually stealing was the world-famous Beauty Flash Balm. Oh gosh, I love this stuff. Every gift pack that came on a birthday, anniversary or Christmas (it’s all she would ask for, and was an awesome fall-back gift – “Dad, just get a Clarins pack… no it doesn’t matter what’s in it!”) I would immediately dive in to see if there was a sample size Beauty Flash Balm, and consequently transferring to my own makeup bag. This is in teenage years of course, I wasn’t applying the stuff as an 8 year-old. I never did wear much makeup as a teen, only acquiring my first foundation at around 17, but I would use Beauty Flash Balm under some bronzer or just alone, quickly falling in love with the bright radiance and refreshed look – before I even knew what ‘illuminated skin’ was. It’s definitely set the precedent for my adoration of illuminating products.

$60 for 50mL

So it’s no surprise that it’s still going strong after 30 years. Yes, 2010 is Beauty Flash Balm’s 30th birthday. You don’t look a day over 24 babe! Promise! So strong in fact, that one tube of Beauty Flash Balm is sold every 20 minutes, and it’s been on the top 10 sellers list for every year of its life. Woo hoo!

That’s a whole lot of achievement in one little tube.

So, do you have a favourite product or brand you’ve inherited from your mum?
Have you ever tried Beauty Flash Balm?
Do you want to now? You should, it’s amazing.

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