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Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Warming Scrub

And here’s another St. Ives goody to come out of the PRIMPED VIP Club post bag! I applauded at the time, because as you may have read, I’m a big fan of old Fresh Skin Warmie’s cousin, Apricot Scrub.

Image: Primped

The Fresh Skin Warming Scrub is different, but still effective. The exfoliating granules are finer than those of the Apricot Scrub, which will please the critics of the bigger, rougher gains found within the Apricot Scrub. The Warming Scrub’s grains feel like sugar, and the creamy gel-formula has a wash of pink tint and fresh scent which makes it a perfect coming into Spring product! Just look at the bright flowery packaging, it’s making me smile!

I found the warming most effective when I rubbed the product in between my fingers before applying to my face, rather than directly applying. When directly applied, I couldn’t feel the warming sensation at all, so I figure giving it a good rub in your hands first activates the warming magic. And ooo does that magic feel good!

For the cheap as chicken-salted-chips price, this scrub was effective in making my skin smooth and glow-y, with the added bonus of a little hi-tech warming magic!

I reviewed this product as part of the PRIMPED VIP Club, to read what everyone else thought, click here.


Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub

Back in my teen years, St. Ives Apricot Scrub was the first exfoliator I bought. Wandering the aisles of Priceline (still a top-notch hobby) I saw the St. Ives range and was sold by the promises and the affordability. At least 6 years on and there’s still a tube or two on my shower shelf.

I love a product that feels like it’s working and for me, an essential part of giving the thumbs up to a scrub. The grains are large enough to give a fantastic scrub without being too harsh, however those with very sensitive/fine skin may disagree.

It’s my go-to product after a big night out where you may have forgotten to remove some/all of your makeup (oops!)
You know that thick, clogged, just-all-round-feral feeling your skin takes on when you wake up? A steamy shower and this Apricot Scrub gets in deep and makes me feel clean again – and my skincare sins somewhat repented!

For those prone to breakouts, there is also an Apricot Scrub that contains the pimple-fighter salicylic acid – bonus!

I love the new branding of the St. Ive’s range, a lot fresher and sunnier than the previous packaging. Good work St. Ives, you’re effective, cheap and going to be a part of my beauty bounty for a long time to come!

I reviewed this product as part of the PRIMPED VIP Club. To see what the other members had to say, click here.

There’s A New Prod On My Shelf!

Please welcome Glo Therapeutics glo Renew Serum! This is the latest little potion to fight its way into my already over-packed, bulging-at-the-zippers beauty case. Note to self: You are a chronic over-packer and need serious help.

So ideally, buying more heavy, liquid filled glass bottles isn’t the best thing when you are bordering the line between a friendly airline worker giving you a wink and letting you off, or a hefty fine for overweight luggage. But I couldn’t resist the promise of a new product to fix my skin woes.

After my facial at Glen Ivy Day Spa (oo what a post that will be!), my therapist told me about the skin care range that was used during my treatment. This is where I get my cynical look on, (think eyebrow raised one millimeter above resting point, with a touch of ‘don’t think I’m falling for more expensive promises’ in my eyes) and listen to the spiel.

My skin care concern is congestion and breakouts that occur deep under my skin, resulting in bumps that are unattainable until they take their sweet-ass time coming to the surface. I’m talking months. Ohh, only mildly frustrating! Therefore, my therapist suggested something more effective than just using a manual facial scrub applied to the surface of the skin. She was not happy with just that. Something that works deeper within the skin to speed up cell renewal, absorb excess oil, mildly exfoliate, smooth my skin and help fade scarring was prescribed, and the glo Renew Serum ticked all those boxes.

I was still holding fast to this look, but I had to tell you it was fading. Surely a serum with 7% Glycolic acid, 2% Salicylic acid and 1% Retinol would be getting up near the $100 dollar mark? Tentatively, I asked how much, as I would be lying if the promises made didn’t pique my interest.”$36 dollars,” she replied. Sorry, therapist said wuh? Yep, $36 US dollars. I was sold!

I use the serum every second evening after cleansing, locking it in with liberal amounts of moisturiser as suggested. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the strength of the serum, such as dryness or flaking – it’s actually only been positive! After each application (I think I’m onto my third) I wake up with super soft skin that is even textured, my congested areas are smooth and the appearance of the last remaining bumps are smaller. Obviously I will have to wait it out to test the long term effects of this product, but so far – I love it!

You can buy online at the Glo Therapeutics online store, but a little research has showed that there are some Australian stockists of their mineral make up range, Glo Minerals. You can search for a stockist near you here, as they may also carry the skin care line.

Had you heard of Glo Therapeutics before?
Tried it?
Interested in hearing about my long term results?

Swisspers Tanning and Exfoliation Wipes

Twitter is amazing. New friends can be chatted to, news can be found, and giveaways can be scored.

Last week, Simple Skincare ( ) were offering a free Swisspers tanning pack if you ‘retweeted’ an update about the products. Jumping on the chance to try out some new beauty goodies, I retweeted, and was promptly sent a Direct Message asking for a postal address to send the pack to. (For those of you wondering what language I’m speaking – it’s Twitter-talk)

I love and buy Swisspers products so was super excited to see this in my letterbox. The package contained 20 Self-Tan Wipes, and 20 Exfoliating Wipes. What a handy combo, as exfoliation before self-tanning is a must, unless blotches and streaks are what you’re aiming for. Each to their own.

First up, the Exfoliating Wipes (EW). A handy size, they have small blue bumps on the cloth (which are the same material as your average facial wipe) which really give the feeling of a good scrub, yet aren’t too harsh on your skin. I used one wipe for the majority of my body, so the good exfol-per-wipe ratio gets a tick. Another tick? Pleasant scent!

My skin felt smooth and ready for step 2: Tanning Wipes.

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t as thrilled with these as I was with the Exfoliating Wipes. I enjoyed those immensely; these, not so much.

The most frustrating thing with the Tanning Wipes (TW) was that when rubbing over the skin, they tended to roll up as you rubbed, therefore not distributing the tan evenly and screwing the wipe up into a little sausage roll. The EW’s didn’t do this, and that might have something to do with the blue dots? The TW also didn’t last as long during the process. I would say you would need 2-3 wipes to tan your whole body, as the formula dried on your skin, and the wipe, fairly quickly.

The tanning formula also had quite a strong ‘fake-tan’ scent, which most girls (and their male counterparts) agree, isn’t the most pleasant scent. The formula processed into a pretty natural looking tan though, which I was impressed with after the application.

I’m not sure how much these retail for, the Swissper’s website doesn’t say, but being Swisspers I would say it’s not going to break the budget.

Cheap and convenient, you have to love it.

Bare with me, I’ve gotta use this slogan I just thought up, “Just tan and toss!”

Swisspers marketing, you can thank me later!

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