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Review: Sodashi Revitalising Yellow Clay Mask

My introduction and consequent adoration of Australian made and owned Sodashi has already been documented, so we don’t need to go over how wonderfully packaged they are in their sexy luxe violet-black glass, how their all-natural formulas are effective and nourishing, and how we can be proud of the 100% Aussie brand being stocked and used in some of the most exclusive day spas and hotels in the world. Oh wait, I just did.

I won the Revitalising Yellow Clay Mask months ago off Twitter (love a random Twitter win!) and have been using ever since. While most masks that I use are aimed at drying out breakouts and controlling shine and sebum production due to my combination skin type, I like to think of the Yellow Clay Mask as a nourishing, hydrating, calming mask.

You can barely tell you have it on as after five or so minutes it has largely disappeared and sunk in… which is of no concern when using a good quality, all-natural product like Sodashi. There’s no dry, tight, ‘frozen’ face that can accompany the aforementioned type of mask either. Me likey!

After I wash it off with ease, (hate a ‘stuck on’ mask!) my skin is glowy, plump and super soft. There’s no exfoliating beads or granules – this mask really is for replenishing and soothing your skin, something I think that I don’t do enough with all my exfoliations and salicylic and glycolics etc!

Another stellar prod, Sodashi! I’m putting away the pennies to experience one of their apparently but boy do I believe it amazing facials.


Part One: Intraceuticals Infusion Facial

A few weeks ago, I was invited to experience an Intraceuticals Infusion facial at Skin Day Spa, with the added bonus of meeting and interviewing Intraceuticals spokesperson Gina Brooke, who is so so lovely (more to come). Gina also happens to be Madonna’s personal make up artist. Yes – THE Madonna. No biggie. I touch famous people on the face all the time. Don’t you?

The Infusion Facial was like no other facial I have ever had before. Like most ‘serious results type’ facials, the aromatherapy and long massage is skipped in favour of a more direct approach; that is, to get you results! The rooms at Skin Day Spa were beautifully appointed with flowers, a candle and a tub of body cream to help yourself to, which I certainly did after the treatment!

The Infusion Facial begun with a cleanser to remove makeup, and then the infusion begun. It sounds a little scary, right? Not at all! The Rejuvenate serum, which contains a potent mix of Vitamins A, C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Squalane is delivered to the skin via an airbrush, which uses pressurised oxygen to help the ingredients absorb further into the skin. The Low Molecule Weight Hyaluronic Acid in the serum also aids delivery of the other ingredients. Rather than a topical cream being put on and left to soak in, the pressurised oxygen and LMW Hyaluronic Acid speed up the process, pushing the ingredients further into your skin for instant results, that improve over the next day. The delivery of the serum through the oxygen airbrush is slightly ticklish and wet, just imagine a fine mist being sprayed and pushed across your skin – a truly unique sensation!

This isn't me.. but you get the point!

My therapist was fantastic and super knowledgeable, I only wish I had of recorded her explanations of the science, probably much easier to understand than my interpretation. After the Rejuvenating Serum Infusion, Intraceutical’s Hydration Gel and Moisture Binding Cream were applied, finished with an eye contour gel, to complete the Hyaluronic Acid Layering.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found within the skin, although it’s stores start to deplete as we age (20’s onwards). Intraceuticals three-step Hyaluronic Acid Layering was developed to deliver, maintain and protect moisture levels in the skin by first delivering Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid in the form of the infusion (or serum in the take home kit) has tiny molecules that carry the acid and other ingredients further into the skin to deeply hydrate, then the Hydration Gel, which is a High Molecular Weight, is applied to draw moisture from the air and lock it in the skin. Finally, the process is complete with the Moisture Binding Cream, which contains a Hyaluronic Polymer to seal hydration for a long-lasting effect.


Yes, what you’ve all hopefully stuck around for! I must preface this section by stating that currently, I do not have any lines. And yes, I do check every morning. Therefore a super hydrating treatment aimed at increasing firmness, plumping fine lines and wrinkles and tightening will not have as dramatic effect on my as it would with others. But that is in no way to say I didn’t see a difference, I definitely did. After my therapist had completed one side of my face, I stood up to check the difference between sides. The squishy part of my jaw was definitely lifted, and my skin all over was plumped to the max. Over the course of the day, my skin was glowing, looked slightly lifted, and man could I not stop touching my plump cheeks! I’d love to see the results when I do start to get a few fine lines, so I’d definitely go back. There’s also an incredible list of celebrity and ‘real-people’ testimonials, which I have enjoyed oo-ing and ahh-ing over, such as Rachel Zoe (no, she didn’t say it was ‘bananas’ unfortunately) Kristy Hinze, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, Fergie and of course Madonna. Oh, and Justin Timberlake who says, “It makes my skin look dope.” Ha, no, you are JT, you are.

Intraceuticals offer three other infusions apart from the Rejuvenate – Atoxelene (major anti-wrinkle), Opulence (brightening), Clarity (acne affected). That last one sounds like it could help out some of my new Everest peaks…


Over the next week or so I shall also bring you my interview with Gina, and my review on the take-home Intraceuticals products.


So, have you ever had an Intraceuticals facial?
Want to?
Do you prefer treatment based facials, or fluff and stuff massage? I’m greedy, I like both.









Endota Spa Facial

About two weeks ago, my gorgeous friend Ann-Alyce generously decided to treat us both to a half-hour facial at Endota. Having received her body weight’s worth in gift certificates after her birthday, she thought ‘Hey, what could be a better way to end a day of shopping at Chaddy other than a facial?’ – or something like that. It was also her first facial. Yes – first! I knew she’s had perfect skin her whole life but come on, not even the divine, relaxing type of facial? That’s just a rite of passage, one she was way overdue for.

Luckily, that was exactly what we were in for with our visit to Endota Spa in Frankston (now now, no ‘Franga’ jokes please! Once inside the serene haven that is Endota you forget your outside surroundings completely!) Our time in the client waiting room was the perfect introduction to the Endota experience, with calming music, sink-into-soft couches, peppermint tea and an array of Endota products to test while we wound down before our treatment.

The salon owner warned us that a half-hour facial wouldn’t be enough and she was right. It flew by in what seemed like a blissful 10 minutes, but it’s only us being greedy and wanting more – the facial certainly packed a whole lot into 30 minutes. Ann-Alyce and I were led to a darkened shared treatment room where after getting cosy on the tables, our therapists wrapped blankets from underneath the table around us. Such a comforting and relaxing feeling – repressed memories of being swaddled perhaps?

Our therapists took us through the usual schedule for a facial; cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise – except with the difference of using Endota’s own brand of natural and organic skin care. The double effect of the therapists relaxing touch and the scent of the products made all the difference. Extra points go to my therapist for her lovely added touch of scraping back my hair every time a stage was completed, as I’m a total sucker for having my hair played with!

Once our treatment was completed, we were left to regather our strength to re-enter the real world and soak up the last minutes of the serene with a cup of peppermint tea. I lathered myself in the Endota creams left out for us to use (another winning touch) and we finally, sadly, left. My skin was plump and absolutely glowing, I was one happy girl.

Endota’s half hour facial was $50, and in my opinion a perfect quick exit from your busy life into one of relaxation. Now, if only I had another one booked to look forward to!

Beauty on a budget: Headmasters Salon

About two months ago, I returned home from a trip to the US; New York and California. Of course, it was amazing, fantastic, wonderful and all other positive adjectives that are associated with an overseas jaunt. However, what most people forget to mention is the crippling lack of finances that comes with returning home. Well, that’s the case with me! Yep, basically every dollar spent over there.

So what’s a beauty lovin’ girl to do as she struggles to get back on her (in dire need of a pedicure) feet? Expenditure on beauty treatments is only going to cause guilt, and in the case of those with boyfriends, those shifty accusing yet bemused glances – come on girls, you know what I mean.

Having always wanted to try out the services of a hair/beauty school, I figured now was the best time and fired up Google to get researching. I’m based in Melbourne, and there were a plethora to choose from, as I’m sure there would be in the other major cities. I have to admit, quality of web page did come into it when deciding who I would go with, I guess it’s the new ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Well, Annoymous, I was going to judge them by their webpage because looks are everything in this business! Plus, I was already nervous about students performing treatments on me…

For a $10 blow wave, I couldn’t go past Headmasters, located in the CBD on Collins Street. As I felt this was such a bargain, I opted for a 10-min treatment too, which was another $10. I had somewhere to be, but gave myself an hour and a half chair time. After being greeted on arrival and shown to my chair, an extremely shy girl handed me some papers to fill in, which resembled a hair ‘medical history’ of sorts asking you to detail all the products you use. Thoughtful, but I wasn’t really in the mood as I wanted fab hair, and fast. And please note, this is a budget service so there’s no coffee/tea offer and some a pile of glossies to read. My hairdressers proceeded to mix up my treatment (Paul Mitchell brand) and my first impression was that she did everything very slowly. I decided to tell her I had somewhere to be, so if she could stick to the time frame that would be much appreciated. She nodded, then went on to paint the treatment into my hair, about ten strands at a time. Yes, the most miniscule amounts of hair were attentively coated in the masque. I appreciated the gesture, but anxiety was rising.

In the end, I had to ask her to rinse the treatment out, and get onto the blow drying as I was really going to be in a rush. She approached my wet hair cautiously and began to blow dry, very slowly. Time was seriously flying by and my hair still a sopping mess. Another girl was called in to help, which was a relief and stress levels were hitting the big time. I was concerned that they hadn’t used any product in my hair (yes, none) before blowdrying, nor after – not even a finishing/fly away spray. I hastily paid and left, running for my appointment 20 minutes late.

Not fully deterred yet, a friend and I booked ourselves in for a $30 dollar facial, again with Headmasters. We were led into a small room partitioned with screens, which had about nine massage table beds ready for clients. On the bed next to my friend, I eased underneath the towels and was introduced to a sweet girl who would be my therapist.

‘This won’t be so bad, sharing is caring,’ I thought. The facial itself was adequate, but once again my therapist did everything incredibly slowly, and spent a fair bit of time away from the table finding things. It was quite distracting really, with a gaggle of other students outside the partition deciding where they would like their next tattoo overpowering the rainforest music being played over the speakers. ‘You didn’t pay for luxury,’ my sing-song voice taunted me.

After an hour, with my mask not even having being applied yet, I was beginning to become uncomfortable. A quick peek to my left confirmed that my friend was nearly done. What was taking so long?! Not being the type of facial that you would want to go on forever and ever because it was just heaven on a plate, I became fidgety and felt myself counting the minutes. After an hour and forty-five mintues, I was done. Unfortunately I just felt sheer relief at the fact it was over and also that I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be. I think that is definitely the key with these appointments – make sure they are the last item on your schedule for the day!

While the treatments were definitely good value, especially considering the time taken to complete them, I’m not sure how regularly I would go back. I thought the budget facial might be good for a bit of low-key maintenance from a therapist, but I think I would rather pay full-price for a professional facial, one that’s more likely to induce drool out the side of my mouth rather than stress. However, my friend loved her facial, and raved about her therapists massage skills, (man, I was jealous, the massage was one of the lowest points of my facial!) so I suppose like most things, it’s just luck of the draw!

I might consider trying another hairdressing/beauty school in the future – I was really hoping this idea would have been my budget-beauty winner! Ahh, maybe next time.

So, have you ever had treatments from a beauty school?
Would you?
I’d love to know what you think about the whole idea.

A Cocktail With A Side Of Sircuit

As some of you may recall, I have blogged about my skin troubles before. To recap; crystal clear skin as a teen, hormonal hell as I passed 20. While there has been some improvement, I’m always looking to try new treatments from different skincare brands. Ah, the elusive magical fix…

A skincare range that I had been keen to try was Sircuit Cosmeceuticals.

My local beauty therapist (All You) were offering a skincare consultation and peel deal from a visiting Sircuit representative, the lovely Rebecca. Hopefully better for me than Mc Donald’s new family meal deal.

We chatted about my concerns (breakouts, congestion) and spoke about my skincare routine.

Rebecca then led me to a UV light box to further assess my skin. It had a mirror so that I could see my own face and understand what Rebecca was talking about when referring to the orange, purple and white spots on my face.

Yep, colours. It was like some kind of nightclub rave in that box. A nightclub with only UV light, so that my eyes were glowing white, and the box was filled with a bluey/purple light. The colour came from the ravers breaking open their glowsticks and chucking the liquid around. Obviously. Cos that’s what goes on at raves…maybe?

Actually, the colours, and their meanings, were as follows; dark purple patches around my eyes meant dehydration (I had skipped my eye cream the last few nights) and the tiny fluoro orange dots signified oil flow. These showed up in the middle of my face; down the nose and on the chin – combination skin! The white? Residue from the lip gloss I had applied earlier in the day.

Rebecca prescribed a Cocktail peel  for my face, followed by a Lemon-Aid mask.

Cocktails? With yummy fruit flavours, mini-umbrellas and near-always pleasing alcohol side effects? Yes please!

But this was unlike any cocktail I’d had before. This was an ouchy cocktail. A few minutes after the peel was applied, things started to heat up, literally. The tingling turned to a kind of burning sensation, which was unpleasant but tolerable. About five minutes later, relief was found in the cool towel that wiped the treatment off.

The soothing Lemon-Aid mask (mm, they all sound so delish!) was applied and left to calm the redness, and all traces of unpleasantness were swept away with a pleasantly tangy lemon scent.

I’ll be sure to let you know if I see any visible changes for the better (or worse) in my skin. Fingers crossed and here’s hoping, because I’m getting mighty over it. It’s an expensive gig!

RESULTS: While there hasn’t been any mega-radical changes to my skin in the past two days,(eg. all-of-sudden-clear)  I can still see some differences. The little bumps underneath the surface of my skin around my chin area are less raised, and they seem to have dried up a little. The rest of my (clear) skin looks great, with a visible difference in the size of my pores – (smaller, yeah!) and an extremely even and smooth texture. If the Sicuit Cocktail peel was undertaken in a series of treatments, I think an improvement in skin condition would be seen.

Rumble in the Jungle (Brew)

I had my appointment for my Aspect Jungle Brew Peel today, and having successfully checked that yes, I do still have skin on my face, I can tell you all about how it went. (BYO hand held fan)

My usual therapist, Jenny, informed me that today the Aspect dermal-therapist (higher ranked than your regular beauty therapist?) would be coming in with her to do a consultation on just what the cupcake was going on with my skin. I’ll tell you – it’s nuts. Hang on – nutz with a ‘z’ because I look like I am 15, not about to celebrate my 21st birthday. Thanks, late onset pimples! Having had a relatively pimple free adolescence, enjoying all the benefits all hassle-free clear skin, I turned 19.5 and BAM, all hell breaks loose. 

Now confined to mainly my chin, everyone’s favourite beauty expert, Zoe Foster reassured me it’s all hormones and will calm down. Eventually. Ergh.

Determined to have glowing, blemish-free skin by the time of my birthday (July) I’m attacking with all artillery I can (afford).

So the peel. Taryn (dermal expert-lady) tells me apart from my breakouts I have PERFECT skin, she can tell I have taken very good care of it (read: fanatical with daily facial sunscreen and nightly serums) and the volume and elasticity is ahhh-mazing. She loved that word. Feeling very smug, and very much enjoying being inspected and fawned over by the two therapists like mold in a petri dish, they conclude the problems lies deep within my skin. Not my fault. Winner.

The Jungle Brew Peel was applied, but being the tough chick I am, I stuck it out with no fan, and with pursed lips, withstood the tingling, burning sensation that spread across my problem areas.

“What’s the pain out of 10?” Taryn asked.

“4” I replied.

“Woo you’re a toughie, I’m gunna have fun with you!”


A few more layers were applied, and I gave in. Fan me. Now.

Less than 20 minutes later, it’s all over and I am checking my face in the mirror. It’s a touch whiter than usual, which Taryn explains is the slight crystallisation of the peel and the dead top layer of my skin. I am told to expect some peeling, have sunscreen applied and I’m on my way.

I’ll keep you posted with any noticeable results (hopefully) and if I wake up with snake skin like debris on my pillow in the morning. (Hopefully not.)

I had this treatment at All You Facial, Skin and Beauty Clinic
I am fairly sure peels come in at around $90. No new clothes for me this week!

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