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Beauty News: MOR to donate 25% of online sales to QLD Flood Appeal

The QLD and northern NSW floods have taken lives and livestock, devastated entire towns and caused billions of dollars worth of material damage, and an unquantifiable amount of emotional damage. As you could imagine, the people and businesses of QLD/NSW need all the help that they can get.

I am so thrilled that Australian brands, such as the amazingly beautiful and effective beauty brand MOR, are doing their bit and donating profits to the Flood Appeal. I’m happy to share these details from MOR with you:

MOR will be donating 25% off all E-Boutique sales to The QLD Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, for sales from 12 January 2011 until 13 February 2011.

What a perfect way to purchase something that gives more than the material joy gained by the receiver. That’s shopping with a conscious!

Many other Australian brands are participating in similar offers. To view the deals from popular Australian fashion retailers such as Witchery, Mimco and Cue, pop over to Nikki from Styling You who has kindly listed them all for our knowledge. Thanks Nikki!



American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity

Some of you may remember that I spent a month in New York in June last year (it feels weird to say that!) and while I did many amazing things, a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was definitely a highlight. The MET and its steps may be more commonly known amongst the younger generations as the literal social ladder for the glamorous teens of the Upper East Side. That’s Gossip Girl for anyone who hadn’t caught on yet. And in real life, there’s no school opposite it – only amazing apartments I would sell a kidney for.

But I digress – I went to the MET not only wanting to soak up the amazing architecture, ancient Egyptian artifacts, mind blowing paintings that take up an entire wall and other important historical trinkets which may or may not start to look exactly like the last one you saw… I was interested in that, but I had an extra skip in my step as I walked towards the exhibition entitled ‘American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity‘. (Click the link to read more about the exhibition and watch a video of the collection – it’s almost like you were there!)

I absolutely adore old clothes, especially from the 1920’s – 1960’s. Their design, style and quality make my heart lurch and lust, and I have never seen such amazing pieces as I did that day. The exhibition showcased pieces from the 1890’s – 1940’s and was set out so that you could walk ‘through the decades’ and see mannequins posed in scenarios wearing different outfits of the era. I wouldn’t have liked to be a woman at the beach in the 1910, but a Flapper in the 20’s or Screen Siren of the 40’s – yes please! Videos, plaques and signage helped to explain what was going on politically and socially during the decade, and how this influenced the fashions at the time. It was fascinating to see the form (and lifestyle) of a woman change through the decades, from tight-waited hourglasses to long and straight columns, and hear the stories that helped mold these silhouettes.

While some of the items were from the late 1800’s, they barely looked their age and the 20’s dresses shone in mint condition. Some pieces came from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, while some were from personal collections. My, could you imagine the wardrobes of those ladies, literal archives into a fashionable past. It blew my mind to think that these were real clothes, not just costumes sewn from images of the past. Real clothes, which looked like they once would have been bursting with life. Real clothes that once would have shimmied and swung, full of history from a former life.

If only sequins could talk.

Please excuse the quality of my photos – they were hastily taken in an ‘I’m in a museum and not sure if I’m allowed to take pics’ kind of way…


So you like beauty hey? That’s why I think you visit ye olde blog, but I could be wrong. So… according to my calculations of proximity – you must be a little into fashion yeah? Then perfect!

The reason Am I There Yet? is looking a little bare this week is due to the crazy week that is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). Home of Internship, Onya Magazine, has me covering the Lunchtime Series, as well as some other extra treats. Head on over to Onya to read about all the latest and greatest events and trends that have been packed into 7 days of fashion and fun. And if you get sick of hearing from me, the gorgeous Fashion Ed, Sarah Kempson is also reporting on the evening shows. Good one!

See you next week for some steady bloggin’ and maybe even a little competition… oooo!


Real Body Love.

Erin and I found a Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale three days ago, and while we wanted to be one of the girls with the bulging mound of designer clothes weighing more than their own bodies, we restrained ourselves, and the plastic stayed firmly within our wallets.

Today we were back in the hope that some of our finds would be reduced on the last day. We were right, except there was about 1/4 of the original stock left – to be expected. The majority of the remaining stock was US size 6 and above – obviously the supermodel-esque girls we had seen on the first day had cleared out the smaller sizes. I grabbed a few of the items I had seen on the first day and while not in the exact size I was after, I thought I would try them on to check.

We all know a good designer warehouse sale can bring out the animal in even the most ladylike of women, but what I wasn’t expecting was the openness in the communal change room. The nature of the sale lent to the makeshift change rooms, basically a square area with a curtain around it. Packed with women. Women in varying states of undress, some naked except for a few bits of string.

It’s funny how a designer sale can remove inhibitions and make us forget about our body insecurities, even if just for a few minutes. A quick glance around the room revealed beautiful women of all shapes from size 8 to 16; flat bums, bootylicious bums, huge boobs, long boobs, stomachs that had once housed babies and everything in between. Cellulite was out and proud, and nobody attempted to hide their wobbly bits as they raced against the 5-minute changing room time limit.

It was as I looked around, appreciating the varying forms of the female body that I thought; this is where the real body love is. Not in the pages of carefully done ‘real women’ magazine shoots, complete with the most flattering of outfits and lighting, but here in this shabby communal change room, where topless women offered to help zip up their struggling neighbor.

Diane’s iconic wrap-dress and its many spin-offs sit in thousands of women’s wardrobes – its aim to be universally flattering, skimming over lumps, cinching in waists, creating  and celebrating curves.

“I design for the woman who loves being a woman,” said Diane.
Skinny and bigger girls alike.

My foray into Shapewear

When I first voiced my desire for shapewear, it was met with mixed reactions. My mum said I was ridiculous and was ready to ship me off to some kind of body dysmorphia clinic. Boyfriend gave apathetic sort of shrug, realising his opinion wasn’t really going to have much influence. However, a friend was all for it, professing her love for hers and how everything feels “tight and hard” under dresses. I was sold.

It wasn’t a matter of size really. As a relatively slim (size 10) girl, there a still bits that wobble, and lumps that bump. All fine; but under slim-fitting party dresses, it would be nice to feel…enclosed? And with this year being the year of the 21sts – it’s a sound cost-per-wear investment. I’m going to be in and out of too many party dresses this year to remember!

With my first of the year held last Saturday, I set off in search of my first set of shapewear early that morning. First stop was La Senza (note to La Senza: please open a store in Melbourne as I do love your wares. Please.) where I found a nice selection of tummy control briefs, seamless underwear and bras, and thigh and bottom control shorts. Those were the ones I had my eyes on. Reasonably priced at $49.95, ( I wasn’t prepared to spend much more than that) they have both nude and black options. I tried both, as a tug on their legs led me to believe that the black was tighter than the nude, and I wanted to check I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, the black certainly was more restrictive, proved in the fact that it took me an extra 2 minutes to get the thing on! The La Senza’s were good, and ladies looking for a ‘bottom lift’ would appreciate the extra under bottom control lines that definitely make a difference. Not wanting to settle for first try, I continued on.

Next stop was Bras N Things, who I was sure would have an excellent selection of shapewear. I was wrong. Their range of products was more extensive than La Senza’s, as they included control skirts as well as the usual briefs and shorts, however I felt that the material used was no where near tight enough. A couple of pairs of tights would have been more controlling, and at $59.95 and up, it was the most expensive. Didn’t waste much more time there!

Finally, I found my pair at Target. Having heard about Dr. Rey and his shapewear through the extensive marketing campaign that appealed to the reality star/makeover candidate in all of us, I found their control shorts to be excellent. The material was the perfect amount of control, and the top band was the highest that I had seen. Two birds with one pant – tummy and thighs! After the acrobat-like effort required to get into the thing; thighs, bottom and stomach felt firm and held in – just the feeling I was after. At a bargain $39.95, I was sold. Other bonuses were the complete lack of ‘sausage effect’ that sometimes happens, (think the material cutting into your leg where it ends) even when I pulled the legs up to match the length of my dress. I won’t lie, the compression around the bottom of my ribs (where the top ends) took a slight getting used to, but overall I was extremely happy with the Target option. Loved not having to be conscious of ‘sucking in’ after a few too many cocktails and canapés!

Have you ever tried shapewear?

What brands do you wear?

These were the shorts I purchased. Love! (Image courtesy of

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